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About beauty in soul and nature

I know what nature is for
Changing times of the year ...

I really wanted to write my thoughts in poetic form.But the poems that visited me in the morning in a dream dissolved in daylight, I did not have time to write them down, only thoughts and feelings remained.I will write about them.

Looking out the window towards the end of the past and from the beginning of this year, observing weather extremes, one can constantly recall the poems of Eldar Ryazanov that“Every weather is a grace” that “should be gratefully accepted”and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Accept - yes, and about gratitude, I fully agree. However, today my thoughts are moving a little differently:not about acceptance and gratitude, I think, but about the ongoing processes in nature and people's lives. After all, they are interrelated.

What do you think is happening in the world, except for the movement of various natural processes? Something interesting, but not quite harmonious. So it seems to me lately.And it worries, more precisely - it gives rise to reflection.

Suppose, it’s not for nothing that nature changes the times of the year, will you agree?

In spring, everything in nature comes to life and blossoms, and people come to lifeafter hibernation. In summer, life just boils, like everything else in nature: hot, joyful, I don’t think about problems (I know it for myself: for the summer there is always a recession to see a psychologist for help), emotions sprinkle over the edge and coincide with diving into all kinds of water bodies, with nightly gatherings, fires, trips and other dvizhuhoy.

In the fall, the time of “harvesting” begins in all senses and at all levels (and there are many times more visits to psychologists, but I am writing this not as a criterion, but as a fact). That which cannot be harvested as a crop and does not want to be remembered is washed away by rains, autumn sadness gradually falls over the soul and time gradually begins to move toward winter.

But winter is a great comforter who covers everything around with snow: nature is falling asleep, people freeze slightly in their running and snow (again) performs the role of a shower cleaner.

But here is the neskladuha! This year there are continuous interruptions in the snow: basically, it is not there. And if there is, then again it somehow melts quickly and they do not have time for the soul to rest andto clear. And how can you clean it up here - the street is not happy with the white of snow, frost is coming, and dust and gray around you. Somewhere, on the contrary, the snow on the palm trees and little sun.

Something was confused in nature. And not without reason. Too we are used to getting everything and even grumbling at the same time for somethingthat seems to us quite significant. But when we cease to receive what, it seemed, should always be there, interesting thoughts begin to come to mind, and confused feelings enter the soul.

Can,Nature tells us WHAT is really valuable and important, and what is transient?And what if we have become consumers, then at least we need to save us, and make our bodies recall that we have souls? There is no snow, the process of purification does not occur in a natural way and the soul turns around uncomfortable and wants something bright ...

And people are used to getting this light just like that. And him, look, yes and no. And it comes to mind that it is time, perhaps, to create something ourselves: both in our lives and in the world - in order to achieve that very harmony. Is it time

I think it's time. After allif we can harmonize within ourselves, then something that has always happened will happen around us,until the balance was broken. And the snow still has time to go, and the soul - calm down and enlighten.

Personally, I will bring harmony and beauty in the souls. As his, and those who come to me. And I invite everyone to do the same.

Remember the parable of the old Chinese - the rain caller? He came to a village where there was no rain the whole summer, and on the third day of his presence in the village it started to rain. And when they asked him what he had conjured, the old man replied that he did not conjure, it was just that the village was somehow very restless, and he first got into the general mood that prevailed in this place, and then began to restructure towards calm and balance within yourself. After that, the rain and rain.
Find a point of silence and balance within yourself? Stop and just breathe deeply. Let us think that not everything, as if necessary for us, is really necessary. Imagine how we breathe fresh air outside, when snowflakes fall silently and peacefully from the sky.And there is nothing more valuable and more important than this moment of silence and inner peace.

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