Actor Alexander Novin. About roles and sports

Alexander Novin - actor and producer. In the record of the city of Comrat, 32 cinematic work. He gained fame through participation in the television show "The Last Hero-2" and "King of the Ring-2."

He played in the following television multiseries projects: "Apostle", "Monogamous", "Steppe Children". The most discussed feature film with his participation is the film "Time of the First."

Under the camera lenses for the first time it turned out to be in 2001, when the shooting of the film “Gold of Ugra” took place. Films with Alexander Novin belong to the following genres of cinema: drama, thriller, thriller.

He interacted in the frame with the actors Yevgeny Mironov, Alexander Domogarov, Mikhail Gorev, Anna Tsukanova-Kott, Vladimir Ilyin and others.

Alexander Mikhailovich Novin on the sign of the zodiac - Libra. Growth actor - 174 cm.

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The future actor was born in the Moldovan city of Comrat on September 27, 1978. Later, his family first moved to Donetsk, and then settled in the city of Surgut.

In school, Sasha was engaged in karate and kickboxing, repeatedly participated in competitions in these sports.The actor once said that every man who respects himself should play sports. This gives confidence in their own abilities and keeps the body in shape. Alexander is sure that he will always go to workouts, even if he is at an advanced age.

In the late 1990s - early 2000s, a young man studied the profession of an actor from Boris Morozov at RATI-GITIS. In 2009, he acquired the profession of a producer after studying at VGIK. In the same year, he was among the participants of the TV show of the extreme genre “The Last Hero-2”.

For some time he worked in the drama theater of the city of Surgut. Now the actor is working in the theater studio O. Tabakov and in the Theater of Nations, where he got at the insistence of the actor Yevgeny Mironov.

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The actor talks about sports

Alexander Novin told in an interview that when he entered the theatrical university, he was advised to forget about playing sports, since he simply would not have time for that. According to the actor, he did not agree with this and still has time to play and play in productions, and go to the gym.

He argues that maintaining a good physical form requires the profession.He says that the leadership of the theater in which he serves promised him to put bars so that he could “warm up” on them before performing on stage. Alexander Novin is sure that classes in the gym discipline, help “to remove the negative from life”.

About theatrical role

In the play “Zhanna” the hero of this article plays the main role. On stage, Alexander interacts with actress Ingeborga Dopkunayte. According to Novin, Yevgeny Mironov convinced him to play the key character staged by Ilya Rotenberg, although the actor himself initially thought that this role of an unsure young man was absolutely not his. Reflecting on his hero, he notes that he committed a heroic act when he learned about the pregnancy of the girl he loves.

Alexander Novin calls his partner on the play Ingeborg Add a hard-working woman, a wonderful actress and a stunning man.

He claims that for the role he will be able to calmly lose ten kilograms. The actor admits that he does not like to appear in boring TV shows and calls himself "a distance runner."

Alexander Novin

Movie roles

After the debut in “Gold of Ugra”, he played the driver in the TV series “Gentle Monster” in 2004 and took part in the filming of the television serial project “Twins”.In 2006 he appeared in the role of Sancho in the adventure film "Piranha Hunt". In the mini-series "The Apostle" depicted Masha.

In 2010, he won a role in the biographical series about the fate of the Russian classic “Dostoevsky”. A year later, he becomes Igor Latyshev in the TV movie "Diamond Hunters". In 2012, Dmitry Cherkasov starred in the drama “Steppe Children”, which tells about the life of orphanage children once left homeless.

In the 2013 series, Monogamy introduced his hero Shurik. At the same time he played in the films: “Eight”, “I am near”, “The smell of heather”. In 2015 he appeared in the project "Norway". Two years later, Khrunov portrayed in a film about the conquest of space "Time of the First." In 2018, he embodied the image of Borkin on screen in an art picture of the full-length Ivanov format.

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