Actress Rebecca Liljeberg: biography, personal life and interesting facts

Among the popular actors there are such individuals who at one moment realize that cinema is not for them. Once popular and sought-after actors go to work in professions completely unrelated to art. Among such former actresses there is a pediatrician Rebecca Lillebberg.

All about Rebecca's childhood

rebecca lilieberg

Rebecca was born and raised in Sweden, in the Stockholm area, on May 13, 1981. Rebecca Liljeberg was the first child of young parents. The girl's mother at the time of the birth of the child was barely 18 years old, and her father was 24 years old.

Soon the girl had a brother and two sisters. The family was not rich, they always had to move from one town to another, trying to settle down.

Rebecca broke away from her parents early and moved to live separately in rented accommodation. At that time, she was only fifteen years old.Parents, of course, resisted such a decision of the daughter, but could not stop and keep her.

First casting

Lileberg Rebecca

When the casting group came to the school where Rebecca Liljeberg studied, in order to pick up children for the shooting of the TV series “Christmas Sun”, they immediately liked the nine-year-old Rebecca. The girl liked the idea of ​​filming a movie, and she agreed.

Rebecca's parents signed all the necessary papers stating that they had nothing against filming their daughter, and sent her into the world of cameras and spotlights.

The art of cinema greatly attracted the girl, and at twelve years she joined the troupe of the amateur theater in Stockholm. In this theater, Rebecca worked until 1997.

But still the girl dreamed of acting in motion pictures, and not playing on the stage. This desire prompted Rebecca to come to a variety of castings and tests. Thus, she became a member of the famous short film Narkontakt, where she played the charming Nina.

Popularity Role

rebecca lilieberg movies

When it comes to same-sex love, many immediately think that it is impossible to avoid depraved and vulgar scenes. When they talk about the love of two girls of eighth-graders, a real panic about the young age can begin.

But the director, who shot the picture “Show me love,” skillfully and professionally avoided all vulgarities, leaving only the sincere feelings of a young girl played by Rebecca Liljeberg.

The film tells how a homely and quiet girl fell in love with her beautiful and popular classmate. In the frames we see the real torment of the heroine, her tantrums and panic attacks, joy, tears and delight.

When a girl reveals her feelings in front of a classmate, she initially starts to avoid communication, but then still understands that she is also not indifferent to the "gray mouse." They pass through the mockery of classmates, but nothing can prevent their sincere love and friendship.

This film became a real masterpiece, it was praised by film critics, Rebecca was rewarded for her role as the film "Golden Beetle", won worldwide popularity. It would seem that it may be better for a small beginning actress than a great success and recognition of millions of viewers.

Bear Kiss for Rebecca

rebecca lilieberg and sergey bodrov

Rebecca Liljeberg and Sergei Bodrov Sr. met while filming the English painting "Bear Kiss". The director of the film was Bodrov. He could not choose an actress for the main role.Several dozen pretenders passed daily in front of his face, but it was not that.

The film "Show Me Love," came into Bodrov's hands, and there he saw his star. He invited Rebecca to the shootings, and the girl did not refuse, although she was already thinking of becoming a doctor.

The reason for the consent of the actress was an interesting scenario and the presence of trained animals on the set - Rebkkka Liljeberg always loved the circus.

In this picture, Rebecca had to play Lola - the actress of a traveling circus. She was very lonely, and her only friend was Misha, a little bear. The girl becomes so attached to her pet that he turns into a young man, played by Sergei Bodrov Jr. The transformation, unfortunately, was not forever, but to talk. Soon the bear again becomes a beast.

Lilieberg Rebecca became even more popular and in demand, she was offered many roles. But for herself, the actress has already decided that it is time to leave the shooting in his youth, but you need to start doing a serious job.

Lilieberg Rebecca and career doctor

rebecca lilieberg with husband

Since childhood, Rebecca dreamed of becoming a doctor to help people and treat children for diseases.On the career of an actress, she did not even think like most girls.

It just so happened that she gave a lot of time to cinema and theater, but never played, but lived in the frame. Even before the shooting of "Bear Kiss", she was going to go to the university to the department of medicine, but left the idea for later to star in her latest film.

Of course, she was a little sad to refuse the next shootings, but she understood that she would lose time again and go to medicine would be too late. Nevertheless, Rebecca Liljeberg applied for training and soon received a diploma of pediatrician. A woman doesn’t regret her choice of profession, as she doesn’t regret abandoning her career as an actress. Rebecca understands that she would become popular, but she likes to bring people not only positive emotions, but also benefits.

Rebecca remembers her acting past with warmth and a smile. Filming in films became for her a youthful adventure, which was remembered for a lifetime.

Rebecca's family

Rebecca Liljeberg and her husband Alexander Shep were familiar with for a long time. They immediately began to sympathize with each other. After a brief romantic relationship, they decided to live together.

Spouses live in a civil marriage - for Sweden this is the accepted norm.They are happy and love each other without stamps in documents. Alexander Shep has nothing to do with cinema and art, he is an entrepreneur. Alexander is proud that his wife is a doctor and once popular actress Rebecca Liljeberg. The films in which she starred, Shep looked at everything and appreciated.

The spouses have two beautiful children, they try to spend as much time as possible together: they choose to travel, they just have picnics and walks. Rebecca is happy that she chose to be a doctor. After all, if she participated in the permanent shooting, she would not have time for personal happiness!

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