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At the moment, reality shows have already lost their novelty and appeal. But at the very beginning, when they were at the peak of popularity, everyone was interested in the contestants and winners, as well as their further fate. Especially when it came to vocal shows.

So, at the casting of the second season of the Ukrainian show "X-factor" one of the contestants was suspected of using high-quality soundtracks. She was stopped right in the middle of the performance and demanded to perform the same song in a cappella, that is, without musical accompaniment. The video with a crystal voice, sounding in the silence of the indignant hall, scored about five million views in just a few days. We are talking about Aida Nikolaichuk.

Aida Nikolaichuk sings


On the third day of spring 1982, a small brown-eyed girl was born, which it was decided to name in honor of her grandmother, Aida. She played a significant role in the life path of the future star.

Aida grew up in the family of a dressmaker and a computer technician.Unfortunately, when the girl turned 10 years old, the marriage of her parents broke up. But you can not say that it has broken the child's psyche. The fact is that a few years later, the mother married again, and she had another daughter. Mother's sister is still one of the most precious people for Aida.

All the tenderness of their relationship is demonstrated by the story that Aida once told in one of her interviews. Once one of the guys in the yard began to bully to the younger sister. It got to the point that he began to threaten the girl that he would lower his dog on her. Naturally, it frightened the child. What did the big sister do? Aida hit the boy with such force that she broke his nose, and she hit the emergency room as she knocked out a finger. Perhaps this was the reason for entering the karate section.

Aida Nikolaichuk biography

Attitude to music

From Aida's grandmother is not only a beautiful name. It was this man who put the love of music into the future star. From her grandmother, Aida inherited a wonderful ear for music and a rather melodious voice. After the event, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article, it was her vocals that were called the phenomenon.

In general, when the girl went to school, her grandmother insisted that Aida go to study at a music institution. After only six months, the girl stopped going there.She left for a banal reason - laziness. As Aida later admitted, she simply did not want to practice solfege.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent the girl from participating in various contests and festivals. Proof of this are the awards, certificates and diplomas that the singer has.

Aida Nikolaichuk photo

Choice of profession and work

If a person is talented, then he is talented in everything. It is this thought that refers to Aida Nikolaichuk. Since childhood, she liked to draw and with her mother to implement sketches of new clothes. This was the main reason why she entered the sewing college after the 9th grade.

True, after participating in one of the contests, she was offered to enter the conservatory, but the girl, fearing that her personality would be destroyed, tactfully refused.

After graduation, the girl tried to study vocal with teachers. But, as she herself claims, it did not work.

Aida Nikolaichuk on the show

"X Factor"

With the marriage and the birth of her son, the singing has receded into the background. It was not possible to devote themselves to the beloved work, since it was necessary to earn money on clothes and food.

A close friend Anna lured Aida Nikolaichuk to the casting of the X-factor vocal talent show,arguing that, probably, in such programs everything is arranged. Roughly speaking, they wanted to check whether everything is fair there.

The girl did not feel that she was really ready. And although at the first stage she conquered the judges, the singer could not go further than the training camp. However, she performed at the final concert thanks to the victory in online casting.

Relationship with Kondratyuk

Then you can find photos of the wedding of Aida Nikolaichuk. And Igor Kondratyuk helped this to get the girl happiness, but in a different area. He became for her not just a mentor. During the stage of the show, which is called “Visit to the judges,” Igor invited Thomas Anderson. It was this man who instilled incredible confidence in Aida by inviting her to a joint concert, which was soon to be held in Moscow.

It was rumored that between Igor Kondratyuk and Aida Nikolaichuk is more than just companionship. Some believed that he was using his connections so that the girl could move from one stage of the show to another, bypassing the nominations.

However, the essence of this program is the choice of the best soloist of Ukraine by the people. This is done by voting.There is even an opinion that the reward of 2,000,000 hryvnia is the very text messages that people send to support their favorite participant.

Igor Kondratyuk made a star from Aida Nikolaichuk due to the fact that he very competently selected her songs. Each of her performances, each sound that came from her mouth, caused goosebumps to anyone who listened to her. No one was surprised that she became the winner. But how did her life go on?

Aida Nikolaychuk's husband

Further career

Almost immediately after the end of the show, Aida signed a contract with Sony Music and in May 2013 released her first single. Its name is "On your planet."

In 2016, there was an attempt to present the country at Eurovision, but the singer could not go beyond the semi-final selection stage. But this did not stop Aida Nikolaichuk. Photos of this fragile girl are confusing, because in her lives the strongest voice, which she constantly realizes, releasing all the new songs and music videos for them.

Aida Nikolaichuk's wedding

Personal life

As mentioned earlier, at the time of the participation of the girl in the "X-factor", she had a son from her first marriage. Her spouse's name was Paul, and he was her love at first sight. After some time, the breakup of relations in two cities, the couple came together and a year after the birth of her son moved to Odessa.

By the time of the third season of "X-factor" the girl was already divorced from her first husband. They say that on the show she had a short love affair with a sound engineer.

In October 2016, the Internet shook the news - the winner of the third season of the "X-factor" was married. At the celebration there was no one except the photographer. Why?

As Aida Nikolaichuk herself said, the photos of the wedding are needed in order to later have something to show the children, but there is nothing to arrange lush celebrations.

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