Air crashes in Russia and the USSR

Air crash statistics in Russia and the USSR are disappointing: in 1970, there were 25 incidents in which at least one person died, in 1971–22, in 1972–21. There were air collisions, terrorist attacks, hijackings, and just accidents caused by crew errors or ground services.

Understanding the reasons - the case of experts. Now we will make a brief overview of the largest catastrophes in Russia and the USSR by the number of victims. The list included a clash of two Tu over Dneprodzerzhinsk, a disaster in the village of Uchkuduk in Uzbekistan, a crash in Omsk, near Moscow and others. Of the recent catastrophes, the terrorist attack on the Sinai Peninsula was described (although the incident did not happen over the territory of the Russian Federation, more than two hundred Russian citizens died in this tragedy), a helicopter was killed in Chechnya, the crash near Irkutsk in 2001

The most terrible catastrophe in the history of the USSR

Until 1979, the village of Uchkuduk in Uzbekistan bore the status of a closed city, a secret strategic object. In the fifties, uranium ore was found there, and then gold, so that a mining and metallurgical plant was built in the town.A small settlement first formed around the object, then a city, the majority of whose population worked precisely at this plant.

In the summer of 1985, the bloodiest catastrophe in the history of the Soviet Union occurred over this town. The plane from Karshi airport took off with a three-hour delay, all the passengers, and the crew, were tired of the heat (it was over 35 degrees Celsius outside). All the tickets for the flight were sold out, not all had enough seats, and the parents had to sit the children on their knees. But all the indicators of the aircraft were normal. However, all these indicators did not exceed the permissible values ​​for normal conditions, and not overheated air with low density.

air crash of the last years in russia

The plane took off and began to climb. Forty minutes later, he suddenly began to decline. The crew managed to report to the ground controllers that the engines failed. The pilots tried to take control of the airliner, but the plane was still rapidly losing altitude. After another four minutes, the plane collided with the land in a desert area. In the fall, it completely collapsed and burned. All two hundred passengers and crew members who were aboard were killed.

The investigation revealed that the plane had lost control and entered critical flight mode. The last 154 seconds, the liner fell without hope of salvation.

Collision in the air of two Tu-134

Air crashes of the USSR and Russia were replenished with another tragic event on August 11, 1979. Two Tu-134 collided in the air over Dneprodzerzhinsk. Pilots could not see each other. The marks of the aircraft disappeared from the dispatchers' screens alternately. From the ground they could no longer contact the pilots. A few minutes later, Igor Chernov, the commander of the An-2, which made the Cherkasy-Donetsk flight, contacted the dispatchers. The pilot reported that he had seen something fall from the sky.

crash russia

The accident was the largest in the history of the Tu-134 (I must say, these are not very happy planes at all), as well as the largest plane crash in the USSR at that time. In the first aircraft, 94 people were killed, in the second - 84, i.e. all aboard.

Accident Tu-154 in Omsk in 1979

Another page in the history of disasters in Russia and the USSR is the crash of the Tu-154 in Omsk. The tragedy occurred in 1984 with the liner, which operated the flight "Krasnodar - Omsk - Novosibirsk". At the airport of Omsk, the liner collided with three ground vehicles that produced work on the runway. The liner is completely destroyed.Only five of the 179 people on board survived the crash.

Wreck on the shore of Lake Nersa

IL-62 served an international flight on the route "Paris - Moscow" with an intermediate landing in Leningrad. Regarding the last intermediate point, there is information that the landing in Leningrad was planned because Moscow was closed (difficult weather conditions). The crew was forced to land at the alternate aerodrome. Anyway, in Leningrad the plane got on, some of the passengers left the airliner, others took their places - those who flew to Moscow. On approaching the capital, the plane crashed into a field near Lake Nerskoy. The liner raced across the field, crashed into the forest, completely destroyed. According to the recollections of the witnesses to the tragedy, the entire field was littered with small fragments of an aircraft. Out of 174 people, no one survived.

last crash in russia

According to the results of the investigation, all aircraft systems worked normally. Flight parameters were normal, the actions of the crew fully complied with the rules. However, later, certain violations were revealed, including by the ground controllers.

The following are the exact reasons:

  1. Impaired performance and mental state of the pilots due to the possible discharge of static electricity.
  2. Partial failure of the liner control system.

Accident Tu-154 near Irkutsk in 2001

Russia's largest plane crash in terms of the number of victims is the crash of the Tu-154 near Irkutsk in 2001. The plane of Vladivostok Avia made a flight from Ekaterinburg to Vladivostok via Irkutsk. At 01:50 the ship began to decline near the airport of Irkutsk. A visual contact was made with the runway, but a loss in speed occurred as a result of a decrease - a dangerous situation. The crew tried to normalize the situation, but lost orientation in space and only worsened the situation.

plane crash of the ussr and russia

The plane fell nose to the ground and drove along the runway. The acute situation in just 15 seconds became catastrophic. The flight was carried out to a forest clearing, the plane was completely destroyed. When the Tu-154 disappeared from the radar, the inhabitants of the village of Burdakovka heard a sharp and loud sound.

The place of the fall was discovered just forty minutes after the tragedy. The wreckage was scattered over a vast territory. All those killed in a plane crash in Russia (and these are all passengers and crew members) were citizens of the Russian Federation, their families received compensation from the government.

The death of the Mi-26 helicopter in Chechnya in 2002

In August 2002, the largest catastrophe occurred in the history of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. A military transport helicopter was hit by a rocket from the Igla ground complex. The number of victims has increased due to a failed set of circumstances. The helicopter was heavily overloaded, besides it fell into a minefield.

largest air crashes in Russia

As a result of this plane crash in Russia, 127 people died, 117 of them on the spot, 10 more - in the hospital. MANPADS on the helicopter used Chechen militants. One of them (the one who gave the order and prepared the Igla complex for firing) was convicted and is serving a life sentence.

Plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula

The story of the latest plane crashes in Russia never passes without mentioning the terrible tragedy over the Sinai Peninsula in 2015, although it did not happen over the Russian Federation.

The charter flight followed the route "Sharm el-Sheikh - St. Petersburg". Tourists were returning from a holiday in Egypt. 23 minutes after takeoff, the pilots' communication with the ground was interrupted, the plane disappeared from the radar, and the relatives of the passengers were already waiting for their arrival at the airport of St. Petersburg.

Later it turned out that an explosion occurred at the tail of the aircraft.The incident qualified as a terrorist attack. Almost immediately after the disaster, responsibility for the tragedy took on ISIS.

On board were 192 adults and twenty-five children. The oldest person on board was 77 years old, and the youngest was ten months. Soon, a photograph of the smallest passenger of Darina Gromova, taken a few hours before the disaster, became a symbol of the tragedy. This photo was published by many world media.

statistics of plane crashes in Russia

Accident of Tu-154 near Sochi in 2016

One of the shocking air crashes of recent years in Russia is the crash of a ship heading from Moscow to Latakia, to the Russian military base Khmeimim in Syria. Intermediate refueling was planned in Sochi.

dead in a plane crash in Russia

The flight disappeared from the radar two minutes after taking off from Sochi, and then crashed into the Black Sea. Practically all members of the Russian Army ensemble, three groups of journalists and operators of federal channels, the director of the department of culture, Elizaveta Glinka, better known as Doctor Lisa, died in this disaster in Russia. The board was heading to Syria to give a New Year's concert for the Russian servicemen, and also carried medicines and provisions by plane.

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