Alexander Litvinov: biography, extrasensory abilities, photos and predictions

Alexander Litvinov, by profession, is a medical officer, folk healer and business expert. Alexander was able to bypass rivals and take first place in the sixth season of the sensational mystical television show of the last decade, “The Battle of Psychics”. Moreover, Alexander assures that he does not pretend to be a sorcerer or a psychic, and Litvinov’s opportunities are based on a symbiosis of insight and scientific knowledge of physical and biological processes.

Alexander in a suit


Alexander was born in 1960 in the city district of Troitsk, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region. In the boy’s family and before his appearance there were relatives who dedicated their lives to healing, but, as a rule, this role was prepared for women. Alexander decided to assist the needy only from a scientific point of view.Having received a secondary education, Alexander entered the medical institute. When the young man received a diploma of higher education, he decided to continue his studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

But Alexander became not a civilian medic, but a soldier. For about 15 years, the man was the head of the medical service at a military site in Chukotka. After being transferred to the reserve, Alexander returned to his native land and began working in the customs service. Curious and constantly rushing to new knowledge, Alexander graduated from law and management faculties.


During the period of active work at customs, Litvinov began developing his own unique technology, which in the future determined the biography of Alexander. Focusing on psychology, a stock of knowledge on personality types and intuition, Litvinov picked up an exemplary organized team of supporters, and also, without much difficulty, sought out violators.

Scientific activity and extrasensory perception

Some time later, Alexander realized that he had exhausted himself in the customs service, and quit.I formed my own organization whose task was to help and support people in need. At the same time, the man gives advice to visitors both during an individual conversation, and seeks to lend a helping hand by contacting him through his official online resource.

Alexander at a lecture

Litvinov differed from other colleagues in his revolutionary approach to extrasensory perception. Folk healer is not at all against communicating with people in need through the Network. At the same time, Internet visitors can independently select the topic of consultation and reserve a session for communication with psychic Alexander Litvinov. It becomes clear that the scientific approach for Alexander is most applicable even in this non-standard type of activity.

The techniques of Litvinov are closely intertwined with the art of drawing up personal horoscopes, numerology and the interpretation of names. In order to get on such counseling, it is necessary to inform Alexander about the date of his birth and the real name. The man considers this information to be the most important, and the date of birth to the world does belong to the barcode of a person. According to Alexander Litvinov, having this important information,it will not be difficult to find out not only the characteristics of a person, but also to find out about his state of health and identify future problems.

Alexander masterfully uses other achievements of civilization. Litvinov keeps his diary in LiveJournal and a channel in Telegraf.

Simultaneously with the use of technology, as well as the study of the effect of gravity on human acumen and the formulation of other thoughts associated with science, Alexander believes in the primacy of the family and in the inheritance of difficulties from the ancestors.

On Alexander's website, it is noticed that a man will not assist people whose previous generations committed cruelty and atrocities. According to Alexander, the descendants of these people are obliged to break through the trials provoked by the ancestors of the ancestors with their own forces and clean the race.

Happy life calendar

Among other things, the psychic makes the "Calendar of a happy life." Alexander Litvinov proposes to choose an option both in paper form and in electronic form. A calendar with calculations and explanations from Alexander contains happy thoughts for each day during the year.The calendar even describes the colors and textures of the most successful clothes, the desired type of food, passions and sports. It also includes recommendations on how to behave in the environment of loved ones, in the service and during monetary manipulations.

Happy life calendar

As noted earlier, the predictions of Alexander Litvinov are based on scientific methods. Such a calendar can function exclusively on those lands where you can see the Polar Star.

"The fight of extrasensories"

When the first season of the TV project “The Battle of Psychics” started on the local channel, Alexander began to follow each release. Relatives and comrades who knew his capabilities urged the man to take part in the project, and in 2008 Litvinov yielded to universal persuasion.

Alexander easily passed the casting and became a member of the participants of the sixth season of the battle, ready to fight for victory. Alexander Litvinov used his personal method for testing, which was built according to the laws of science, as well as miraculous insight. The man assures that with the support of science he managed to win on a TV show.

Winner of the sixth season of the "Battle of psychics"

In his review, Alexander Litvinov said that the site is not easy to put up with human grief and powerful emotions that emanated from the heroes of the TV show.Video cameras and lights also interfered to abstract, therefore Litvinov in most cases acted with closed eyes. As a result, Alexander easily went through most of the trials and won the statuette of the winner.

Personal life

Alexander is officially married a second time. From the first union he had two full age children. With the first wife the marriage was safe, but during the filming of the project “The Battle of Psychics” she suddenly died. The man was very upset by the blow of fate and even intended to leave the participation in the TV show, but his sons convinced Alexander of the opposite, and he returned to the project.

Having won, Litvinov completely plunged into extraneous problems, so as not to be tête-à-tête with personal experiences. A psychic gave a helping hand to many, including a young lady named Alain. So acquaintance imperceptibly turned into a close relationship, and after that into a marriage. To date, Alexander and Alena are growing up two common sons, with whom a man is trying to carve out the greatest amount of his time.

Alexander with family

The Litvinovs moved to the capital of Russia, where Alexander actively consults clients and conducts historical research.Alexander presents fresh thoughts in his autobiographical books, as well as on the pages of his website and online diary. In his free time, the Litvinov family travels a lot.

Alexander Litvinov: life today

Currently, Alexander continues to advise and conducts lectures.

Filming of the program "Psychics are investigating"

Alexander gives interviews, talks about personal concepts and methods used in the work. In addition, Alexander systematically appears on television in the series of the TV show "Psychics are investigating."

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