"Aliexpress": expectation and reality (photo)

The theme of our today's conversation -"" Aliexpress ": expectation and reality." The thing is that this moment is interesting for new users. Especially those who plan to buy clothes on this site. I would not like to pay for an order, but to get something wrong or in an inappropriate form. Let's see what they show us buying on "Aliexpress" (expectation and reality), photos of which users willingly put on the World Wide Web.

aliexpress wait and reality


What can I order first in Chinesesite at competitive prices? Of course, toys for children. In this respect, people leave the comments unequivocal not to the wave. You can say, time is not necessary. So, someone gets the product in the form in which it was presented in the picture, and someone is not lucky. For goods with "Aliexpress", the expectation and reality in this respect in most cases still converge.

If you are afraid to be deceived, thenorder soft toys. But a variety of designers and other children's equipment for fun - easily. In other words, abstain from shopping that contains cloth. It is, as a rule, damaged or manufactured poorly.

It is also worth asking real opinions about theor another toy from its owners. Often, if something has come in an unseemly kind (that is, with regard to buying on "Aliexpress", the expectation and reality are severely divorced), then it is customary to leave comments about it in the lot description.

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Products for children

Order children's furniture and equipment for games(such as bicycles, cars and so on) is also possible. For such goods, bought on "Aliexpress" expectation and reality, fortunately, coincide. Most likely, it's all due to the fact that furniture is made by professionals. Often, there is simply a purchase of ready-made kits from a particular manufacturer with a small mark-up. So, the probability that you will not get what you ordered, is rapidly approaching zero.

However, as practice shows, furniture and children'sinventory on the site is rarely acquired. Users already do not trust online shopping. It is important to see for yourself what the particular changing table or bed is, and only then make a decision. Still meeting on the topic "Alyexpress": expectation and reality "photo related to the purchase of children's furniture. They show 100% compliance.

Bijouterie and watches

The next section, worthy of attention, iscostume jewelery and watches. In truth, it is here that the reviews about purchases are the best. After all, this product, as a rule, is very difficult to spoil. So, you can not be afraid of deceit.

goods with aliexpress wait and reality

If we consider such goods with "Aliexpress",the expectation and reality about their appearance will coincide. This, in turn, gives you a guarantee that you will buy what you ordered. If the costume jewelry can be observed some flaws, then here are the hours they are usually absent.

In addition, if "Aliexpress" overpayssome commodity (usually it concerns hours), then the probability of deception is reduced almost to zero. And not all Chinese jewelry is done poorly. This is nothing more than a common stereotype. Do not be afraid. The main thing to carefully choose what you want to buy. If there is any doubt about the transaction, look for product photos in real life. Perhaps, with regard to purchases made on "Aliexpress," the expectation and reality (see the photo of the selected product very carefully) will coincide.

Automotive goods

Products for cars - not so popular, but, according to many buyers, a very high-quality category, which you can trust. After all, there usually is no deviation.

However, there is also a negative point that canto touch the purchase on "Aliexpress." Expectation and reality (photos of the selected product are often shown in reviews on the site) is not very happy, so it's just a mismatch in the box and the picture. For example, you order a stereo system from one company, and you send it from another manufacturer or other model, without any functions. But such cases are rare.

Abstain from buying seat coverscars. Here just the reviews about the products are not very good. Such opinions are often found among car buyers for "Aliexpress." The expectation and reality in this case can drastically drift apart. Not really pleasant, is it?

aliexpress wait and reality photo

For home

Home utensils are also very popular on "Aliexpress." And all this is due to the fact that here the expectation and reality regarding orders converge.

Most often ordered a variety of kitchenaccessories like baking tins or cutting boards. In second place - goods for needlework and decor. On the third - home textiles. But to him, as practice shows, are skeptical. Already a lot of negative reviews about "Aliexpress" in terms of purchases of woven products. Sometimes it repels.

Also, do not be afraid for the goods from the categoryfixtures. Manufacturers usually do not always have these goods in China, and the products are all done qualitatively. Is that it is worth to be cautious about the transfer of these lots. They can be damaged during transportation. This is the only thing that should worry the buyer on "Aliexpress."

beauty and health

If you already looked in the section "Beauty andhealth ", then you can be sure that you will receive quality parcels from" Aliexpress. "The expectation and reality (the photo of the chosen product and the one who really came to you) will coincide, which means that there are no fears about the deals here either. and it came.

things with aliexpress wait and reality

Most often order without incident cosmeticsfor make-up, as well as a variety of manicure products and kits. And already with great mistrust are usually buyers to a variety of techniques that help to monitor themselves and their health. To liquid cosmetics is also not the best attitude. All this is due to possible problems with its transportation. Perhaps there are no more negative points here.

Pay attention only to the fact that the shelf life of cosmetic products was normal. In some cases, buyers complain that they are receiving either an overdue product or an expiring period.

Technology and gadgets

A variety of techniques - this is another point,which causes heated discussions from potential buyers on "Aliexpress." Expectation and reality (photos of goods can be found not only in the online store, but also on third-party resources) please, because they coincide.

The most common point is buyingsmartphones. Chinese counterparts, in the opinion of buyers, are no worse than the original equipment. True, you will have to suffer a little with the firmware and Russification. But this is not such a problem. On "Aliexpress" you can order any equipment without fear. Unless with care it is necessary to concern to those purchases that during transportation can be strongly damaged.

parcels with aliexpress wait and reality photo


But things with "Aliexpress," the expectation and reality in relation to which, as a rule, absolutely do not coincide, are clothes. This includes shoes, too.

In the World Wide Web, girls and boys spreadphotos of their experience of getting clothes with "Aliexpress". And the proposed pictures can be seen that sometimes the recipient comes a pathetic parody of a normal product. Apparently, over the manufacture of clothing and shoes in China is not much bother. And this fact has a strong impact on the reputation of "AliExpress." He makes doubts about the conscientiousness of the firm, and sometimes it can lead to a refusal of purchases.

In principle, this is correct. With great care, treat the goods that are in the sections "Clothes" and "Shoes" on "Aliexpress." Most likely, you will not receive exactly what you are waiting for. This does not mean that the site is deceiving. There are many categories on it, in which you will be offered really high-quality goods. But the clothes and shoes here have a bad reputation. Goods with "Aliexpress" expectation and reality in relation to which most often do not coincide, for the most part, are in the category "Clothing". Be wary of this section.

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