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VAZ 2123, being the main representative of the new model range of the Niva SUV, completely changed the shape and technical characteristics. In addition to the development of the best parameters of the old version, there were other improvements. These include a body on 5 doors, a streamlined aerodynamic body, a comfortable lounge.

Some technical differences

VAZ 2123The predecessor of the VAZ 2123 was a car 21213. It is produced from 1998 to 2002 in small batches. The steering wheel was supplied with an electric power amplifier developed in Russia. In September 2002, General Motors purchased the AvtoVAZ plant and set up a new company. She began to produce the Chevrolet Niva SUV, based on the model VAZ 2123. The salon, spacious and spacious, includes folding rear seats, designed for 5 people. The engine is distinguished by an electronic fuel injection system that complies with all Euro-2 toxicity standards. Significant changes have undergone rear and front suspension, steering gear, etc. At the VAZ 2123 specifications have the following differences from other types of this manufacturer. The engine received a new camshaft with extended phases, which improved the torque.This affected the engine, which was not only stronger, but more obedient at low revs. Also, the VAZ 2123 improved suspension, which has become safer and smoother while driving.


VAZ 2123 specificationsThe engine of the new “Niva” has a four-stroke mode of operation. Fuel supply is carried out by distributed injection. Cylinders in the block are placed in one row. Cooling occurs due to forced circulation of coolant. The engine receives lubrication through an oil pump and from splashes of rotating mechanisms. Engine "VAZ 2123 Niva" can be installed on the Chevrolet Niva. This technical solution is a new improved version of the old engine of the first Russian SUV. One of its differences is the position of the generator, which until 2003 was mounted to the engine in the lower position and started with two transmission belts. Then he began to set at the top. In addition, it starts with a single belt with a new tension technology. Today, the Niva uses the engine VAZ 2123 41. Its weight is 127 kg with a cylinder capacity of 1,690 liters. These items work in the order 1-3-4-2.

New solutions

"Niva" was released with two types of engine - carburetor and injector, each with a volume of 2 liters with a new original transmission. The layout of the engine compartment became more dense, which forced the developers to move the spare wheel to the rear door, as was the custom in the style of an SUV. Both the cardan shaft, and the front and rear, in accordance with the device "Lada 4x4" unified, and the intermediate became longer. A third support appeared at the fastening of the distribution box, the locking lever with a center differential combined with the demultiplicating gear lever. In addition, today they are already producing models with airbags built into the steering wheel.

Several classes of Chevrolet Niva

VAZ 2123 Chevrolet NivaDespite the fact that the "VAZ 2123 Chevrolet Niva" is a product of GM, it does not act as a full-fledged imported car. From 2002 to today, four versions of the Chevrolet Niva have been released. Now in 2015, GM is going to release the fifth model. The first version was dorestaylingovoy with two classes: L - main and GLS - luxury. The latest model was distinguished by 16-inch wheels cast production, tinted glass, headlights with the "fog" mode, heated seats, etc.

Later versions

VAZ 2123 NivaIn 2006, the Chevrolet Niva FAM-1 was released, which was considered an exclusive modification, as there were only 1,000 models sold in this series. The car was equipped with an OPEL Z18XE engine. The FAM-1 bundle was very diverse and innovative. So, it included: anti-blocking system, emergency pillows for the passenger and driver, air conditioning and other innovations. In addition, the Chevrolet Niva released Trophy, which was designed specifically for off-road. He also had his own technical innovations, among which were differential blocking, shorter main pairs with a number of gears of 4.3, forced inclusion of a fan for cooling the engine and a place for fixing the winch. In 2009, the release of the retail model Chevrolet Niva took place. The car distinguished itself by a new design form and interior with a plastic body kit. All models of Chevrolet Niva, except FAM-1, were equipped with a gasoline four-cylinder engine from the VAZ 2123, a volume of 1.7 and a capacity of 80 liters. from. Despite the fact that the motor is obsolete, it always serves for a long time and is highly reliable. Usually problems with the Chevrolet Niva arise with the fuel system.

In conclusion, a few words should be said about the manufacturer.AvtoVAZ is a company of Russian origin, which is the largest manufacturer of passenger cars in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. The enterprise is controlled by the Renault-Nissan alliance. The previous name - VAZ. Previously produced cars with the names "Oka", "Samara", "Sputnik", "Niva", "Lada".

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