Analogs "Skype" for a computer with Windows and "Android". Russian equivalent of Skype

More recently, users all over the world have used the excellent Skype program to communicate with each other. The application running on any platform was able to transmit text messages in real time, use voice and video communication. But after Skype was acquired by Microsoft, there were many problems. First of all, the program has become more demanding of resources, now not every phone will be able to start a video call. There is a difficulty with registration, which requires you to create a Microsoft account. The program constantly advertises something. The time when Skype will be paid is not far off. Is there really no alternative for a Windows PC and for Android? The focus of this article is the Skype equivalent program.

analog skype

Tender is announced

In order to find an analogue of Skype, you need to decide on the selection criteria - the functionality of the program and the platform on which the application should work.

  1. Platform. The most popular platforms are Android, IOS and Microsoft. Linux and Blackberry are welcome, they are in the minority, but they also have the right to be.
  2. Send text messages. It is the main requirement for the program, because correspondence allows users to not only think well before writing, but also keep a history of communication.
  3. Voice communication in real time. Free communication from anywhere in the world not only saves money, but also brings pleasure.
  4. Video Conferencing. It is more entertaining in nature, but quite a popular feature among users.
  5. Creating conferences. Very convenient functionality in business, when you need to negotiate collectively or for seminars.
  6. Resource Requirements. The program should run quickly and use few resources. Important resources of the device are considered to be RAM, processor time, communication channel.

A holy place is never empty

Not long ago, an analogue of Skype called Viber was introduced to the world. In a short period of time, the application quickly spread among users and became very popular. So, how did the program win the hearts of millions of users?

 Skype computer analogs

  1. The program is compatible with any platform. The joke about the fact that Viber is not installed except on the refrigerator means that owners of any mobile phones and operating systems on computers can use this wonderful program.
  2. Text chat. It is unique - it is possible to transmit not only text, but also pictures, video and audio messages.
  3. Audio and video calls. The Viber program establishes a connection with the interlocutor without any problems and provides communication using the device’s video camera in real time.
  4. A lot of useful things. Simple registration with binding to a mobile phone number. Synchronization of contacts, identification of owners of numbers that already use Viber, and notifying them about the installation of the program. The lack of advertising and absolute free. With GPS in your phone, you can transfer your location to the other party.

Small flaws in the program Viber

It’s hard to believe, but they exist, and lately developers have been slow to fix them. The application is compatible with any operating systems, however, there are significant differences in Viber programs installed on different devices.

Most of all, the owners of “Android” and the iPhone were lucky - for them the whole range of services existing in Viber is revealed. Owners of "Blackberry" with the operating system of the seventh version and below do not have the ability to transfer audio and video files. The owners of Microsoft and Bada OS will remain without avatars and join the owners of the old Blackberry. The application was originally positioned as an analogue of Skype for Android, but in its work under Windows and Linux operating systems I would like more functionality and fully working contact synchronization.

An interesting offer for residents of Russia

Not for the first year, residents of Russia use the “branded” service “Multifon” developed by Megafon specialists for communication. From year to year, the Multiphone acquires new opportunities, and the price for calls to mobile phones is rapidly approaching zero.The Russian equivalent of Skype has only one significant drawback - the Multiphone is available only to Megafon subscribers. But the positive features do not count.

analog skype for windows

  1. The program uses the SIP-client, which allows instead of the green “proprietary” program from MegaFon to use any SIP-client, the same X-Lite or Fring, which are more flexible and have more functions.
  2. As in Skype, you can correspond, make video and audio calls for free between MegaFon users.
  3. Calls to mobile phones in the GSM network are significantly lower than the tariffs of the same Skype. There are applications for any operating system, including workstations.
  4. The Russian equivalent of Skype allows you to record conversations during audio and video calls.

Another cheap solution from Russian programmers

If the use of video in real-time communication is not critical, the positive Russian feedback is deserved by another Russian analogue of Skype - Beam. The program is able to conduct text correspondence and allows users to make calls within the network for free. Like Skype, the program can make calls to local and mobile lines, while the price is much lower than that of competitors.Users of the Beam program note the high sound quality in the process of communication. All this is due to IP-telephony, which is used in the program code of the product.

 program analog skype

There is also a negative in using the brainchild of Russian programmers, it is the only one, but significant enough - you can install the application only on Android and IOS devices.

About social networks

It is no secret to anyone that sending messages, files, making audio and video calls can be made in the same Odnoklassniki, Google or service. According to statistics, the number of users of social networks exceeds the number of Skype program owners by an order of magnitude. But they do not use such a great opportunity to communicate. What is the matter?

 analog of skype for android

Analogue of Skype works through social network servers, and so loaded due to high attendance. Naturally, there is no talk about any quality of voice or video transmission. The only thing you should pay attention to is the ability of to work on any platform, including mobile devices of the 2000s.

Players around the world, unite!

You can not bypass the program of fans of online games called RaidCall.Analogue of "Skype" for Windows players was not chosen by chance. There is hardly a free program capable of real-time audio conferencing for a large number of people. Let the interface of the program looks like Skype, but there are many positive differences.

 Russian equivalent of Skype

  1. High sound quality. Through the use of an external RaidCall server, the creation of a conference on which is also free, players do not feel any discomfort in communication.
  2. Low computer resource requirements. Taking the system a few megabytes of RAM, the program takes 1% of its resources from the processor, which is a high figure among similar applications.
  3. Compatible with multiple platforms. "Android", Windows, IOS, Linux and other operating systems are familiar with the program, and everything works fine.

Five thousand people in audio conferencing?

This is real with the TeamSpeak program, which can unite up to 512 people into an audio conference, who can communicate in real time without any problems. The program also provides the possibility of exchanging messages between users and allows you to send files.Like RaidCall, an application can work with different platforms and undemanding system resources. Through the use of an external server, the audio quality in the audio conference is high, regardless of the number of participants.

Analog Skype TeamSpeak has one drawback - the server side of the application is paid. This means that to create a conference, you need a moderator who must rent a “room” on the server with a specific IP address. He provides this address to all conference participants with whom he needs to communicate.

Interesting technologies of the future

Google’s open source software, called WebRTC, was not initially appreciated by users or developers. As soon as Russian developers interested in software created the Russian equivalent of Skype and started integrating into the masses, Google revived its project. At once several developers of free browsers, such as Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome, announced to the whole world new technologies implemented in their software.

 skype analogs for pc

WebRTC is an open Internet protocol that, like other Skype analogs for PCs, allows you to make audio and video calls in real time.The code is written in JavaScript, which means that the owner will be able to use any device, regardless of the operating system and device performance. The main condition is the performance of the browser.


The listed Skype analogues for computer and mobile devices are only the tip of the iceberg. Having proven itself well with users, thanks to the positive reviews, the programs attract attention. If you delve into this topic, you can find thousands of similar analogues of Skype. One, the ideal program for communication that satisfies all the requirements will never happen. As soon as the application is gaining popularity, it is bought by the giants of the IT industry and becomes paid or resource-intensive - this is a rule. You need to learn to keep up with the times, find and use free applications according to the tasks.

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