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Analysis. Alchemy of everyday ya



Personality transformation- it is a transition from one state to another with a direct appeal to its “dark” side and its full integration into its ego.


This is a descent down the spiral staircase from the top of the bell tower, the path to the exit to the street to other people, away from the shrill bells of our anxiety and unnaturalness.

This is not a transition in its pure form, when one leaves and the other comes, it is a fusion, a fusion of two completely different parts of the personality into one, with the formation of a true individuality.

This is the introvert's desire to unite with an extrovert in one person with the independent existence of both in the united state of "individuation."

But such a mutual and peaceful empathy of two opposite parts is not always possible. When merging opposites into one, we are not talking about the penetration of one into another from edge to edge with the filling of the form of the other with us,and not partial overlapping of the other, this is some form of interaction between different parts in a common field, and without intersecting each other.

This is the place where the two exchange parts of themselves, complementing each other and becoming holistic,and at the same time fully preserving themselves autonomous and complete. This is a merger without an actual merger. This is the place to "live".



In everyday life, the power of the alchemical merging of two opposites into one can help us pay more attention to our inner needs.without prioritizing external needs.I like this conditional separation of needs for easier understanding.

External needs we manifest outside ourselves and we are accustomed to consider this as our inner essence,and as a rule it has its continuation in the form of our internal unmet need.

The place where the inner need can meet with the outside world and where the outer need can be verified with the inner reality and we are real.

This is a very practical “Yin-Yang” philosophy, it gives us more freedom and pushes us forward in development, leaving behind the anchors holding us in the port. The idea of ​​alchemists about getting gold from lead with the help of a philosopher's stone, in my understanding,it's about your personal transformationwith the help of this “magical” inner space, which will help to transform the gray heavy routine into a tangible golden prosperity.



And what do we get if we fail to turn lead into gold? What will happen if we satisfy only the external need to “be” and ignore the internal need to “be”?


I think that between being and being, there is one thing that unites them in the impossibility of transitioning one into another, and this feeling is very well known to many.

This feeling is fear. 

Fear is the fire, on which the melting crucible is heated to melt lead into gold.Ideally, the fire should be something that gives, not take away, but fear is like a resource-devouring element that burns wood (money) completely wasted. The crucible heated on such a fire is empty, it is simply covered with rust of attempts and failures of melting, and soon it will simply be thrown into a landfill.

This flame of fear does not extinguishno alcohol, no drugs, no sex, it will just burn even harder, until one day the fire burns the one who lit it.

Suddenly, the text is interrupted.

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