Analysis of the story "Mumu"

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev wrote his work “Mumu” ​​under the impression of the events that worried him during that period. After all, all that excites the writer is displayed on his work. After completing the analysis of the story "Mumu", it is easy to find confirmation of this. Turgenev was a true patriot, worried about the fate of Russia. Therefore, the plot described in his work is a challenge to the era of that time, a challenge to serfdom. The story “Mumu” ​​is not only a story about the events that took place in the Russian village, it is a work that makes us think and think.

What is the essence of the story

Analysis of the work “Mumu” ​​shows that, in the image of the janitor Gerasim Turgenev, the Russian people symbolically showed his beautiful features. Kindness, heroic strength, love of work and sensitivity - such qualities of a person were put into the image of Gerasim, the author. He gives Gerasim the characterization of the most remarkable man in the entire servant. Turgenev represents Gerasimus as a very strong person who can work a lot: “the case went on in his hands”.The author loves his hero, responsible and tidy, who constantly keeps the master's yard clean.

Yes, he is not human, which confirms the way his closet is described, on which he always hung a lock. "He did not like to go to him," writes Turgenev. Love and sympathy have always prevailed over the formidable image of Gerasim. His kind heart was always open.

Respect for himself, for his work Gerasim won over all the courtyards, despite his sullen appearance. Though uncommunicative, but "he understood them, he carried out all the orders exactly, but he also knew his rights, and no one dared to sit in his place in the table". Just trying to execute all orders of the lady, Gerasim retains a sense of dignity. Analysis of the story of Turgenev "Mumu" once again confirms the fact that Gerasim did not have human happiness. It is difficult for him, a peasant from a village, to live in a city; there he will not be able to communicate with nature. He feels that people are trying to get around it. Gerasim fell in love with Tatyana, but she was given for another. A deep misfortune settles in the soul of Gerasim.

Tragedy puppy

And at that moment, when he is so hard, there is a small hope for happiness - a little puppy. Rescued from the river Gerasimom, he binds to him in the same way as the owner to the puppy. The puppy's name is Mumu.Mumu is always near Gerasim, at night he is guarding the house, and in the morning he resorts to waking him. It would seem that a man has found an outlet for himself, but at this moment the lady learns about the puppy. She wanted to subdue this little creature, but the puppy does not obey her. Not understanding how to disobey her, she orders the puppy to be removed. The owner of the dog closes it in his closet, but barks him out. And then Gerasim decided on a decisive step - kills his only friend. Why did it happen so? “Why did Gerasim drown Mumu?” - this problem is more fully disclosed here.

Having made a deep analysis of the work of Turgenev "Mumu", we see not only the unfortunate Gerasim, but also in his face the unfortunate serfs, who, being "dumb", hope that the time will come when they can defeat their oppressors.

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