And who is rake?

And who is rake?

  1. The series "Rake" (2014).
    "Young guy Rake always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and worked very hard
    in order to achieve its goal. After graduating from university, he finally
    achieved the desired result and began to work. However, he did not even
    he guessed what he would have to face. Rake has always been
    educated and kind person who tried to speak only the truth.
    Gradually, he realizes that doing this difficult profession to him
    just need to resort to lies and various tricks, because
    only so you can win the case. But he is not going to abandon his beloved
    profession and begins to take on the most difficult cases, which sometimes happen
    knowingly losing ... "
  2. Rake let everyone be afraid
  3. this creature with big claws it looks like something on a slender man only he can not stretch himself to infinity he can how people talked will come to you in dreams that makes him dangerous and strong he appeared in Russia but first appearance in usa staff, I do not remember but he was discovered in the forest by a group of stalkers
    in steam there is a game of rake and here he himself as in the game and in the woods dwells in the woods and in uninhabited places beware of his meeting with you,
    And who is rake? he abandoned

    in a dream, he will bring you to death in 3 days and he hunts people rarely but if you enter his lair but his lair is not known where he still does not know anything about him, there is nothing myth or the truth he was shot in the cells and seen supposedly but this is a lie and he would have died from suicide long ago

  4. rake character kipipasty
  5. m. and the nickname is "on the left 4 corpse"?)
  6. This is a myth, after all, according to rumors, he made attacks in the distant XVII century, because it does not seem that he should have been dead for a long time ?? No substance can live that long.
  7. to me once, last year, rake had a dream, he just ran to me with screams and I found myself in another dream.
  8. A rake creature with claws and white eyes appeared for the first time in America it was filmed by two teenagers. Well it was a statue of another who was filmed in an old abandoned house. He tore a man and the video lasted two days.

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And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake And who is rake