Do you know how to cook cream soup with salmon?

Why do we love to eat salmon? Because it is a very useful fish: it contains melanin necessary for cell rejuvenation and healthy sleep; cleans blood vessels, improves heart function; contains potassium, iron, fluorine, iodine, vitamins A, B and D, which strengthen the immune system, blood vessels and the nervous system; improves human skin; reduces blood cholesterol and reduces weight. Therefore, all dishes cooked with this fish have always been popular. Today we look at how you can cook a creamy soup with salmon.

Recipe №1: soup with salmon

Necessary ingredients: water - one liter, fresh salmon, fillet - 0.3 kg, potatoes - 0.5 kg, tomatoes - 0.3 kg, onion - one piece, carrots - 150 grams, 10-20% cream - 500 ml, vegetable oil and salt. Now the recipe for a creamy soup with salmon. Finely chop the onion, three carrots on a fine grater, and peel the potatoes, cut into cubes or small cubes. Also cut into cubes salmon. Tomatoes, dipped in boiling water for a few seconds, peeled and cut into cubes.cream soup with salmonIn a saucepan - three-liter is best suited - fry carrots and onions in vegetable oil.Add the tomatoes and fry slightly. Pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. At this point, lay out the potatoes and add some salt, then cook for 5-7 minutes. We send salmon into the container and pour in the cream. Cook for another five minutes, until tender. If there is such a need, dosalivaem. Ready-made dish, creamy soup with salmon, sprinkle with herbs. In the case of a simpler variant, the skin can be removed from the tomatoes and not fried. It will turn out all the same tasty.

Recipe number 2: Norwegian soup

This dish is traditional for the northern country. Ingredients we need: half a liter of water, 0.3 kg of salmon fillet, 0.5 kg of potatoes, 300 grams of tomatoes, leeks - 100 grams, 150 grams of carrots, half a liter of 20% cream, vegetable oil, spices and salt, rye croutons and greens to serve. Cooking Norwegian Creamy Salmon Soup.recipe of creamy soup with salmonFinely chop the onions and grate, three carrots, peel the potatoes and tomatoes from the skin and cut them into salmon, cut into small cubes. Fry at the bottom of the pan, on sunflower oil, carrots, onions and tomatoes. After that, pour water into the container and wait until it boils. Add the salmon, pour in the cream slowly and continue to cook until the potatoes are ready.Before serving, decorate with croutons and fresh herbs.

Recipe number 3: soup with fresh salmon and pink salmon

We will need: fresh salmon - about one and a half kilogram, hot smoked salmon - 200 grams, potatoes - four pieces, 1 head of fennel, 1 celery root, 1 carrot and leek, 20% cream - 400 ml, flour - one tablespoon, white freshly ground pepper, salt. Recipe:

  1. We cut off the raw fish fins, tail and head, from which we remove the gills and eyes. Put them in a saucepan and pour cold water - 2 liters, add leek - the green part, bring to a boil over medium heat, remove the foam, cook for about half an hour. The resulting broth is filtered.
  2. The remaining salmon is cut into fillets and divided into eight parts. We disassemble smoked fish into large pieces, removing bones.creamy salmon fish soup
  3. Celery and carrots cut into strips. Peel the potatoes and cut into quarters. Leek cut into rings, fennel - into several pieces along.
  4. In the broth, slightly boiling, first of all we put celery with carrots, ten minutes later - fennel and potatoes, then, five minutes later, leek.
  5. At the moment when the soup is almost ready, you need to add smoked and raw fish.Cook for three minutes.
  6. Mix cream with flour thoroughly. Closely chop the dill. Cream dressing is added to the soup, dill - also, pepper and salt. Bring to a boil and then remove from heat. Close the lid and leave to infuse for five minutes. In each plate put a piece of fillet and pour broth. Creamy salmon soup is ready.

Recipe number 4 Norwegian cuisine

For this recipe you need: half a liter of 10% cream, 500 grams of potatoes, 300 grams of our salmon fish, as much - tomatoes, 200 gammas of leeks, 150 grams of carrots, a bunch of greens, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, black pepper and salt. Recipe:

  1. Rub the carrots on a grater, cut the leeks into rings, salmon and peeled potatoes into cubes.
  2. Peel tomatoes and cut into cubes. Can be dipped in boiling water, if the skin is removed poorly.Norwegian creamy salmon soup
  3. Fry onions and carrots in a saucepan in vegetable oil. Add tomatoes and fry a little. Pour a liter of water and boil.
  4. After boiling, add the potatoes, salt and 5-7 minutes and cook. Put the salmon and pour in the cream. After 4-5 minutes, a creamy salmon fish soup will be ready.

Interesting facts about salmon soup

This dish is very nutritious and tasty, easy to prepare.Everyone knows that the people of Norway, who eat fish every day, are less prone to depression than other nations. On the streets of this northern state, by the way, there are quite a few overweight people.salmon soupThe reason for this is that the Norwegian salmon in large quantities contains omega-3 fatty acids, and they act on a person who is depressed or experiencing stress as a sedative. Therefore, we recommend that everyone cook and eat creamy soup with salmon as often as possible.

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