And you know: the surveyor is who?

In modern practice, Russian entrepreneursincreasingly began to use survey services. However, many of our businessmen have the most remote idea of ​​what exactly people do that are doing them. Let us examine this issue in more detail.

Who is the surveyor

If we turn to our "great and mighty", then the expert will be close in meaning. So, the surveyor is a person who can professionally understand something? Yes it is.

Surveyor is

Representatives of this profession conductdetailed, objective, and most importantly, an independent analysis of all the circumstances of the case, so that later it could be determined whether there was in fact a particular fact. Also on the initiative of individuals and legal entities they prepare recommendations in the licensed areas of activity.

A bit of history

In the era of domination of the communist systemThe following structures were assigned to the surveyors: Institute of emergency commissioners, expert councils at the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Soyuzexpertiza.

With the collapse of the USSR, the above-mentioned institutions gradually ceased to perform the expert function.

The first survey organizations after the "victory"democracy "in the country formed at the end of the zero years. And it happened in large cities with seaports. At that time, the competence of experts was limited to the investigation of insurance cases on water transport. Currently, the surveyor is a professional in all areas of insurance.

Often, expert institutions are being created under various ministries, departments, research institutes.

Expert insurance

It should be noted that today survey organizations successfully operate in many large cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and others.

The principle of independence is the main

In his work, the surveyor should be guided byprinciple of independence. In other words, no expert institution should be under the control of state structures. Unfortunately, in the Russian practice there is the opposite, therefore, foreign judicial instances sometimes do not take as evidence the reports prepared by our surveyors.


First of all, the surveyor is an expert in the analysis andverification of the circumstances of insured events, such as loss, damage to property, damage to health, floods, fire, and so on. He coordinates the process of inspecting the scene (organizes the rescue of people, calls specialists, fixes the damage). In addition, the surveyor is the main consultant whose opinion should be heeded by the owners of the sea vessels and those who manage them. However, this is not the entire list of duties that the expert performs. He collects evidence to determine the causes of accidents and accidents, studies ship records, examines the reports of divers, interviews witnesses, checks weather reports. And at the final stage of the work the expert sits down for the report.

Surveyor services

Also, the surveyor's services include issuingcertificates for cargo. This is a document that confirms that in cargo holds the cargo is packed and properly secured, which means that it will reach the destination safely and safely, without causing any harm to the vehicle.

Legislative base needs serious revision

Unfortunately, at the legislative levelthe activities of survey organizations are not fully regulated. Subjects of civil rights are guided solely by departmental regulatory acts.

Insurance Surveyor

Of course, the insurance surveyor createscertain competition, but there is no rule on the domestic market that would oblige market participants to resort to the services of the above experts. Want - invite him, but you want - no. As they say, the case is voluntary. In case of problems with cargo transportation, shipowners often do not need any expert. Insurance in our country is still poorly developed, so they prefer to settle the conflict on their own.

Unfortunately, in practice, the surveyor acts as a normal intermediary who does not perform his usual job: he is a consultant, a provider, an appraiser, an insurer, and a tour operator.

Nevertheless, this segment of the market is developing smoothly in our country, and survey services are increasingly in demand in the entrepreneurial environment.

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