“Andipal” from what pressure? Andipal pressure pills: reviews

Diseases of the cardiovascular system - the scourge of modern civilization. Hypertension, or hypertension, as one of the most common manifestations of it, doctors call the epidemic of the XIX century. Every fourth inhabitant of the Earth at the age from 15 to 64 years old is subject to this ailment.Andipal from what pressureIts main symptoms are headache and persistent increase in blood pressure. Stress and malnutrition, violations of the rational mode of work and rest, unhealthy habits and other factors worsen the human condition, leading to the occurrence and development of cerebral circulation dysfunction. As a result, it threatens to damage the small arteries of one of the main organs, and in advanced cases - stroke. It is necessary at the first opportunity to visit a doctor! Only as an alleviation of certain symptoms can Andipal tablets be taken.From what pressure he helps, not everyone knows, listening to the advice of friends and acquaintances. How not to make a mistake in choosing a medicine?

General information about the preparation: its composition and properties

Andipal instructionAndipal is a well-known drug that contains 0.25 g of metamizole sodium (the main active ingredient of the tablets "Analgin") with anesthetic and antipyretic properties, 0.2 g of sedative phenobarbital and 0.2 g of papaverine hydrochloride and bendazole (Dibazol), differing in their antispasmodic properties, reducing the tone of the smooth muscles of our internal organs and expanding peripheral vessels.

Indications for use

Given the complex composition of the drug “Andipal”, the instruction prescribes to take it to quickly remove high blood pressure. This action is safe only if, before taking it, make sure that the headache is caused by high pressure.

Andipal reviewsHypotonics and people with unstable levels of blood pressure can increase the symptoms of low pressure and even lead to serious problems with the functioning of the brain. Doctors have not yet developed a consensus on the use of the Andipal remedy. Some experts advocate episodic methods of this medication in order to relieve unbearable pain.Other doctors are inclined to the course of the drug. The pills from Andipal pressure will help not only to normalize the level of blood pressure that has arisen as a result of hypertension, but also relieve a migraine attack, improve the condition in the IRR (vascular dystonia).

Andipal from pressure

Previously, this drug was used in the complex treatment of hypertensive crises. Today, medicine has more effective means of treating this disease. However, the medicine “Andipal” for pressure remains a popular first-aid tool, especially for people with low incomes, and this is mostly due to positive feedback about it. The vasodilating and analgesic, antispasmodic and sedative properties of the Andipal drug help to relieve the pain syndrome expressed by the spasm of the peripheral arteries, the digestive tract organs (their smooth muscles), and also the cerebral vessels. Taking the drug is possible at a time, with headaches (including migraines), gastrointestinal spasms, pain in the premenstrual period - 1 or 2 tablets per day no more than 3 times. The diagnosis of an IRR of the hypertonic type, fixed by a doctor, can be treated according to the scheme, when therapy lasts from 5 to 10 days.

Features of the drug

Whatever positive reviews about our medicine, all the nuances of taking Andipal (from which pressure is high or unstable) must be agreed with a specialist. There are often cases when this medicine relieves a severe headache at 150/50 pressure, normalizing it. At the same time, the systolic (upper) pressure decreased, and the diastolic (lower) pressure reached normal values.Andipal at what pressure to takeIt is up to the doctor to decide whether Andipal is necessary, under what pressure to take it and for how long. The presence of phenobarbital has a slight narcotic effect, due to which there is a decrease in the level of adrenaline in the blood, so it can be addictive to the drug.

Compatibility with other drugs and ethanol

When ingesting nitrates or blockers of slow calcium channels, ganglioblockers or beta-blockers, as well as myotropic antispasmodics or diuretics (including hypothiazide, furosemide), it is necessary to coordinate with the doctor the possibility of using Andipal tablets. This combination inexpensive drug significantly reduces pressure and enhances the hypotensive effect of these drugs.Tablets andipal pressureParticular caution due to the increased risk of adverse reactions should be observed when prescribing narcotic analgesics while taking Andipal. What pressure does it help with? Doctors give a definite answer - from high. Any adsorbents, as well as binding and enveloping dosage forms reduce the ability of Andipal to be absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. It is categorically unacceptable to use this drug with alcohol - the consequences of such a "duet" can be sad: severe poisoning, internal bleeding, pressure jumps, stroke, stomach ulcers and shortness of breath. During treatment with Andipal medication, taking any doses of alcohol is prohibited.


Eliminate the use of the drug "Andipal" should people suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency, porphyria, blood diseases and tachyarrhythmia, severe angina and decompensated chronic heart failure. The drug is contraindicated in case of deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, in the presence of angle-closure glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, intestinal obstruction or colon hypertrophy (megacolon).

Means "Andipal" for children

At what age can children give Andipal? Patient reviews are sometimes recommended to do it from 12 or even from 8 years. However, the instruction to the drug warns that this pill from the head can be given only to a teenager of 14 years!

The drug "Andipal" during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy, doctors may, by correlating the risk of taking Andipal with the condition of a woman, prescribe this drug to relieve serious hypertensive symptoms. But such an approach is possible only as an exception. For a pregnant woman and a nursing mother, these tablets are contraindicated in most cases.

Precautions: side effects

When choosing the remedy “Andipal” for treatment (from what pressure, we know), it is necessary to take into account what can occur: nausea, allergic phenomena (even with anaphylactic shock), problems with defecation (constipation). With long-term drug therapy (more than 7 days), it is necessary to monitor the peripheral blood picture and liver functionality.

Andipal side effectsThe presence of dipyrone in the drug can cause leukopenia, phenobarbital - sedation (ataxia or depression).During the period of treatment, it is necessary to refuse to perform work that requires increased concentration of attention, or hazardous activities (for example, driving vehicles). The rate of psychomotor reactions during this period is significantly reduced.


Before taking the Andipal drug, it is necessary to study in detail all the indications for use. If the medicine is not prescribed by a doctor, and the headache is not caused by spasm of the cerebral vessels or increased blood pressure, PMS, IRR in hypertonic or mixed type, then this usual inexpensive medicine can be not only useless, but also dangerous. Take care of your health!

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