Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life

The profession of an actor is one of the most difficultin the world. Many teenagers and children dream of becoming outstanding actors, but do not even guess how difficult this profession is. Every representative of this field of activity dreams of being in Hollywood, but it is rather difficult to achieve such a goal. And today we will discuss in detail one actor from the Republic of Belarus, which is one of the most popular in Russia, Ukraine and his country.

Andrei Karako

Andrei Karako - a famous actor and just a good onea man born in the city of Gomel on February 4, 1975. Today we will discuss in detail his biography, filmography and many other things related to this man. We will begin, as you know, right now!

Youth years

Date of birth of the actor you already know, soWe will not mark it again. Andrei Karako's father was an actor of the regional drama theater, and his mother is still the head of the local troupe. As a child, the future actor did not feel like following in the footsteps of his parents, but still went, but a little in another field of activity, because most of his career he takes part in the filming, rather than in theatrical productions.

Andrei Karako: personal life

After graduation, Andrei Karako, personal lifewhich will be discussed a little later in this article, went to Sevastopol and entered the Higher Naval School there. In the same year, when the actor was enrolled in a university, the collapse of the Soviet Union occurred, because of which he had to leave Sevastopol, otherwise he would have to obtain Ukrainian citizenship and swear an oath to the people of Ukraine. The young man returned to Belarus, where he managed to enter the Belarusian State Transport University.

Carier start

After a while, the man realized that hechose not at all what he was interested in. Soon, Andrei Karako, who is today a famous actor, dropped out of the university and went to serve in the army. After demobilization, Andrei began to think about his future, and suddenly he became aware that at the Gomel Drama Theater a well-known writer from Belarus was gaining an experimental troupe consisting of 5 people who would later be trained in the acting department of the Academy of Arts.

Andrew decided to try and did not lose, becausethen he realized that he had found his calling. In addition, in the same Academy of Arts, a man received a second higher education, becoming a first-class director. He staged several performances in his native theater and went to conquer other countries.

Personal life

Actor Andrei Karako, whose personal life weis also interesting, does not like to talk about her family. It is known that the man has a 14-year-old son Yegor, who is engaged in hockey at a professional level and has already been a prize-winner of international competitions held in the Czech Republic.

Andrei Karako: Filmography

After the divorce of his parents, Yegor stayed with his mother inMinsk, but his father does not forget about him and tries to pay a lot of attention to his son. Almost in all his interviews, Andrei Karako, whose filmography is very interesting to many, mentions the achievements of his child and is very proud of it.

It should be noted that after a whileafter the divorce, the man had a romantic relationship, but he does not want to talk about them, because they ended quite tragically. At the moment, the actor's heart is free for a new relationship. Thus, as you can see, Andrei Karako, whose family is still represented by his parents, son and ex-wife, is ready for a new relationship!

Filmography. Part 1

During his career, each actor takesparticipation in the most diverse works of cinema, so now we will highlight popular films and series with the direct participation of Andrei Karako.

Actor Andrei Karako: personal life

The career in the cinema of this man beganin 2005, when he starred in the television series "Three Thalers". After that, he took part in the project "The Last Armored Train", then starred in the film "Styx", and then his filmography consists of such works of cinema: "A Room with a View of the Lights", "I Detective", "The Case was in Gavrilovka" "All fair", "Major of the Winds", "Do not try to understand a woman", "There are kind and good people in the world", "Love as a motive", "Flock", "Attempt", "Terrorist: Especially dangerous" "An eye for an eye".

Filmography. Part 2

Also worth mentioning are the films "Margosha 3""Tram to Paris", "From Heart to Heart", "The Irony of Fortune", "Zhurov 2", "Navigator", "This Woman to Me", "Winter of the Dead: Snowstorm", "Team Eight", "Family Affairs" , "Unexpected Joy", "Sold Cat", "Death to Spies: Shock Wave", "A Sign for Happiness", "Son of the Father of Nations", "Love from a Test-tube", "Illusion of Happiness", "That's Love!", What do men want ?, "With a clean slate," "Free Sister", "I'll be there," "Steal Me," "Lace," "Good Name," "Happy Chance," "All the Treasures of the World," " and I'll come "," Shadows of the past "," The snow melts in with September "," Queen of Beauty "," Family Values ​​"," Mentovskie wars 10 "," Plastic Queen "and many others.


Comments on cinematographic works fromthe participation of this actor is quite positive. People like interesting subjects, professionalism of representatives of the actor's sphere of activity, dynamism and atmosphere reigning during the screenings. In general, now you can choose any film with this actor and see.

Andrei Karako: family

Of course, there are also negative comments,indicating a slow development of events and a boring plot, but, as you know, everyone has his own opinion, so it's up to you to decide whether you will watch this or that film, only you.

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Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life Andrei Karako: Filmography, biography and personal life