Antiperspirant "Odaban": reviews of doctors

More recently, a drug called Odaban has appeared on the shelves in pharmacies and supermarkets in Russia. Reviews of doctors and customers, as well as recommendations on the use of will be presented to our attention today. Only then can we conclude about the quality of the products offered. To be honest, on the Internet now there are many reviews about this product. This means that it is becoming more popular. Or are published opinions a lie? Let's try to understand this difficult matter.Odaban reviews of doctors

What is it

The first thing to understand is what you and I will have to deal with. "Odaban", reviews of which we will learn a little later, is a healing antiperspirant. And, as the manufacturer says, he can reliably and quickly protect you from sweat and odor. Just what is so necessary for modern man!

But is it really? In other countries, "Odaban" has established itself well. After all, this is an elite "spray" that has been manufactured in the UK since 1853.For many years he has been gladdening people from all over the world with his existence. True, society tends to exaggerate the benefits of various therapeutic drugs. Therefore, now we will find out with you that we are talking about the reviews of doctors and customers about the Odaban tool. How good is this product?


Let's start with the composition. It plays an important role in almost any cosmetic product. And then deodorant "Odaban" was able to win a pretty good location of doctors and buyers. Indeed, in its composition it does not contain any hazardous substances to health.

According to doctors, this antiperspirant in its composition is perfect for the role of a therapeutic agent. It contains one active ingredient (aluminum chloride), as well as 2 auxiliary. This composition is perfect for eliminating sweat and odor. With all this, regular use can eventually save you from excessive sweating.

Thus, at Odaban, the line-up calls at the initial stage are quite positive. But how well will things go on? Let's try to deal with you in this difficult issue that worries many consumers.Odaban reviews

Price tag

Of course, when choosing cosmetics or medicines, a lot of time is devoted to such an important factor as the price of goods. And here "Odaban" receives far from the best feedback from doctors and consumers. Why is this so?

The thing is that the price for this spray is very high. And there are several reasons for this phenomenon. First, it is the British child, that is, imported. And it may not be cheap. In principle, the same can be said about most products currently sold. Secondly, it is a remedy. For medicines, the price has always been inflated. Thirdly, the manufacturer positions its goods as elite. It also imposes its own imprint on the price tag. So, the Odaban facility gets terrible feedback for the price.

Many doctors and consumers note that one spray package costs from 600 rubles. If you think about it, the price is just awesome. And not everyone can afford it. For this reason, many are interested in other criteria for assessing the antiperspirant Odaban. This spray should be extremely good for consumers in Russia to buy it. But is it really?


It is very important to deodorant delicious groin.Or at least that he was not nasty. In this case, the manufacturer can hope for sales success. What are the positions here took antiperspirant "Odaban"? To be honest, it is ambiguous.

As they say, do not please everyone. Someone likes the flavors of this tool, but someone does not. But in general, we can only say that the antiperspirant "Odaban" reviews in this regard are not as terrible as many similar products.deodorant

In truth, many consumers and doctors note that this remedy is rather neutral in flavor. Indeed, as part of it there are no fragrances and other chemical components. You should not expect that the tool "Odaban" will give you the taste and smell of morning dew or sea breeze. Only subtle and neutral flavor. In principle, if you use deodorants as a perfume, then everything is in order. Try not to overdo it with the amount of spray applied - and all problems will be solved.


Regarding its effectiveness, “Odaban” receives quite positive feedback from doctors. And they say that from sweating, and also from the smell, he will really save you. Most likely, the effect will not be as good as you expected.Nevertheless, it will still be good.

As a rule, consumers expect deodorants to completely eliminate their sweat. This does not happen. You can reduce the amount of sweating, as well as eliminate odor. But to completely get rid of this problem will not work. Even if before you a truly good and elite means. So try not to build illusions about what you will give deodorant "Odaban." Feedback on the effectiveness of this product is extremely common. And to be honest, in most cases they are very encouraging. After all, even doctors assure that in extreme cases and huge problems, then you can spend money on Odaban. He really can help you from the first application.


Attached to the tool "Odaban" instructions for use. It would seem, why? After all, everyone knows how to use deodorants. Only here is our today's product special. And you have to follow certain rules on the use of the tool "Odaban". Instructions for use was originally written without a Russian translation. At best, a special sticker with a composition and a brief description will be stuck on the packaging for sale. That's all.For this reason, "Odaban" reviews doctors received far from the best. After all, any product must have a description with instructions, especially if it is medical or medical.

So let's start with the fact that our tool is suitable for night use. That is, initially to the means "Odaban" instruction says that you need to apply it before going to bed. He is a nightly action. Extremely non-standard approach to the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

In addition, you will need to apply a thin and thin layer of the product to problem areas. They must be clean and dried. Only in this case it is possible to apply the product. And it can not be washed off in any case. It is also important that the applied "medicine" is completely dry. Only then you can safely put on pajamas and go to bed. This use will give you the maximum effect that consumers need. True, everything is not always as good as it may seem at first glance. Why? Let's try to sort this out.instruction instruction

Beware of fakes

Since deodorant "Odaban" doctors receive positive feedback, which means that even such an expensive product is bought.And this feature was the cause of the appearance of numerous fakes. In truth, there are several signs by which you can protect yourself from low-quality goods.

First, look at the label. As doctors and consumers say, “Odaban” is an import tool. All instructions and attachments in the package must be in a foreign language. In particular, in English. Only in this case, you can be sure that before you really original product.

In addition, fake "Odaban" extremely difficult. After all, most fakes have a sharp and unpleasant smell. The original item has a neutral flavor. Or you will feel a slight smell of alcohol. Thus it is possible to distinguish a fake from a normal deodorant.


Antiperspirant "Odaban" application is not as wide as we would like. It treats people for excessive sweating. But this tool, as noted by doctors, has its drawbacks. For example, the possibility of allergies in the application.

Such cases are not particularly frequent, but they do happen. Patients have itching and rashes.In addition, in rare cases, the formation of pimples in the treated areas is possible. So it is better not to use this tool without consulting with doctors. They will tell you exactly how often and how much it is worth applying the drug to the body.

According to doctors, "Odaban" extremely negatively affects the health of allergy sufferers. If you are prone to such phenomena, it is better to refrain from the application. You can always find a cheaper, as well as less dangerous tool for you. If you really want to try this particular drug, then do it strictly after consulting with your doctor, as well as following his individual instructions.edan instructions for use

Not for all skin

Odaban receives negative feedback from doctors and consumers for the fact that it is not suitable for any skin. That is, there are a number of contraindications. And this is on condition that you are not allergic. What is it about?

A very important point, about which, as a rule, it is customary not to talk among physicians - this is that it is impossible to use this product on damaged skin. "Odaban" reviews of doctors in this regard are not very good. After all, this means that you can not shave before applying the drug.And this fact greatly upsets both consumers and physicians. There are too many nuances to observe in order to achieve the desired result. With the same success, you can just buy the most common antiperspirant, and then apply it daily to the skin and body.


Another extremely important point, which also repels buyers, is nothing more than unpleasant feelings during the use of Odaban. In truth, these effects are not found in all similar preparations. But if they appear, then most buyers try to refuse the product they offer.

It's about burning and itching. And not like with allergies. Such sensations occur in all consumers after applying "Odabana" on the body. And this fact, as already mentioned, is not very happy. Rather, it repels. After all, side effects for medicines are permissible. But the constant maintenance of the add when applied - no. For this reason, people don’t trust Odaban very much in Russia. It is one thing when a remedy is cheap, and another is when a spray bottle costs about 600 rubles. In this case, people try to think a few times before using a particular drug.Endagant

Time of action

According to doctors, the antiperspirant "Odaban" should have a long effect. But in fact it turns out a little different. The thing is that "Odaban" is valid only for 5 days, instead of the set 10. That is, you should put an antiperspirant once every 5 days according to the instructions.

If you try to spray the body earlier, then an unpleasant plaque forms on the armpits. It brings a lot of inconvenience to customers. Especially when sediment remains on clothes. Wash it can be extremely difficult. Thus, our miracle remedy with you is not much different from the usual deodorant. Is that the composition, as well as a huge price.

Secrets of opinions

Among all the reviews you can find both too good and bad reviews about "Odoban". And it is not clear where such contradictory opinions come from. In fact, everything is very simple.

The manufacturer simply buys reviews. That is, it pays people to write good or bad opinions. This is a great way to scare away new buyers from opponents, as well as an interesting and effective approach to attract potential consumers.

But how to recognize a hoax? To do this, just lookhow justified is one or another expression addressed to an antiperspirant. As a rule, all true reviews are supported by evidence. Usually it is nothing like the author and original photos. Such opinions really can be trusted. But those that brightly and in colors describe the advantages / disadvantages of the means, but with all this they have no evidence, it is best to get round. And warn other users about cheating. After all, it is not good to publish false reviews.Suitable for use

Should I buy

So, today we figured out what is the antiperspirant Odaban. But now the most difficult question remains: is it worth paying attention to these products? After all, it is not as cheap as we would like.

To be honest, everyone here is responsible for himself. The only thing that can be advised is to consult a doctor and then make a decision. If you feel sorry for the money, you can use an ordinary deodorant. This is a cheap and familiar tool. But with the recommendations of doctors will have to really spend money on "Odaban." In principle, you can do without it.Only then you will have to fight for a long time and in different ways.

Thus, it is possible, if desired and possible, to buy the antiperspirant Odaban. In other cases, it would be better not to make such sacrifices. Especially since this tool to combat sweating is not so easy to buy. It is usually sold in pharmacies and specialized medical stores.

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