Asus ZenFone 6 phone: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews

Asus ZenFone 6 in time came to replace the fifthmodel. The camera that caused the criticism and the autonomy of the work were completely corrected. Before us is a decent gadget, devoid of obvious shortcomings, but having many merits. Stylish appearance, not the most top-notch, but the actual filling, well-thought-out software. ZenFone 6 is a device you can fall in love with.

Asus ZenFone 6


Appearance of the device causes respect. He does not dazzle with unusual elements, on the contrary, is deliberately strict, but very sympathetic. In the hand lies like a poured, does not slip, the center of gravity is chosen perfectly. Thanks to the thin 6 "frames, the device is not bulky.

The smartphone on the front side has a six-inchIPS screen. It is reliably protected by the latest generation of Gorilla Glass 3 glasses. Above, designers placed a thin silver lattice of conversational speaker, the Asus logo, on the center. On the right - a camera for selfie and video calls 1.2 MP, an event sensor. Left - proximity sensors, lighting. Under the screen there are 3 familiar touch buttons, they, unfortunately, are not highlighted. A milled metal insert with a rainbow effect is highlighted below.

Rounded to the side ends of the back paneldecorated with a prominent Asus logo "under the metal." The cover is polycarbonate. Although not glossy, fingerprints of moist fingers are noticeable. In the upper half, in the center, there is a large eye of a 12.6 Mp camera and a LED flash. The smartphone runs on an Intel processor, as evidenced by the company's sticker. Bottom of the length of the lattice is the speaker. The back cover opens tightly.

Asus ZenFone 6 review

Function Buttons and Connectors

On the right side of Asus ZenFone 6 developersdecided to take out the volume rocker and the power off / lock key. The left side is not used for useful functions. Above the smartphone is mounted an additional microphone and a headset jack (3.5 mm). At the bottom there is a high-sensitivity main microphone and a service MicroUSB connector. Under the lid are 2 slots for micro sim cards, 1 slot for the SD-card.


Display 6 "is equipped with an IPS matrix with a small sizepixels (320 dpi). Resolution: 1280x720 pixels (HD). These are not record values, but the picture quality is excellent. But this screen consume more battery power. The new manufacturing technology of the matrix eliminates the presence of an air layer. Colors as a result are transmitted very juicy, at great angles. The image is not inverted.

mobile phone Asus ZenFone 6


After the acquisition of the model hundreds of professionals andthousands of fans spent a lot of tests on the performance of Asus ZenFone 6. Reviews are the most enthusiastic. According to the popular AnTuTu program, the performance rating is "excellent" with values ​​over 23000 points. For work and play, the speed is enough.

Benchmark "Epic Citadel" shows high graphics performance: average FPS = 59-60.

The 3dMark test "Ice Storm":

  • standard 720 = 8031;
  • ultimate = 7236;
  • extreme = 4624.

Specifications Asus ZenFone 6

The operating system was originally installedAndroid 4.3 with a future update to 4.4. Updates Asus releases regularly. The Intel Z2580 Atom processor is dual-core. It operates at a frequency of 2000Hz. Memory: 2GB. Space for files, programs: 8 or 16GB + SD card. The graphics processor PowerVR 400 Mg SGX 544MP2, also dual-core.

Asus ZenFone 6 16gb review

Asus ZenFone 6 is released, depending on thecountry of destination, with 8 and 16 GB of memory. Only Asus ZenFone 6 16gb is officially supplied to Russia, Ukraine, CIS. The review will continue to check the battery. Its capacity is 3300 mAh. The design is not removable.

The GPS module quickly finds and holds tenaciouslysatellites, including the Russian Glonass system. Cold start 15-30 seconds. It is enough to purchase a special holder, and the smartphone turns into an excellent navigator. Glass almost does not shine, the picture at an angle is not inverted.

In the smartphone Asus ZenFone 6 built-in:

  • sensitive accelerometer;
  • orientation sensor (already calibrated);
  • an excellent gyroscope;
  • sound sensor;
  • proximity sensor;
  • light sensor;
  • a true compass based on a magnetic sensor.

Performance in gaming applications

In productive racing simulators graphicsdemonstrates aerobatics. No hint of slowdown, the picture is smooth. Accelerometer and gyroscope work out "perfectly", fixing the slightest displacement of the smartphone's body. It is in such games that users want to play.

Dynamic shooters, fighters also show livegraphics. There are hardly any games that can overload the phone Asus ZenFone 6. Asus has demonstrated that based on only a dual-core processor and not the most powerful graphics chip, you can build a high-performance system. A special contribution is made by the specific architecture of Intel Atom, 2 gigabytes of RAM, high-quality components, regularly updated software.

There are also shortcomings in Asus ZenFone 6. The testimonies testify that if you play for a long time, the device becomes much warmer. At work this fact does not affect. Also, users complain about the difficulties with installing the popular game "GTA SA".


Six-inch display Asus ZenFone 6 - findfor cinephiles. Smartphone without problems pulls movies HD, Full HD formats with high bitrate of sound. Video look comfortable thanks to a combination of a productive processor and a matrix without an air gap.

The speaker is not the trump of the Asus ZenFone6. Reviews speak of the inability to give out a loud juicy sound. For a home disco is not good. At the maximum volume, rattles can be heard. It is recommended to use the application "Audio Tuning Wizard" to optimally configure the speaker for specific tasks:

  • record;
  • speech;
  • music;
  • film;
  • games.

However, for hands-free calling, call melodies, watching videos, it's enough. It is more pleasant to listen to music through branded headphones.

smartphone Asus ZenFone 6


Without exaggeration, the main built-in 12.6 Mpthe camera with autofocus gives out one of the best on quality of photos among smart phones of an equal price category. Removes excellent FullHD video. Autofocus works quickly. Photo program will enjoy a lot of presets for a variety of shooting modes. Even the child, choosing the appropriate mode, will catch a good shot on the Asus ZenFone 6. The review of the photos made leads to the thought that the top-end smartphones are not just equalized, and the quality of the video has been driven away by compact digital cameras.

Panorama shooting, timer, modein low light. You can make thumbnails, selection in the frame, simple montage. The function "Depth of Field" allows you to select the foreground and blur the rear. "Improving" will make the photo more contrast, sharp. From several frames you can make GIF animation.

The front camera 1.2 MP has other tasks. She is able to capture her beloved, make a video call, chat on Skype and other programs that broadcast streaming video.

Working hours

The battery capacity of 3300 mAh is far from record. Already more than 5000 mAh models are produced. But this capacity allows you to keep parity between size / weight and working time. With moderate use (calls, SMS, Skype, Internet, reading, just a few games and movies), the Asus ZenFone 6 mobile phone lives for two days without recharging. In the economy mode and the minimum of calls - 2,5-3 days. If you continuously play in resource-intensive games, the charge will last for 3-4 hours. Watching movies (including online in HD format) - up to 10 hours. Talk time is 32-34 hours.

cell phone Asus ZenFone 6

Asus ZenFone 6: Software Shell Overview

The device is not naked Android. It is supplemented with the proprietary shell Asus Zen Ui. The interface is convenient. There is a classic menu with desktops, programs, widgets. Additionally, you can create folders with programs on the desktops. And the folder looks like thumbnails with the files in it (up to four). Redesigned notification menu. It is more informative, colorful, convenient. The top part is occupied by frequently used applications (flashlight, calculator, memory cleaning, notes). Below - utility programs (Wi-Fi, GPS, screen brightness and others).

A whole lot of brand programs fromAsus. A gallery with a non-standard interface, a calendar, notes, a mirror (one-click displays its own image through the front camera), power saving mode, mail, quick screen settings and a dozen others.

It is convenient to switch to the control modewith one hand. The menu is shifted to the right (left) under the thumb control. The display size actually decreases. You can select resolutions of 4.3 ", 4.5" or 4.7 ". Reduced icons of problems do not deliver, because the response is very accurate.

Asus ZenFone 6 cell phone is endowed with a function"Working with gloves." This regime is very useful for Russian winters. Touch in gloves is determined in 80% of cases. In comparison with other devices - a step forward.

The call menu has been redesigned.Directly in it you can choose which SIM card to call. When calling, the central panel takes a subscriber's photo, number and 9 icons with useful functions (speakerphone, conversation recording, reset, notes, etc.).

Reviews: pluses

  1. Large screen with high-quality image. Responsive sensor. Juicy bright colors. Convenient management. It is convenient to read books, magazines in pdf, watch videos, pictures.
  2. Two SIM cards.
  3. Nice design. Qualitative assembly, no backlash.
  4. Intuitive branded shell.
  5. A living battery. At usual use holds 3-4 days.
  6. A good camera. Quick shooting capability.
  7. High performance, not typical for 2-core processors with a frequency of 2 Hz.
  8. You can work with gloves.
  9. 6 hours in navigator mode without recharging. Quickly finds satellites. Hybrid system GPS-Glonass.

Reviews: cons

  1. Dimensions, weight do not allow comfortable wearing in pockets.
  2. The back cover slides, it opens tight, making it difficult to access the memory card and two SIM cards. At frequent opening there is a gap in the vicinity of the headset. The case near the camera is heated under load.
  3. The Intel Atom processor consumes more power than competitors, while showing better performance.
  4. Insufficient speaker volume. The call is weak.
  5. No OTG support. It is impossible to connect to a computer as a flash drive.
  6. Some menu items forgot to translate.

price Asus ZenFone 6


ZenFone 6 leaves the impression of a holisticapparatus. Every element is thought out. If the screen is not the top-most resolution, then only to increase the working time. 2 cores in combination with high-quality components work better than some devices with 16 cores. The graphics chip is supported by the Intel Atom architecture, providing smooth playback of "heavy" games and video. The camera is quite capable of replacing budget cameras. You quickly get used to the software shell, and you do not want to switch to the standard one. Of the minuses: a little disappointed external speaker, and I would like a more powerful battery, there are no newfangled NFC, LTE, five-gigahertz range Wi-Fi. The overall rating is a strong five in the middle price category. Price Asus ZenFone 6 - from 9990 rubles (16 GB).

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