At what age do children begin to crawl?

For young parents there is nothing more interesting thanfollow the development and growth of your baby. His first smile, steps, words will remain in the memory of Mom and Dad forever. Many new parents sooner or later wonder about the age at which children begin to what age do children begin to crawlAfter all from this moment the kid can independently move around the apartment, exploring new objects and space around.

It should be noted that some children doskip the crawl period. They sit quite confidently, and then read out right away. Each child develops differently, so there can not be an unambiguous answer to the question of how old the children begin to crawl. Usually this happens in six to nine months. To make it easier for young parents to assess the growth rates of their baby, we suggest studying the main indicators that characterize the development of crumbs by months. After all, it is in the first year of life that a person actively develops mental, emotional and physical data.

Stages of child development up to one year

1 month

During this period, the formation of bone,digestive, circulatory, genitourinary and other body systems. At this age the crumb in the upright position can hold the head for a short time. In response to a sharp movement, the newborn reflexively clamps the fists, spreads them to the sides of the handle or crosses the legs.

stages of development of the child up to one year

2 months

Development of an early child on the secondmonth of life presupposes a response. Hearing the conversation, he can turn his head in the right direction, watch the moving toys. Being on the stomach, the baby can raise the chest and head a little.

3 months

Some babies are already able to roll overside, change the position of the body. They actively go for a toy, they love it when they are played or talked to. At three-monthly babies at dialogue with mum "the complex of revival" is observed, the child walks, smiles, actively moves.

4 months

The kid at this age is already without problemsTurns on the stomach and, being in this position, slightly raised. He actively grabs small items and holds them in his hand. Can play with toys hanging over the crib.

5 months

With the support of an adult, the baby sits down, howeverTo hold back is still hard for him. He well relies on the legs, if you hold him by the armpits. At five months old, the children are already learning the voice of their mother and begin to fear the strangers.

early childhood development

6 months

The first half of the life of the crumbs is behind. And caring parents are interested in: at what age do children begin to crawl? Some babies, lying on their stomach, are already beginning to make their first attempts at independent movement. Later they can even get on all fours and swing. But while tearing the stomach off the floor for them is very problematic. At this age, the children say their first syllables and begin to sit on their own.

7 - 9 months

At this age, children begin to crawl,moving around the apartment. Sitting, the kids confidently straighten and tilt the body. Supported by the hands of children step over their legs. They are already trying to clap, their facial expressions become more diverse. Kids play with rattles for a long time, tap, drop, examine them. Children of this age are themselves standing up, holding on to the support.

10 - 12 months

The kid is well-versed in the apartment, knowsthe names of some items. He begins to imitate the movements of mom and dad (opens the boxes, throws the ball, etc.). At 12 months, the baby takes independent steps and even performs quite complex tasks: brings toys, opens the door, etc.

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