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One of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus is located between the resorts of Protaras and Larnaca. The special atmosphere of this resort is permeated with carelessness, fun and entertainment. Ayia Napa is a holiday city, a resort-dance floor. It is often called the Cypriot Riviera or Ibiza. If you want to relax and rest from everyday problems, then get acquainted with this resort and its secrets. Book tickets and go to an endless beach holiday.Ayia Napa

From the history of the resort

These lands are considered inhabited since Byzantine times. According to an ancient legend, an impassable dense forest had previously grown on the site of Ayia Napa. This area was suitable only for hunting and animal life.

But one day everything changed dramatically. A hunter who lived in a nearby settlement looked into an old cave. To his surprise, he found there an ancient icon with the face of the Virgin Mary. Returning home, he told about his find.After discussion, the villagers decided that this was a very good sign, so some villagers moved to the cave and began to build new dwellings there.

The newly built settlement they called Ayia Napa, which translates as "Sacred Forests." Later, people built a monastery on this land, and cut wood was used to create fishing boats.

Since then, the forest has turned into the fishing village of Ayia Napa, which it remained until the 70s of the last century. And then everything changed again. The Turks conquered Northern Cyprus, therefore the Greeks, who had a hotel business in the occupied lands, had to leave the inhabited territory. For this they chose Ayia Napa. And, as time has shown, they were not mistaken.


Ayia Napa is a resort that seemed created for those who love the hot sun, the warm sea, the absence of cold rains.hotels aya napa

It is never cold here, the air temperature rarely drops below + 16 degrees. Throughout the year, the weather allows you to relax comfortably at this resort. Ayia Napa has a mild climate without strong winds and storms. This allows you to relax here since the beginning of April.At this time, the air temperature rises to +25, and water - to +20.

At the end of spring, the rest at Ayia Napa is especially pleasant. In May, the weather is warm, but still not hot. The air warms up to + 25 degrees in the daytime and +17 degrees at night.

It becomes hot and crowded on the beaches of the resort of Ayia Napa (tourist reviews confirm this) in June - August, when the temperature rises above +30 degrees. The holiday season lasts until November. Then comes a warm but rainy period.

Everyone who has already visited Cyprus (Ayia Napa), reviews leave enthusiastic. However, they recommend that families with small children go on a trip in April - May. At this time, the weather at the resort is especially favorable for a child’s body.


According to many tourists, this Cypriot resort is good because it allows you to alternate the beach holiday (which quickly bothers you) with the excursion. Ayia Napa, whose attractions are of great historical and cultural value, will amaze you with their memorable places.

Monastery of the Blessed Virgin

On the site of an ancient cave in which we found an icon of the Mother of God (we talked about this at the beginning of the article) there is a monastery with an Orthodox church. Next to him is growing sycamore, which is already 1000 years old.On the territory of the monastery there is a Catholic chapel and the extraordinary beauty of an ancient octagonal fountain.weather aya napa

Maritime Museum

Not far from the monastery is an interesting museum "Thalassa". Its exposition tells of various types of fish and seabirds. Entrance to the museum costs 4 euros.

Pirate ship

Fishermen today live in the town of Ayia Napa. The sights of this wonderful place can be seen in the fishing harbor. Here stands a wooden ship brought from Egypt. He is acting, he has a team of pirates on board, including the characters of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” - Captain Barbos and Jack Sparrow, a black flag flying on the flagpole.

You can not only see the “Black Pearl”, but also go to the sea in search of treasures and a ghost town. During the voyage from the ship firing guns. Even adults (not to mention the children) come to the indescribable delight of this sea adventure.

Water World Waterpark

This landmark will appear before you at the entrance to Ayia Napa. This huge water park is the pride of Cypriots. The fact is that in size it is the largest in Europe.He sustained it in the style of Greek mythology, which enhances its attractiveness.

In Water World, you can visit 18 attractions, there are many small cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops, swimming pools with sun beds, etc. The ticket costs 38 euros for adults and 24 euros for children up to 12 years old.


Those who are often in Cyprus, believe that the beaches of Ayia Napa - the best on the island.

They have a flat bottom. Since the city is located in the bay, there is no strong wind here, which is not uncommon in other Cypriot resorts. The beaches of Ayia Napa conquer at first sight with their fine snow-white soft sand. There is a huge amount of water entertainment - water skiing, windsurfing, diving, sport fishing, rowing, etc.

The city authorities strictly monitor the condition of the beaches and improve their infrastructure. Over many of the beaches of the town are flying Blue Flags, which are awarded for impeccable beach service.aya napa reviews

Nissi Beach

This is a two-kilometer handsome - the beach, the most popular in the resort. It is always a lot of fun here - during the day various contests are held, and in the evening the beach becomes an open-air disco, often with live music. This beach is more suitable for young and relaxed people,It is better for couples with children to find a calmer place, such as Macronisos Beach, or the uncrowded, but cute, Gresian Bey.

"Ayia Thekla"

Creative natures prefer this unusual beach with a church, located five kilometers from the city. In addition to the church, here you can visit the temple located in a cave, which is still active today.

"Kriyo Nero"

And on this beach, we recommend to call on those who like to eat well and eat delicacies during a beach holiday. This three-kilometer-long beach starts from the fishing harbor. It is replete with bars, taverns and restaurants.


If you like the rocky entrance to the sea, then you should visit this beach. To him you can go through the concrete stairs, which is located on the left side of the territory.

For those who love water sports and entertainment, "tourists with experience" are recommended to pay attention to the beaches "Limanaki" and "New Golden Beach."

Resort hotels

It should be noted that hotels (Ayia Napa) are designed for guests with different financial capabilities. At the same time, hotels of level 4 * - 5 * meet European standards, and the lower segment in some cases does not reach its stars, which are not too large.Many say that in a 3 * hotel, which is located on the first line, the level of service barely corresponds to 2 *, but you can stay in cozy family-type mini-hotels, where they will do much more than they said.

Do not assume that because of the abundance of young people in any hotel will be noisy. The city has many good hotels away from the noisy center, where you can live comfortably in peace and quiet. In addition, we must pay tribute to the fact that 5 * hotels comply with all standards, they very much value their reputation. Guests in such hotels behave decorously, regardless of age.

We will present you some hotels (Ayia Napa), where you can comfortably spend time with families with children, or couples who are looking for peace.

Adams Beach 5 *

This hotel is located near the water park. There are several pools, a beauty salon, a sports club, a bar, a souvenir shop. Three hundred magnificent rooms are perfectly equipped with new home appliances.

Nissi Beach 4 *

In this hotel you can live not only in standard rooms, but also in apartments and bungalows. All rooms are equipped with no worse than 5 *. The complex has an excellent tavern, a luxurious restaurant, a club for children, a laundry, a large supermarket.Ayia Napa beaches

Asterias Beach 4 *

This handsome hotel is located in the picturesque suburb of Ayia Napa.It has 200 comfortable rooms. The complex has a swimming pool, several bars and a restaurant. The hotel has its own private beach with a gentle entrance to the water, which is very important for holidaymakers with children.

If you want to have fun, it will be more convenient to live closer to the "epicenter" of entertainment. Pay attention to the hotels, which we describe below.

Grecian Bay Hotel 5 *

This is a world renowned hotel with an impeccable reputation and great atmosphere. The level of service is great, rest here is a pleasure.

Euro Napa 4 *

The hotel is located 300 meters from the center. It is located in the garden, immersed in greenery, and at the same time it has beautifully equipped rooms.

Okeanos Beach 3 *

Despite the fact that the hotel still has only 3 *, it has its own beach, conference room, cafe and bar, 2 swimming pools, sauna, gym. The rooms are well equipped with everything necessary. In short, you will not have to regret if you choose it.

Those who are not the first time relaxing in the resort of Ayia Napa, reviews of hotels leave different. Those who lived in 4 * and 5 * hotels are quite satisfied with the level of service, but the guests of 2-3-star hotels are not too satisfied with the service.


When you are tired of a beach holiday, we recommend that you go on excursions.Ayia Napa is located so that from it you can go to anywhere in the island of Cyprus.

Most often, tourists go on their own to the village of Protaras. To do this, take the bus number 102/101 and drive to the east. Here you can see the Church of St. Elijah, and in the evening visit the show “Singing Fountains”. In season, such a show is held twice a day - in the evening at 19 and 21. For an adult ticket costs 26 euros.Ayia Napa Attractions

If you drive another 20 minutes on the same bus, you will find yourself in the ancient Cypriot city of Paralimni. Once the city was at the lake. But now there is no lake. But the city has a magnificent architecture - for example, the church of St. Anne, which was built in the XIII century. Not less impressive is the Cathedral of St. George, built in the XIX century. Ayia Napa is a city in which the leisure industry is well developed. Here are developed excursion programs for every taste. Meet some of them.

Village culture

You will be offered riding on donkeys. You will get acquainted with a cute creature that in the distant past served as a means of transportation for Cypriots - this is a charming donkey.

During horseback riding you will see the picturesque surroundings of Ayia Napa, admire the amazing nature.And on your return you will have dinner with exquisite wine, folk dances and fun entertainment.

Camel and Kart

This tour starts with a stop on a camel farm. You will have the opportunity to watch these animals, ride them, walk in a picturesque park, take a dip in the pool, enjoy a Cypriot national dinner.

Then you expect the longest and completely safe karting in Cyprus. Such entertainment will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children.

Akamas, Jeep Safari

This is an excursion to the reserved peninsula, which will amaze you with mysterious beauty.

Cool springs and rich vegetation create a comfortable atmosphere on this earth. You will see nests of green sea turtles in Lara Bay.

After a hearty lunch and a short rest, you will drive to the northwest of the peninsula, to the bay of Chrysochou. Here you can visit the legendary Baths of Aphrodite, where the goddess bathed with Adonis. The route will be completed by visiting the exhibition of snakes and reptiles living in Cyprus. It is located in the village of Scholli.Ayia Napa in May

Cyprus, Ayia Napa - tourists reviews

The overwhelming number of people rested at this resort, were very pleased.Tourists celebrate the hospitality and friendliness of Cypriots, excellent service, a large selection of entertainment, the opportunity to spend holidays with children, as they have excellent sites, swimming pools, clubs.

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