Bath or shower?

Recently bought an apartment in a residential building in Moscow, we are going to make repairs. But we cannot decide on a bathroom - to buy a new bath or to put a shower cabin. What do you think is better?
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Answered on July 4 00:37
I would never trade my bath for a shower. Coming from work, I love to lie in the bathroom, relax, and in the shower you can’t do it. Although, maybe someone prefers to wash in the shower.
Fedya Graf
Fedya Graf
Let's say - the bathroom is small, then you need to correctly place the bathroom, and of a rather compact size. If the area of ​​the room allows, then people place a bathroom and a shower stall of this type.
Answered on August 3, 13:12, to Rita |
Answered on July 4 00:41
Bathtub takes up more space than showers. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, then you prefer to put the cabin. In general, I like to have as much free space as possible in all rooms.
Answered on July 4 00:46
We immediately decided that we wanted to put a shower in the bathroom. There are quite a few types of cabs, but we didn’t choose anything - for some reason I don’t inspire confidence in plastic pallets. But we are interested in glass shower partitions. We even looked at the approximate prices here. Look, perhaps this option will suit you.
Yana Krylova
Yana Krylova
Answered on September 13 05:51
We also initially planned a bath and a shower cabin, but since the bathroom is really small, it will not be comfortable there with a shower cabin at all. And can you advise which bath is better to buy and where? Interested in a store in Moscow, if that.
Edward Shcheglov
Edward Shcheglov
Answered on September 13 06:09
So what if the bathroom is small, everything fits perfectly in me, the master friend came and did all the measurements. I don’t know yet what shower I will buy, I mean the brand, and I’m thinking of ordering an order from an acrylic company Riho. I read that such baths are made of high-quality acrylic made in Great Britain.

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