Handmade beadwork can be used wherelike, for example, as a keychain. They are made in the form of all kinds of animals or insects. It can be small crocodiles and dogs, lizards or spiders.

In this article we will discuss in detail how you canmake a keychain of beads. A dolphin is one of the options that is simple and accessible to a beginner. In the process of work, we advise you to carefully study the sequence of beadwork. Having learned a little, you will be able to figure out how to make a dolphin of beads quickly and beautifully. The technique of weaving is quite simple.

How to weave from the dolphin bead?

Do not know what to surprise a friend? Weave him a hand-made beadwork. We will tell you how the dolphins of beads are woven. This principle is used to create the majority of voluminous crafts.of beaded dolphin

We advise you to pay attention to the step-by-step description and the scheme of weaving from beads. The dolphin is an intelligent and friendly creature. Embodying the image of an animal, do not forget about it.

What is needed?

For this purpose, prepare the following materials:

  • beads of three different colors - blue, gray, and black;
  • scissors;
  • thin wire (for weaving fins of the dolphin);
  • fishing line.

Beadwork: dolphin

  1. First, take a large piece of fishing line. Type the gray and blue beads on the thread and slide down. Then dial one more blue and gray bead, and draw through the hole the other end of the line in the opposite direction, thereby crossing the line. Namely, the two ends of the line must form a cross.how to make a dolphin of beads
  2. Then it is necessary to pull for both ends of the line - for the two beads typed last. Pull them to the two beads that were typed first.
  3. Continue the weave according to howthe circuit is arranged. Type the following two beads, blue and gray, and in the same way, thread the second tip of the line. At the same time, tighten both ends together. You will need to repeat this operation one more time.bulk dolphins of beads
  4. The method of weaving is simple enough, even a beginner can master it. If you follow the pattern of weaving, then your line will be folded, leading the beads. You will see a certain three-dimensional shape.
  5. Take two blue and one gray bead,reverse the second tip of the line and pull both ends together. Now you need to make a similar set of beads and a cruciform tightening of the ends of the line. As already noted, all rows need to be duplicated, otherwise your figure will not come out voluminous. At this stage weaving will create a voluminous nose of the dolphin.
  6. Next, you need to repeat the previous row to give the dolphin figure its volume. Remember that each series contained in the schema must be executed twice. This rule is compulsory.

In the future, the technique of weaving does not change and is used throughout the work.

Some recommendations

In order to make a dolphin bead, you will need a scheme. It is needed not only for beginners, but also for experienced masters.beading dolphinBut do not forget that you need all the ranks,proposed in this scheme, weave twice, otherwise the dolphin will come out not volumetric, but flat. Another characteristic feature is that the fins of a dolphin made of beads are woven separately from the body.

Weaving scheme

So, proceed to assembly, according to the scheme of weaving the compound series:

  • 4 blue beads and 2 gray beads (2 times).
  • 5 blue and 3 gray beads (2 times).
  • 6 blue and 3 gray beads (4 times). Here it should be noted that in the first and second rows of the four lines you have to put on one black bead, which will become the eye of the dolphin.
  • 8 blue beads and 3 gray beads (10 times).
  • 6 blue and 3 gray beads (4 times).
  • 5 blue beads and 3 gray beads (2 times).
  • 4 blue and 2 gray beads (2 times).
  • 3 blue and 1 gray bead (2 times).
  • 2 blue and 1 gray beads (2 times).

The number of rows must correspond to the number of times. Two times means two rows of weaving. When you make all the lines marked in the diagram, you will have a "body" of beads-a dolphin without tail and fins.

We spin the tail of a dolphin

At this stage of the work, you will weave the tail of the dolphin.

  • To do this, dial on the line six bluebeads. Next, according to the scheme, you will need to make a turn. It is necessary to additionally string two beads and in the first of them to pass the line backward. You will get one bead in the role of "stub", it needs to be tightened to the other beads.
  • The line will turn upside down in the opposite direction of the weaving. Again on this fishing line, string six beads.
  • After that, fasten the fishing line, passing it into one of the beads of the near row. Should be half of the tail of the beads. The dolphin is almost ready, most of the work is done.

The second half is braided in the same way as the first. The rest of the line is secured, passing it through the nearest beads. At the end, tie the edges of the line to the nodules.

Weaving fins

For weaving fins we use the scheme:

  1. First make the lower fin. Then attach it to the body of the dolphin. To do this, take a small piece of wire.
  2. Begin to weave the fin from its lowest end. Bend the wire in half and put a blue bead on it. Then pass back the second end of the wire to it and tighten the ends.
  3. Next, you need to string two blue beads, and in the same way tighten them with the two crossed ends of the wire.
  4. As you can see, the weaving technique is similar to that of the weaving of the dolphin body. The only difference is that the number of rows does not double, because you need a flat figure.
  5. Put on three blue beads and tighten them with wire. Your fin is ready. Now you need to attach it to the torso of the dolphin.


Since the fin is attached from below, it must be attached to the belly of the dolphin. This is done as follows:

  • Using the two ends of the wire on which the fin is located, fasten them to the bead on the belly of the dolphin.how to weave from a dolphin bead
  • Go through the wire through different beads. Choose a more convenient option. Use the same connection method when attaching the upper fin.


The technique of beading impliesa lot of directions, including the creation of various charms from beads. A dolphin can be a wonderful decoration for any of them - for a backpack, keys or phone. Anyone can make a beautiful and original keychain. The main thing is your desire and desire to create.

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