Behind the bumps: causes and treatment

The bumps behind the ears can be either small or large, painful or not disturbed at all. Of course, most of the reasons for the appearance of these formations are completely harmless and do not require any treatment, but sometimes you cannot do without medical help. It will be further considered that this is a bump behind the ear in an adult.


Due to the fact that as a result of dermatitis, dead cells begin to build up on the skin, small lumps behind the ear may begin to form. Together with such tubercles, the skin begins to peel off, an inflammatory process develops, swelling and redness are observed.

A common form is considered seborrheic dermatitis. It can trigger lumps, especially in people who suffer from AIDS, Parkinson's disease or epilepsy. Typically, the disease results from stress, climate change, or infections of fungal origin.

Lump behind the left ear

Dermatitis treatment

The cones that cause dermatitis are treated by applying local creams, ointments or lotions.There are corticosteroids such as betamethasone and hydrocortisone as part of these remedies. These medications allow you to eliminate unpleasant symptoms that bring discomfort and itching. If the bumps behind the ears appear as a result of a fungal infection, antifungal agents can be used. Often, doctors may prescribe "Cyclopirox" or "Ketoconazole." Useful baths of raw oatmeal, baking soda. They are an excellent addition to the main treatment.

Allergic reaction

Allergies can provoke the formation of cones behind the ears. Such formations will be very painful and itchy. Puffiness in the ear can occur due to allergies to certain jewelery, cosmetic or perfume products.

Allergy treatment

If there is a lump behind the ear, first of all you need to establish what exactly caused the allergic reaction, and then just stop using this allergen. In addition, the reaction may occur as a result of an insect bite. Initially, the bump is small, then begins to grow and turns into a noticeable tubercle.

Lymph nodes increased in size

Due to the increase in lymph nodes, soft, very sensitive and rather painful bumps behind the ear are formed. This may indicate an infection in the body. Also, an increase in lymph nodes can cause illnesses such as sinusitis, streptococcal tonsillitis or the common cold. If there is a locally generalized infection, the swelling occurs simultaneously on both sides. At the same time there is weakness and fever. If the lump behind the ear hurts, it could arise for this very reason.

Man holding his ear

Treatment of enlarged lymph nodes

For therapy, it is common to use antibiotics to help get rid of the bacteria that provoke the development of infection. It is also mandatory to receive anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate pain and swelling. With sinusitis and colds, gargle with warm, slightly brackish water.


This pathology has an infectious origin and develops in the mastoid process, which is located behind the ear. As a rule, the disease is secondary and begins to develop as a result of infection in the middle ear or in the throat.In this case, a swollen lump behind the ear begins to form on a large bone. Also begins to develop an inflammatory process, structural disorders in the mastoid process. Symptoms of mastoiditis can be severe redness, the appearance of pus, pain in the ears, and noticeable swelling. In severe cases, there is a fever, a headache, and a person can lose hearing altogether.

Infection in the picture

Mastoiditis treatment

It is necessary to treat this pathology with antibiotics. Experts often recommend taking Ceftriaxone. Also used special ear drops with an antibiotic. From traditional medicine, olive oil with a couple of drops of garlic will be very effective. If you have a bump behind your ear and it hurts when pressed, this tool will help to remove the pain. If the situation is too severe, then the lump will have to be removed surgically.


A common cause of bumps behind the ears is acne. Most often the problem is peculiar to young people in puberty. Acne can lead to papules, large eels, pustules and small nodules.In this regard, a slight bump behind the ear can be commonplace acne, which appeared due to changes in the hormonal background. Stress, large amounts of androgens in the blood, genetic predisposition, infection can also affect the formation of acne.

Skin problems

Acne treatment

Acne is treated with drugs that contain a retinoid - a form of vitamin A or benzoyl peroxidase. If there is a serious hormonal imbalance, then you can not do without special anti-androgen hormone therapy. In most cases, the problem disappears on its own. It is only necessary to regularly flush the site of the formation of cones with antiseptics and cleaning agents.


A hard lump behind the ear, large or small, may be a cyst. A cyst is an entity within which there is fluid. The reasons for its formation may be several. Very often, a cyst begins to develop due to clogged sebaceous glands. Such formations accumulate intradermal fat and are called sebaceous. Epidermal cyst consists of keratin and can appear on any part of the skin. It is characterized by an inflammatory process and after some time, suppuration appears.

Treatment of cysts

It is necessary to treat the cyst behind the ear with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Of the drugs of local exposure used gels, hydrogen peroxide. Remove pus and sore feelings will help warm compresses, hot water bottles. In severe cases, experts recommend laser or surgical removal of a cyst.

Laser treatment


Due to the ingestion of the infection and its further development, a small itchy bump may form behind the ear. It looks like a closed "capsule", inside which contains pus. Also, an abscess may appear next to a foreign body (earrings) or near a previously formed cyst. Treatment consists of taking antibiotics, and in severe cases, an abscess is surgically removed.

Benign education

Such a bump will be soft to the touch, mobile and will not cause pain. Pain can provoke only those formations that have developed in the salivary glands, and then spread to the area behind the ears. A tumor that develops directly on the mastoid is called holsteatoma. This disease can provoke rapid tissue destruction and causes hearing loss and tinnitus.If the pathology is not treated, discharge starts to appear from the ear and the head is spinning.

Treatment of benign education

Benign education does not pose a threat to human life, in contrast to the malignant one. They grow very slowly and in some cases even disappear on their own. Surgical intervention is required only in case of the appearance of painful sensations or problems with the mobility of the jaw.

Cancer cells


A lump may also be a malignant tumor that has begun to develop in the salivary glands or in the skin. The tumor does not cause pain and after a while it may begin to increase in size. Specialists prescribe for the treatment of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, removal by surgery or all together. The choice of therapy will depend on the stage of development of cancer.


This is a benign growth that occurs as a result of the growth of adipose tissue, which leads to the formation of a noticeable tubercle. Fatty lump is most often located between the layers of the skin. Lipomas as a whole do not carry any threat, they can spontaneously arise, but they are constantly growing. If such a lump is large, it can be surgically removed.



Hemangioma results from the accumulation of a large number of blood vessels that are visible through the skin with the naked eye. The phenomenon is more characteristic of newborns. Such a bump has a dark red or purple color. Such formations are completely harmless and do not cause any discomfort. Photos of bumps behind the ear will allow you to determine the cause of the development of this pathology.

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