Best entrance door. How to choose a reliable and high-quality entrance door

What are the best doors to choose for an apartment or a country house? Every person at least once in his life was interested in this issue. Finding the answer will be easy. Most buyers will immediately say that such doors must meet the following criteria:

  • structural reliability;
  • quality material;
  • Beautiful design.

But experts to this list can add a few more points. In this article, they will all be considered in detail.

Of course, you can protect your home from intruders in several ways. For example, install video surveillance, alarm, put bars on the windows. But in order to feel the maximum security, it is also necessary to choose the right entrance doors. Reviews of most people suggest that at present ordinary citizens trust only metal structures. It is worth noting that they really have significant advantages in comparison with the wooden ones.But not everything is so simple. There are some nuances that significantly affect the level of reliability of certain doors. We are talking about breaking resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption level, quality of accessories.

Currently on the market there are many various options. In such a choice it is easy for an unprepared buyer to become confused. It is important to examine the reviews about the manufacturer and products before purchasing. Often it is thanks to them that you can find out the truthful information. Those who are financially allowed to acquire imported products are advised to pay attention to German and Italian companies. They have a good reputation and a lot of positive feedback. Buyers who can’t afford premium doors do not have to get upset in any way. Now, domestic companies offer a wide selection. "Guardian", "STAL", "Toreks" and other manufacturers produce at least high-quality entrance doors. Feedback on their products is mainly praise. Many people pay attention to reasonable prices, a rich assortment of colors and entrance door

How to make the right choice? Recommendations

The first thing that distinguishes the door - the material.If you do not go deep, you can distinguish two types. It is about wood and metal. The former are no longer in high demand, as they are far inferior in reliability. As for the second, they are currently at the peak of popularity. However, no matter what the entrance door to the house or apartment is chosen by the buyer, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a high level of protection against hacking.
  • Unwanted penetration can be not only from the part of intruders. Troubles also create drafts, noise, and odors, so it is important that the doors have good sound and heat insulation.
  • Have sufficient access control. For these purposes, eyes, deadbolts, chains, etc. are used.
  • Finishing the front door in the long run has only aesthetic value, but no less important than previous criteria.

door trim

Door classification

If the time has come to choose new doors to an apartment or house, and it is impossible to sort out a large assortment on your own, then you need to pay attention to which class this or that option belongs to. A total of 13. They determine the resistance to cracking.It is worth noting that manufacturers put up for sale, as a rule, models from 1 to 4 class. The fact is that for home use a higher level is not required. Basically, the class above acquires doors for institutions or bank vaults. So let's consider consumer options.

  • First grade.It combines the most simple models. Most often these are wooden entrance doors. Burglary resistance is very low. You can open them with ordinary tools. It is not recommended to purchase them for the main door, they can be suitable only as a second. Sold at a low price.
  • Second class.Virtually no different from the above. It is possible to open such wooden entrance doors or metal doors only using special electric tools. "Craftsman" they will not become an obstacle. The only thing that will take more time.
  • Third class.These doors have a good level of resistance to hacking. In order to open them, you need to use a tool that has a power of at least 500 watts. These models for the house or apartment are considered the most suitable, as they combine high quality at an affordable price.
  • Fourth grade.Such a classification have armored doors made of metal. They have the highest level of reliability. Withstand the impact of powerful small arms.

Metal doors

Earlier, in Soviet times, no one would even have thought about putting a metal door, as this immediately aroused suspicion. Then people thought that their neighbors were doing something illegal. Of course, it immediately attracted the attention of "burglars." Such powerful doors were set only by those who had a great fortune.

Time has passed, and the situation has changed. Now everyone wants to install the best front door at home. After all, she is able to provide reliable protection. These models, of course, include metal. Their design consists of two sheets, the thickness of which is not less than 1.5 mm. The first is located on the front side, the second - from the rear. Those models that have a high crack resistance class can be equipped with a third sheet of steel. It is placed inside (between the first and second). This will be the best entrance door, however, the cost of it will not be low. But when buying it is important to pay attention to the absence of welding seams.With a strong impact, the joint can disperse. Of course, this significantly reduces the level of reliability of the structure.

Some buyers are looking for doors with a sheet thickness of 3 mm. They are certainly better than those that have 1-2 mm sheets. But there is one important point - such designs are quite heavy, so you should take this parameter into account when choosing.

Anti-detachable pins and loops

In order to determine which is the best entrance door, you will need to study its constituent elements. The first thing that deserves attention is the loop. In most low-cost models, they are located on the outside. For the thief bastard such a design - a find. Since the hinges are welded to the sheet, they will not be difficult to knock down, using, for example, a sledgehammer, or cut with a grinder. After that, the door can be easily removed.

In order to complicate the intruder's penetration into the premises, it is necessary to select models equipped with special anti-detachable pins. They are called crossbars. There are two types: active and passive. The latter are constantly stationary. As for the active, when the lock is closed on the doors, they move forward.

Not only the quality and location of the loops need to pay attention. The important point is their number.Two will be enough for doors that have a weight of not more than 70 kg. In other cases, three or even four loops may be needed to prevent sinking.insulated entrance doors

The advantage of hidden loops

Entrance doors to the apartment with hidden hinges have significant advantages. Let's look at them:

  • In the closed position, they are invisible.
  • Robbers to reach them is very difficult. Cut the grinder or knock them down with another tool will not work.
  • If such a door is installed in an apartment building, it becomes an impregnable “fortress” for intruders.
  • Aesthetics. The exterior design of the door with hidden hinges is much better than with those that are located outside.

Definitely such a design claims the title of "The best entrance door." This is confirmed by the reviews of both experts and ordinary people. Surprisingly, those who were thieves in the past, agree with this opinion.

Stiffening rib

Studying the design of metal doors, it is necessary to consider another criterion. It's about stiffness. The steel sheet itself is quite flexible, therefore, having a certain tool, it is easy to bend it.Naturally, there is no point in talking about reliability in this case. To solve this problem, special metal corners are welded to the sheet. Stiffeners must be at least two horizontal and the same vertical. Sometimes add another, placing it in the middle, for example between the upper and lower.

This design provides voids between the sheets. Most often they are filled with materials that increase the heat and sound insulation properties. Wired entrance doors are made in this way.

In order for the design to be as reliable as possible, for the ribs, a metal is used whose thickness is a few millimeters greater than the thickness of the sheet.entrance doors reviews

Door frame

Choosing the entrance door to the apartment, do not forget about the box. This element plays an important role, although at first glance you won’t even think about it. After all, it is attached to the canvas, which protects the premises from the penetration of intruders.

Currently, manufacturers are constantly improving the design, so that the doors are becoming more and more impregnable.Some models use a double adjustable box. This opens up opportunities. For example, the installation of entrance doors occurs in such a way that they are flush with the wall.

Do not ignore the various innovative developments. These include the locking restriction of opening, working automatically, the mechanism of the porch. For example, with regard to the latter, it provides the most tight fit of the door to the box. The mechanism works automatically, independently regulates the force of the clamp. But the tighter the door adjoins, the higher the insulating properties.

Door insulation

Above, it has already been casually mentioned how insulated entrance doors are made. Material that increases the heat and sound insulation, is placed in the voids between the ribs. Depending on the cost of the door, can be used foam, glass wool, and in the most inexpensive models - sawdust. According to experts, foamed polyurethane is considered the highest quality insulation. Its manufacturers are used for premium quality doors. The properties of this material are excellent.One centimeter of polyurethane provides the same thermal insulation properties as 30 cm brick masonry.

Doors are sealed in three ways. The most common are single and dual circuit. Much less often three-circuit consolidation meets. If we turn to specialists for clarification, they will say that the latter is most often used only at the request of the client, since it is no longer a necessity.

When choosing doors it is important to understand that you cannot save on the quality of seals. And it's not even the level of insulation properties. The main thing is that these materials are non-toxic and fire-resistant.entrance doors to the apartment

Front door trim

Currently, door manufacturers are trying to pay attention not only to the quality and reliability of the design, but also to the design. The last criterion for the buyer is important. This is what led to the fact that the shops have a variety of models that differ not only in color but also in decorative elements. For the latter mainly used upholstery.

  • For suburban home options with anti-vandal coating.This coating is quite resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. You can be sure that even with great effort, it is difficult to scratch such entrance doors.
  • MDF panels, lining, plastic lining perform only a decorative function. It is worth noting that these models look amazing. Many buyers prefer them because they emphasize and emphasize individuality.
  • Natural wood is also sheathed metal doors. This option is the most expensive compared to the above, but it looks majestically outwardly. You can also highlight another drawback of this design - a significant increase in weight. This is especially felt if the same lining is used on both sides.
  • And finally, the cheapest option - artificial leather or vinyl. In most cases, used for finishing wooden doors. Outwardly it looks good, but even at the slightest load it is easily damaged.

entrance doors to the house

Choosing a lock for entrance doors

Any entrance doors to a house or apartment cannot provide 100 percent protection without a properly selected lock.Currently, manufacturers offer different models. The simplest and cheapest are cylinder. They have a low level of secrecy, so they will not be a serious problem for an attacker. Level locks pretty good quality. According to users, they are able to withstand any load, but for the bastard-intellectual to open his work will not be. Modern developments and technologies have not bypassed this sphere as well. Locks are being sold for which keys are not used. In order to open it, you need to scan a fingerprint or enter a password. They are considered the highest quality and impregnable for thieves, but they are very expensive. installation of entrance doors

Issue price

Of course, prices for good entrance doors are high. It is necessary to understand that you have to pay for quality. For those models that meet the 3-4 class burglary and have a noble finish, the cost starts from 60 thousand rubles. Standard doors of well-known manufacturers with average characteristics will cost the buyer approximately 30-35 thousand rubles. Recently, the market has been flooded with low-end Chinese models.Their prices are very low (within 10-15 thousand rubles), but the quality is low. The metal sheets in these doors are so thin that you can even damage them with a can opener.

Important point

Installation of metal entrance doors is done in such a way that the canvas opens outwards. This is done in order to increase the level of resistance from hacking. But such a construction can harm the neighbors. Before installation, it is important to obtain permission from them, otherwise they may call for EMERCOM employees, who have the right not only to issue a fine, but also dismantle the door.


Quality entrance doors with MDF panels or other plating, of course, will be expensive, but they can not be saved. It is important to pay attention to all the elements - the box, sheet thickness, filler, locks and so on. You should not buy cheap models, as they cannot guarantee the safety of your property.

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