Bicycles Stark: reviews, review, features

Bicycles are still popular today. Many variants of such goods are being produced. Stark bicycles are in demand in Russia. According to reviews, this company produces not only cheap, but also reliable bikes. Read more about them in the article.

About the company

What is the success of Stark bikes? The company's products are produced through the joint work of Russian and German engineers. And the production itself is carried out in Taiwan. The company produces the following types of transport:

  1. City, pleasure.
  2. Highway
  3. Mountain.
  4. Female
  5. Children's.
  6. Teenage.
  7. BMX.
  8. Folding.

stark bikes reviews

The main focus of the company is the creation of low-cost but high-quality Stark bikes. User reviews indicate the reliability of products of this company, they are suitable for constant driving. Transport is widespread not only in Russia, but also in the CIS.

The most popular models are 2-wheeled vehicles for extreme sports.Thanks to the affordable price, lovers of sharp impressions can get a reliable and high-quality bicycle. There are also suitable options for lovers of quiet walks. Children's bicycles Stark are created taking into account physiological features of the child, therefore will be comfortable.


For products to be popular with users, it is necessary that they be of high quality. Today, modern technologies are involved in its production. During the manufacture of bicycles are used:

  1. Aluminum alloys 6066 and 6061.
  2. 12K carbon.
  3. Double butting.
  4. Steering glass of large diameter.

These alloys are considered common among budget products. Depending on the price of the bike and its purpose, the frame material may vary. For the manufacture of the best products used carbon.

bike stark indy

Double butting is called technology, which is used in the manufacture of bikes popular companies. Hollow frame inside. The technology is that parts with large loads will have thicker parts. Then the transport becomes stronger.

Due to the increase in the steering glass provided a large welded area. The glass itself is fixed to the frame.But it should be assumed that the plug does not fit the steering glass. Their dimensions are adjusted due to spacer rings. It is for the reliability that Stark bikes are valued. Product reviews are among professionals. In the ride, the transport is comfortable and convenient.

Stark router

This is a mountain bike Stark, having a quality design and affordable price. Transport is perfect for use in the city and beyond. The main features include:

  1. Availability of depreciation.
  2. Steering wheel, steering wheel, the original seat.
  3. Aluminum frame.
  4. Colors - red, blue, orange.
  5. 26 inches - wheel diameter.
  6. Rim bicycle brakes.

Bicycle sizes are suitable for all buyers: 14.5, 16, 18, 20, 22 inches. Thanks to the suspension fork, the driver is protected from strong shocks that are felt when driving on a rough road.


Stark Indy's two-wheeled bike is mountainous. It can be taken for long-distance travel. With the help of a light aluminum frame, it is convenient to handle the transport. Due to the special geometry, the significant diameter of the pipe increases the period of operation.

stark cobra

The Stark Indy bike has the following characteristics:

  1. Aluminum frame.
  2. Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches.
  3. Depreciation.
  4. Rim brakes.
  5. Speed ​​switches.
  6. Sleeve - CT.

Other features include a spring-elastomer plug that overcomes different driving conditions. The model has a gearshift system from the popular brand Shimano. As you can see from the reviews, this model is chosen by many for high-speed and quiet ride.

Stark luna

According to reviews, this type of Stark bike is ideal for women. Transport has a mechanical drive. The frame is made of durable aluminum. The developers have taken care of comfort, creating optimal other parts of the product.

Characteristics include:

  1. Aluminum frame.
  2. The number of speeds 18.
  3. 6 stars in the cassette.
  4. The presence of switches.
  5. Rim brakes.
  6. Depreciation.

According to reviews, transport is convenient for regular exercise and regular walks. With the help of a suspension fork, the blows that occur when driving on a rough road are significantly mitigated. The price of Stark bikes differs depending on the model. The initial figure is about 10 thousand rubles, but there are goods for 19,000 and 28,000 rubles.

Stark outpost

The package of this model includes everything you need for a comfortable ride, both within the city and in nature. Because of the aluminum frame, the transport is very light.The rims are made of durable alloy, they are double, so durable. Included is a step.

bike stark Price

Of the features can be identified:

  1. Aluminum frame.
  2. Double rims.
  3. Wheel diameter - 26 inches.
  4. The presence of wings.
  5. There is a footboard.
  6. 18 cm brake rotors.
  7. 18 speeds.
  8. 6 stars in the cassette.

Due to the universality of the model, transport can be used in different conditions. According to user feedback, this bike is practical and reliable.

Stark chaser

This bike has rims, an effective suspension fork, many speeds, double rims. Transport is suitable for driving through the park, the streets of the city. In its manufacture are used components of famous brands.

children's bike stark

Transport has:

  1. Speed ​​shifter.
  2. Sleeve - CT.
  3. Aluminum frame.
  4. Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches.
  5. Aluminum rims.
  6. Depreciation.
  7. Rim brakes.
  8. Steel steering wheel.
  9. MTV seat.

All components of the bike quality, reliable, so the transport is operated for a long period. At the same time there is no loss of the original characteristics.

Stark cobra disc

This bike is foldable, light weight makes it easy to transport. The model is designed for urban conditions.Although the design is folding, the quality of the bike is not worse than other types of transport.

Of the characteristics of Stark Cobra are:

  1. Aluminum frame.
  2. 21 speeds.
  3. 7 stars in the cassette.
  4. Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches.
  5. The colors are brown and green.
  6. Aluminum rims.
  7. Depreciation.

This bike is lightweight due to the predominance of aluminum. According to customer reviews, this option will be most suitable for beginner athletes.

Indy FS

The two-wheeled bicycle will be suitable for comfortable walks. The model is created for driving on different roads. With the help of an additional rear shock absorber, a soft fit is ensured. Characteristics include:

  1. Aluminum frame.
  2. Availability of depreciation.
  3. Rim brakes.
  4. 21 speeds.
  5. 7 stars in the cassette.
  6. MTV seat.

mountain bikes stark

Due to the special geometry of the frame of aluminum transport will serve for a long time without loss of technical properties. The product is convenient because of the special spring elastomer plug.

Thus, Stark bikes serve as reliable transport. And among the huge range for each person there is the most convenient option. Such transport will provide comfort and ease of travel.

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