Bilateral pneumonia: symptoms, causes, treatment. Bilateral pneumonia in children

Bilateral pneumonia is an acute inflammatory process that takes place in the human lung, and is caused by pathogenic microflora. It is this one that breaks through the immune mechanisms of the body’s defense and is accompanied by damage to the respiratory organs. Today we will find out what the causes and consequences of this disease are, and also find out how to overcome this disease so that there are no complications.bilateral pneumonia

Bilateral pneumonia: a history of illness and danger

The greatest threat is that if the lungs are not properly treated, they are unable to cope with their main function - gas exchange, as a result of which oxygen starvation occurs in the body. And this, in turn, greatly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

When a person is supposedly treated for a cold,but it does not help means expectorant and antipyretic, but he does not go to the doctor for certain reasons, sometimes it is tempting to buy antibiotics on their own on the advice of pharmacists. However, such self-treatment can lead to intestinal dysbiosis, as such strong drugs kill not only pathogenic, but also beneficial microorganisms. Moreover, uncontrolled use of antibiotics can dramatically reduce the protective functions of the body and lead to a chronic course of the disease.bilateral pneumonia in a child

Causes of

Bilateral pneumonia is common in children under the age of 15 years. In adults, this disease is diagnosed very rarely. Many factors lead to this disease, such as:

- bacterial infections;

- weakened protective functions against viruses;

- complications after illness;

- heart failure;

- persistent diseases of the respiratory system (sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma);

- bad ecology;

- overcooling or, on the contrary, overheating.


Bilateral pneumonia has such characteristic features as:

- increase in body temperature above 38 degrees;

- shortness of breath;

- dry cough or sputum;

- the appearance of blue around the lips, at the tips of the fingers;

- hard breathing;

- weakness, lack of appetite.bilateral pneumonia treatment

The first symptom - fever - would seem to be suitable for a normal viral infection. However, in order to recognize bilateral pneumonia, it is necessary to monitor not the thermometer reading, but the duration of the fever. Microbial lung inflammation is characterized by a prolonged finding of body temperature within 39 degrees.

The main sign to pay attention to is dyspnea.

The cough in the first days of the disease may be dry, and as the resolution of acute inflammation resolves, it will become wet.

Bilateral pneumonia, the symptoms of which are stated above, is a dangerous disease. Therefore, if a child has such signs, it is necessary to immediately call a doctor, and not to self-medicate.


Bilateral pneumonia is characterized by certain symptoms that are already familiar to you. However, in order to establish the correct diagnosis and prescription of treatment, the doctor will require additional methods of examination, and these are:

- X-ray of the lungs - it is the basis of diagnosis.

- Analysis of sputum, which is collected when coughing. This study allows to establish the causative agent of this disease.

- General blood analysis.bilateral pneumonia case history


As mentioned above, bilateral pneumonia can have the most dire consequences. Complications of this disease are as follows:

- Inflammation of the membrane covering the organs in the chest (pleura).

- Pulmonary edema.

- Respiratory failure.

- The appearance of an abscess in the lungs.

Adult treatment

Sometimes it is necessary to place a sick person in a hospital. The basis of treatment is antibacterial drugs, which are selected by a doctor. Additionally, the doctor assigns expectorant, antipyretic, antihistamines.

Features of treatment:

1. Strict adherence to bed rest.

2. Human nutrition should be high-calorie.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Vitamin therapy is carried out to strengthen the immunity.

5. At the discretion of the doctor, oxygen inhalations may be prescribed to the patient.

6. When an adult is on the mend, he is credited with conducting special breathing exercises and physiotherapy procedures.

7. After a full recovery, the patient is kept in the clinic at the place of residence for a year, he occasionally takes blood and sputum tests,passes on time fluorography examination.

How to treat bilateral pneumonia in children?

Depending on the severity of the disease, children can be treated both in the hospital and at home. However, such categories of children require mandatory hospitalization:

- newborns;

- weakened babies who have chronic diseases;

- boys and girls with severe and complicated course of the disease;

- children who were prescribed treatment by a local doctor, but it did not bring any results;

- Sick kids who will not be able to provide adequate care at home.bilateral pneumonia effects

If the doctor allows the child to be treated at home, then the parents must strictly follow the following rules:

1. Provide bedside and care for a sick toddler. The baby should lie on the bed with its head raised, half-sitting, so that it does not appear congestion in the lungs.

2. The room in which the child is located should be aired 3-4 times a day, and if the weather permits, then you can keep the window open. Also, do not forget about the daily wet cleaning of the apartment.

3. When the baby's temperature returns to normal, it will need to go out into the fresh air.If this is the cold season of the year, then you can organize walks in the room, that is, warmly dress the child and open the windows wide, so that there is no draft.

4. It is necessary to organize an increased drinking mode crumbs. For this perfect mineral water, weak tea with lemon, fruit drinks, fruit drinks.

5. It is mandatory to prescribe antibiotics among medicines, the course of therapy should be at least 10 days.

6. Along with injections or tablets, it is necessary to give the crumbs preparations that are able to restore the intestinal microflora, and this may be the means "Linex", "Bififormula", "Hilak-forte" and others.

7. Assigned vitamins, expectorant drugs, such as syrup "Bronchipret", "Ascoril".

8. An important method of treatment is to conduct inhalation.

9. When bilateral pneumonia in a child is practically cured, a specialist in the recovery period may prescribe physiotherapy, as well as drugs to increase immunity, for example, “Nucleate sodium” capsules, powder “Pentoxyl”, vitamins A, B and others.

10. Massage - a mandatory item in the treatment of pneumonia. Movement contributes to the smoothing of the lungs, sputum discharge.It is necessary to turn the child over, make him cough up, inflate balloons, blow air out of the straw into the water, blow soap bubbles.

Bilateral pneumonia, the treatment of which is carried out only in a comprehensive manner, will pass without complications if parents promptly contact the doctor and comply with absolutely all of his prescriptions.

Folk ways

Simultaneously with drug therapy, you can use home methods, which will be discussed below.

1. You need to take mustard, which should be applied to the back with a thin layer, then close with a cloth for 1 minute, wipe it off, and then put on a warm sweater, drink lime decoction and lie under a blanket.

2. Honey cakes. It is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of sweet amber, the same amount of mustard and alcohol. Then add flour in such an amount that the mixture thickens slightly. The prepared compress is placed on the back for several to treat bilateral pneumonia

Both of these methods are applicable only to adults. Bilateral pneumonia in a child can also be treated with home methods, in which case a decoction of birch buds and honey, which is done as follows, will be a good remedy:

- Define sweet amber in the amount of 70–80 grams in a small saucepan. Birch buds (100 grams), bought in a pharmacy, also throw in a pot of honey and determine the saucepan for gas. Boil the mixture for 7 minutes, constantly stirring the contents so as not to burn, and then put everything on the sieve. The resulting broth, let the child once a day before bedtime, while the baby should drink this home remedy with plenty of water.


To prevent bilateral pneumonia from affecting either the child or the parents, these rules must be followed:

1. Vaccination. Since pneumonia often occurs after the flu, immunization against this disease is a great way to prevent it.bilateral pneumonia symptoms

2. Washing hands. This infection can also get through dirty fingers, so you need to wash them often with soap and water for 30 seconds to remove harmful microorganisms that can cause pneumonia.

3. Maintaining the resistance of the child's body. This is achieved through healthy nutrition, rest, and regular exercise.

4. For children who are in risk groups (and this, in particular, patients with asthma), a special vaccine has been developed.

5. Immunization of the elderly.For pensioners, who, by the way, can also pick up this disease (and who suffer it hard enough), it is recommended to vaccinate against the main causative agent of the disease - pneumococcus.

6. Smoking - no. Tobacco smoke entering the human body reduces the natural resistance of the bronchi and lungs to respiratory infections. Therefore, quitting smoking will be a good prevention of the occurrence of this dangerous disease.

Now you know that bilateral pneumonia is a very serious disease that cannot be treated on its own, especially when it comes to children. After all, illiterate therapy can even lead to death. Therefore, the most important thing parents should understand is that at the first signs of the disease, it is urgent to call a doctor who can listen to the child, assign additional studies to make an accurate diagnosis, and then prescribe the necessary drugs that can effectively deal with this ailment.

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