Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid

Unfortunately, the biography of Valery Zalkin onthe present day is full of blanks. There is no reliable data on when and where the singer was born. This can not help even the famous omniscient Wikipedia. According to one data, he spent his childhood in the Ukrainian town of Stakhanov, on other - in Donetsk. Only the mother was engaged in the upbringing of the boy (the family was inferior); it is clear that there was no extra money, and Valera could not study at a music school. He began to engage in music as a young man when, after graduation, he moved to Kharkov.

biography valeria zalkinaThe creative biography of Valery Zalkin began withmastering the pianoforte. He independently comprehended all the wisdom of the game on this instrument and created his first group. At that time Valera was treated in the factory dispensary, so the group was recruited from the same factory folks who were keen on music. The name of the staff was not ordinary - "Scoundrels". It was in the early 80's, the guys were driving around the nearest villages with their performances. On one of them the vocalist's voice broke, and Valery began to sing the songs himself.

It did not last very long. Soon the band broke up, but Zalkin was offered to take the place of a bass player in the Kharkov ensemble "Madrigal", performing classical music. But such a biography Valery Zalkin did not suit. Already in the late 80's he began to use various DK, invited musicians and rehearsed his own repertoire - after all, his personal creativity was more interested in him. In 1994 Zalkina heard Kamill Shuvaev (once he was an arranger of Rotar and Dolina), he advised the singer to focus on his own work. Valera followed the advice, recorded a cassette with his works, and soon it was replicated by the company "Posad".

valerie zalkin biographyIn 1996, his songs were heard on the Moscowfirm "Master Sound". They offered the singer a contract, and already in 1997 his first disc was released, which is remembered by an unusual manner of performance. A kind of courtyard pop music with compassionate, full of suffering melodies. Evil tongues claim that only this manner of execution and stood out among all the others Zalkin Valery. Biography of the singer contains information that it was at that time that Valera was at the peak of success. Very popular were such songs as "Autumn", "Lonely branch of lilac" and "Rain of Night". But the firm "Master Sound" soon ceased to untwist it as a performer, popularity slowly began to subside, and in addition the plant on which he had been working all the time closed.

Further biography of Valery Zalkin tells aboutlife in Moscow. He comes to the capital of Russia, unsuccessfully tries to get a job in construction teams, but finds a job as a teacher of children's vocals in one of the Palace of Culture. He was taken there without a musical education only because the salary was too meager, and there were simply no people willing to work there. He also arranges a watchman at one of the recording studios. It was there that he secretly recorded his most popular song "Lonely branch of lilac". The head of the studio did not punish him and even allowed him to record his album at night, which was already awaited with great impatience by the pupils who had already fallen in love with their teacher.

valery zalkin photoIn 1999, based on the children's circle varietysinging group "Dolls for rent" was created. It was the first teenage ensemble in Russia. It includes girls aged 15-16, and Valery Zalkin writes for them (the photo of the group is presented to your attention). The staff very quickly becomes popular, they participate in the TV-6 channel in a musical contest and win. But, perhaps, it was this victory that led to further unpleasant events. There were rumors that the prize in the mentioned contest was intended for another group. Channel TV-6 saw in the song "Dripping Tears" propaganda pedophilia and banned the performance of "Puppet rental" in their broadcasts. Then an anonymous denunciation of Valery Zalkin to the relevant authorities followed. All audio and video materials were seized from him, although that was the end of the matter. Then an attempt was made to poison the singer. But, despite all these dirty tricks, "Dolls rented" gave more than 20 concerts in Germany. The tour around Russia has already begun to prepare. However, unexpectedly for all Zalkin leaves the project. He throws everything and leaves Moscow. Later it became known that the reason for this was the tragic death of his mother. Group "Dolls for rent" without it lasted no more than six months, and no reliable information about the future fate of the singer.

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Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid Biography Valery Zalkin is still unsaid