Black currant juice: recipes

What could be more pleasant in the scorching heat, if not a glass of scorchingly cold fruit juice with pieces of ice? The best of soft drinks is considered to be juice from fresh black currants, cranberries and lingonberries; they are the leaders in the presence of useful substances among all others. Together with the saving coolness, several important vitamins enter the human body: C, B, D and A, each of which is a guarantee of currant juice

To make juice, you do not need any special tricks, lengthy processes or special components, enough berries, water and sugar, as well as very little free time.

What is mors?

Cold drink made from any berries without heat treatment. For comparison: compote is a decoction of berries or fruits, and juice is fresh or frozen berries, crushed and diluted with water. The value of fruit drinks is that they retain the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients contained in fresh berries, while boiled (in compote) their amount decreases in direct proportion to the heat treatment time.blackcurrant juice

Blackcurrant juice is an excellent means for quenching thirst, although you can drink it hot instead of tea or coffee, which, by the way, is done by those who support a healthy lifestyle: vegetarians and raw foodists. Such a drink is excellently charged with vigor, it significantly affects the overall tone of the body and mind, nourishing the person with useful trace elements from the berries.

Who came up with mors?

Many people think that fruit drink is a native Russian, Slavic drink, which was made from wild berries in the Middle Ages. This opinion is due to the fact that the first mention of Morse as a drink is found in the main book on the "proper management of the household" - "Domostroy" (XVI century). In fact, mors was in use before, only the name sounded a little different: “Mursa,” which means “berry water with honey” in Byzantine. It is Byzantium that is the real homeland of Morse, and the Slavs have slightly changed the name of this drink to a more familiar local language. Over time, the principle of cooking slightly changed, but the essence remained: the berry sweetened infusion to quench thirst - this is the modern juice.

A simple blackberry currant juice recipe with honey

For those who are very busy, but want to treat themselves to a tasty drink, there is an extremely simple and quick recipe for which you can use any berries: fresh or frozen. Black currant (200 grams) and a glass of boiling water beaten with a blender, add another half-liter of cold water and 2-3 tablespoons of honey.frozen black currantMix again and strain through a strainer, which is in each kitchen. If not, you can use folded gauze. The resulting juice can be drunk immediately or cooled further by dropping several pieces of ice into it. What could be better in the summer heat than the tartness and sourness of black currant ?!

Frozen berries

This recipe is ideal in the summer heat, when the thermometer thermometer rises above 30 and the body craves cooling? The saving acidity of lemon, which is present in the recipe, will be very useful. To prepare the mors, take the frozen black currant and let it thaw slightly at room temperature, meanwhile we remove the lemon zest with a knife to clean vegetables, while trying not to use white to cook juice

Pour currant berries into the bowl of the blender, send the zest there, sprinkle all with half a cup of sugar and pour a glass of boiling water.Beat the mass with a high-speed blender, add another 800 ml of cold purified water, squeeze the juice out of the lemon into it and beat again. Strain the obtained juice through a sieve to rid the liquid of small particles of berries: pieces of skin, seeds. Then send the prepared juice in the fridge for half an hour to cool.

Blackcurrant Crinkle Juice Recipe

Grind black currant (200 grams) with a blender and wipe the mass through a sieve, set aside the juice, pour the cake and three cups of water and boil, add half a cup of sugar and a good pinch of cinnamon. Sugar, in principle, falls to taste - therefore we act at our discretion. Boil the liquid for five minutes, strain and mix with currant juice. Allow the juice to cool and serve. Such a spicy drink is ideal on frosty evenings, giving the aroma of summer and the slight warming spice of cinnamon, filling the body with pleasant life-giving warmth.

How to cook juice with orange flavor?

Morse is traditionally made from berries, so it will not work out of an orange - it will be more like an orange. But blackcurrant juice with aromatic notes of orange is quite possible.

Required Products:

  • 800 ml of water.
  • Peel and juice of one orange.
  • 5 tbsp.tablespoons of sugar, you can replace two tablespoons of honey.
  • 500 grams of black currant.

Morse is prepared very simply: boil water with zest and sugar, add the berries chopped in a meat grinder or blender. When the liquid has cooled to room temperature, add freshly squeezed orange juice, mix and send to the refrigerator.currant juiceThis juice is very fragrant and refreshing, and also extremely useful for colds, especially if sugar is replaced with honey and served not cold, but still warm. The body will receive a double dose of vitamin C, which significantly affects health. Protected immunity will not miss the harmful virus, so this drink is recommended for weak children: tasty and healthy.

Blackcurrant cake meal

Morse can be prepared not only from whole berries, but also from the cake left after making fresh juice for jelly, sauces. Two drinks from one ingredient - Ebenezer Scrooge himself will envy! Out of every 250 grams of blackcurrant meal, juice from the mors will come to about two and a half liters: we take exactly boiling water, filling it with cake. It is easier to do in a three-liter jar: it is convenient and takes up little space in the refrigerator.fresh blackcurrant juice

In the water to the currant add about ten clean and fresh mint leaves, you can gently rub them in the hands, then the leaves will give the flavor faster. Sugar put to taste: someone loves sugary drinks, but some know what is fraught with sweet for the figure, so they use the minimum amount, or even replace it with honey. We leave black currant juice to infuse for at least an hour and then it can be consumed for its intended purpose, after having filtered the liquid.

Cooking tips

Cake can not be used immediately after squeezing the juice - it can be frozen in small silicone tins and in the winter to take as needed, preparing flavored juice. How to cook juice? Get the cake of frozen cake and pour boiling water, then follow the recipe above.

If you add a couple of sprigs of thyme (into boiling water) to an ordinary black currant juice, the unsurpassed aroma of the drink will conquer your heart, simultaneously stimulating the circulatory system (which is what makes this unique spicy herb).

Morse can be stored in the refrigerator for several days without losing its nutritional properties, so you can cook a few liters at a time, and at the right moment the life-giving moisture is always at hand.

Experimenting with the addition of natural flavors and flavor enhancers, you can create your own unique Morse recipe. Nutmeg, lemon, ginger, tangerine zest or lemon balm - these fragrant plants will be able to diversify the main black currant fruit juice, each time making it new, with a unique bouquet of flavor.

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