Blepharoplasty in Almaty

My upper eyelid hangs heavily, and it visually adds to me at least six years. I would like to blepharoplasty. Please advise a specialist in Almaty who professionally performs such operations.
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Answered on June 17 09:09
Do you need a doctor in Almaty, in the near future, are you not going? Because my mother did there a surgery to tighten the eyelids not so long ago, the result was impressive. So if you suddenly plan a trip to us, write, ask for her contacts.
Marina Yaroshenko
Marina Yaroshenko
Plus, add more, look at the work of S. Abrahamyan. In his insta or in an insta Frau clinics, there his patient was recently shown to have plastic of her eyelids, it turned out very nicely and there are no seams visible at all.
Answered on August 1 20:58, Olga |
Answered on June 17 00:11
Guzel, it seems to me, you need to first consult a few doctors, and then choose the one who will have surgery. Still, this face is not worth the risk and go under the knife to the first doctor that came across.By the way, in Almaty they make blepharoplasty in the clinic of Darus, here is the link.
Answered on June 17 00:42
The author, you only first look for reviews about the doctor who will you do blepharoplasty. Despite the fact that in good clinics do not take doctors with insufficient qualifications, it is better to once again make sure that a professional will work with your face.
Answered on July 23 20:03
I would also consider Moscow for such an operation, yet doctors have more experience there, because demand for plastics in Moscow will be maximum. Look at the work of Prof. Blokhin on the plastic of the eyelids, the more the doctor has been operating for more than 30 years, you can trust such a specialist.

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