Blue eyes and hair color

The eyes reflect the state of the human soul. "Eyes do not lie", they can read thoughts, learn past experience, inner experiences and even determine the mental abilities of a person. In addition, the color of the eyes can determine the nature.

blue eyesBlue eyes are very mysterious and adorable,attractive and mysterious. People with blue eyes are dreamy and romantic, sensitive and vulnerable. They are easy to offend, they take everything to heart. They may become depressed. They are characterized by sharp mood swings and moods. Blue-eyed people are modest and very demanding of themselves. They can boast of perseverance, purposefulness, generosity and conscientiousness. They have a well-developed imagination and rich imagination.

If you have blue eyes, and you decided to change the image by coloring your hair in a different shade, then you need to think through all the subtleties of the new image. Will you get a new shade?

Classical hair color of the owners of bluethe eye is light. The blue-eyed blonde is the dream of many men. But with too light a shade of skin, you can get a cold, unapproachable and faded image. Blue eyes and light blond - this image is perfect for women with skin with a slight swarthy tinge or natural blush.

black hair blue eyesIf you want to have black hair, blue eyeson their background will look very bright and beautiful. This combination is very effective, the exterior acquires a special expressiveness. Such an image is not particularly suitable for girls with a melancholic character warehouse. And one more caution: if you do not have a snow-white smile, then after staining your hair, yellowness of the teeth can be accentuated. To avoid this, you can use less harsh tones or warm shades of black.

The combination of red hair - blue eyes quiteinsidiously. It is important not to make a mistake with the choice of a red tint. For white-skinned blue-eyed beauties, more intense dark (deep) tones will suit, and it is better to give preference to darker, more sunny shades.

Of course, not the least role is played by the choice of make-up. Blue eyes will become brighter if you use shades of contrasting shades - gray, brown, black, lilac, purple, copper, silver, golden, charcoal or dark chocolate. If you use shadows in the make-up that match the color of your eyes, your eyes will look dull.

Contour karadashash for eyes should be darker- so the color of the eyes will appear more intense. Avoid light or color matching eyeliner. Choose dark gray, dark green, dark blue or brown shades.

red hair blue eyesTo make the blue eyes brighter, you can emphasize the inner corner of the eye with a white pearlescent line.

Usually, women with blonde eyes do not have eyelashes.are distinguished by a special blackness. Therefore, in the upper eyelid, they should be carefully painted on all sides. Light, unpainted spots on the eyelashes look rather sloppy and can spoil the whole effect. Painting the back side of the eyelashes requires certain skills. For this, you can use mascara, which gives only the color. And on the other hand, already familiar side, apply any other - volumetric or lengthening. This will not make the hairs too heavy and achieve the most attractive effect.

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