BMW 7 - a choice for the elite

The first "seven" with the body of the E 23 famousThe German concern appeared on the automobile market in 1977. The magnificent model of the representative class came very close to the notion of "perfection on wheels". The 740 was designed for comfort and smooth movement in space. The Bavarian company created just such a car, which consumers waited for from it. It was let out six years, till in 2001 there was no sedan of a representative class BMW 7 which has made worthy competition Audi 48, Mercedes S-Class, Volkswage Phaeton. In 2008, an exclusive presentation of this model took place in Moscow.

bmw 7The BMW 7 Series E38 is a VIP-class, equipped with powerful security systems. It is impeccably subject to the driver, has increased maneuverability and surprising smoothness of the course. The car is equipped with a high-tech engine, up to 445 hp.
All the details of the BMW 7 represent impeccability and technical excellence. It inspires, when stands, fascinates, when moves.
Once inside the BMW 7 salon, you will be subdued by himstylish luxury. Elegant upholstery made of genuine leather successfully blends with the sophistication of the interior, decorated with precious precious woods - an array of matt cherry and dark ash. The original design of the seats visually increases the interior space of the cabin, creating an incomparable atmosphere of luxury.
bmw 7 series e38

Cars BMW 7 - is a unique combination of comfort, which is inherent in a limousine, and the dynamics of a sports car.
BMW 7 ceries E 38 debuted in 1994. His only restyling occurred in 1998. The body of the E-38 in 1999 looks almost like nothing from its predecessor: the rear lights, the trunk lid with the chrome strip, the wings have been updated. If the changes in the exterior can be called cosmetic, then the internal changes are very significant.

Despite the image of the "driver's car", the modelBMW 7 is a pleasure not only to the driver, but also to the passenger who is in the back or front seat. To achieve this, almost everything has been done, from refined equipment to an excellent suspension. I would like to warn you that you should not resort to the prevention and repair of electrical equipment in random services.

bmw 7 2013"Filling" in the car is very difficult. For example, if the xenon headlight has ceased to work, then it is likely that the problem is not in the lamp, but in the control unit. Moreover, not all signaling professionals will take up the installation of the anti-theft system, because many believe that the "native" signal is very powerful.
Updated diesel and refinedgasoline engines, an upgraded suspension, numerous comfort and entertainment systems - this is not the entire list of changes to the magnificent BMW 7-Series sedan of 2013. Compared with the previous model, the car became lower by eight centimeters, which gave it a dynamic, the remaining dimensions remained the same.
In the car of BMW 7 there is everything, about what only candream motorist: a powerful engine and luxury. If a person is willing to pay substantial amounts for repairs and maintenance, then surely the "seven" will give him pleasure.

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