The books of Pavel Rakov have the same scandalousrenowned for its trainings and seminars. They are presented as a path to self-improvement, after which you can achieve the main goal of any woman. And the main goal Paul Rakov considers successful marriage, where in the role of the second half should be provided by the alpha male. In general, it sounds quite trite, and there are a lot of such prints today: "You are a goddess", "Women's happiness", "Bastard's desk book" and others.

books by Pavlo Rakova

But the books of Pavel Rakov differ slightly fromand, admittedly, not for the better. Because the author is slightly veiled, but still offends a part of women and almost all men. You can draw an analogy with the training of Yulia Pecherskaya, where a lady in red called to deny men with incomes up to 50,000 rubles. And Rakov believes that it is necessary to build relationships only with alpha males (big businessmen and managers) and beta males (small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, managers, deputies, etc.). All the others are losers, and if the woman contacted them, then "the fool" herself.

So, who is Pavel Rakov? Books, reviews of seminars, videos from the network - after reading and viewing all the materials about him you do not know what to think: maybe he just himself believes in his ideas or cynically zombies naive ladies with an unsettled personal life.Paul crawfish books

about the author

So, Pavel Rakov. Gemini, because he was born on June 17. A man at the dawn of his strength, since the year of his birth - 1970. Charismatic actor, talented TV presenter, writer, husband and father of two children

Since 2003 engaged in network marketing, since 2005 regularly conducts trainings and seminars on personal growth. In 2011, he founded a training center named after himself, and by 2014 more than 100,000 people have attended the Rakov's courses.

Pavel Rakov: books, TV shows


  1. "Victoria".
  2. "1 + 1".
  3. Author's School.
  4. "The main thing is not to think about the white elephant".
  5. "Where to get strength for success".
  6. "Why I'm smart, but I live like a fool."
  7. "A fool with two higher wants to meet you."
  8. "All women are like women, and I'm a fool for a million."books pavla rakova reviews

There is also an e-book "Bioenergy practices of Pavel Rakov" by Alexei Shalygin.Paul crawfish books reviews

Since 2012 Rakova regularly shown in the television programs of different channels - "Good Morning", "We Say and Show", "Let They Say" and others. In 2014 he was co-host of the talk show "Women's Happiness", in the same year he became the host of the project "My Beautiful ...", where he acted as a kind of "coach for success".

Basic Ideas

So, what does Pavel Rakov want to teach women? The books of this writer bear the same message, so that we can formulate a general impression:

  1. The text is good, compiled correctly and easily readable. It captivates style, and structure (paragraphs, lists, headings) helps to assimilate information perfectly. This is the only plus.
  2. A woman should. Should be slim, with a tight booty, figurehead, should choose a good man, inspire him, empathize, accept him, trust, be a fully developed personality, should be always happy, be able to hold a blow, forgive, etc. It seems that among the billions people there are several such perfect ladies, so apparently the books of Pavel Rakov are created for these unearthly creatures.
  3. If a woman is over 30, she smokes and prefers sports style, rather than dresses and heels, then she does not need any normal man.
  4. Baba should not "have eggs" (this expression is from the book), that is, all the ladies with a successful career, their opinions and other "male" attributes do not like anyone.
  5. Almost all books have a methodology"Swings": women are convinced that by applying the practices of Rakova they will become more successful, they will bathe in money, give birth to healthy children, etc. And vice versa, if you have a loser husband, you are alone or childless, because they have not yet become acquainted with the techniques of the guru.

To be honest, these methods of persuasion are widely practiced by different sects, which makes one wonder.

Books by Pavel Rakov: reviews

If you say that reviews about the books of this writeruniquely bad, it will be a lie. There are many good ones in which the girls tell how much their lives have changed after they have got acquainted with Rakov's books or going to his trainings. But some of them look so, that you doubt their reliability. It is more like an advertising move, and not the most believable. For example, the girls write that the books of Pavel Rakov helped to get: an expensive gift from a beloved man (willingly believe), gratuitous payment of debts for a mortgage (let's say), lose weight (well, not everyone can afford expensive seminars) and, something is wrong with these books)!

There are reviews with average ratings, they put even fans of Rakov. They sincerely believe that at trainings and seminars he is more convincing.

But there are a lot of negative reviews. They are especially numerous from those who personally attended the training sessions or watched the video lessons, but also got the books. Among the comments you can find such assessments as "terrible", "a lot of advertising, zamanuha", "dirt", "a very bad book."

There is an opinion that books are rather banal thanscandalous, and, as a matter of fact, represent a technique of "preselling preparation" of the woman. Someone will really give impetus to self-realization, a certain part of readers it will be interesting, but for most people it makes little sense.

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