Boracay Island (Philippines): Photos, attractions, reviews

The island of Boracay (Philippines) is a primeval nature, plus all the conditions for a modern holiday. Boracay is a small tropical island with excellent beaches and good tourist infrastructure. It is located very close to Panayem - a large island on which Visaya lives - one of the numerous ethnic groups of the Philippines. The islands of Boracay and Panay divide the Tablas Strait.

On this island, as many as 14 beaches. They are famous all over the world, not only in the state of the Philippines. Boracay, reviews of the beaches of which (naturally, favorable) leave even spoiled Hollywood celebrities, will not disappoint the most demanding tourists.

Hotels, recreation and entertainment

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On the island of Boracay are located hotels of the most different price categories. In addition, many local residents rent their homes to vacationers, and for a very modest fee.In general, a person with almost any level of wealth can rest here. First-class spa resorts - another "trick" Boracay. On them you will be able to combine rest with various useful procedures. So, of course, you should visit this island in the Philippines. Boracay will help recuperate and improve health.

Boracay’s nightlife always boils over. A huge number of clubs, bars and restaurants provide entertainment, socializing and food until dawn. In addition, Boracay (Philippines) is a mecca for surfers, divers, lovers of sailing, kiting and snorkeling.

In January, the festival "Ati-Atihan", known for its local flavor, is held in Boracay. On it, native dancers in traditional costumes dance to the accompaniment of various outlandish musical instruments. In general, Boracay is one of the festivals centers of the state of the Philippines. Boracay Island is also rich in other cultural events. For example, there is an annual festival of dishes of national Filipino cuisine, a bikini competition, kite and golf tours, as well as rowing and beach volleyball competitions.

The main transport of the island of Boracay (Philippines) - three-wheeled motorcycles.They are the main type of taxi. Placed for passengers in them are specially equipped large indoor strollers with several seats. On such a vehicle drive very many residents of the state of the Philippines. Boracay is by no means the only place where this exotic transport prevails.

White Beach

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The center of this island is White Beach. Strictly speaking, it is for him that the majority of holidaymakers come to Boracay. This beach is not only a strip of sand, clear water and sky blue, but also a place of rest and entertainment. It is divided into three sectors. Sector 1 (station 1) is the most northern part of the beach with a very wide coast. This is where the most fashionable hotels and resorts of the island of Boracay (Philippines) are located. Prices for rooms in them naturally bite. Sector 2 is the commercial and geographical center of White Beach. It is the center of commerce and entertainment on the island. This is where vacationers do their shopping, eating, having fun and making pleasant contacts. Naturally, this part of White Beach is the most lively and noisy. It is not suitable for those seeking romance and solitude. Sector 3 - the most southern part of the white beach.It is less “habitable”, and the prices are there at all the lowest. Sector 3 is most suitable for thrifty people and romantic natures.

Puca Beach

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It represents a strip of sand that stretches along the northern edge of the island of Boracay. Puka, undoubtedly, likes the romantic nature, because it is relatively deserted. It is on this beach that the natives collect the famous spiral seashells from which the decorations are made. So be prepared for the fact that the sand on it is not as soft as on White Beach, and worse suited for sunbathing. However, walking on it is a pleasure. In the forest, near this beach, you will meet small good-natured monkeys and other absolutely harmless forest dwellers.

Beaches Balingai (Baling Hai Beach) and Bulabog (Bulabog Beach)

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Balingai Beach is located in the cove. On it you can swim, scuba diving and just indulge in relaxation in a calm serene atmosphere. The restaurant, which is located on the top of a cliff next to this beach, offers fantastic views.

Bulabog Beach is the second largest after White Beach. The wind and sea on this beach are great for kaytig, surfing and windsurfing, so it is not surprising that it is always filled with lovers of these active types of recreation.

Flying Fox Cave (Bat Cave)

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It is located in the western part of the island and is home to small insectivorous fox bats that dart in its vicinity after sunset. Local guides for a small fee lead trips there. The cave is located on the western end of the island. First you need to get to it by a dirt road. Then tourists expect a small trip through the forest. Finally, they will be at the cave entrance. It is covered with boulders, which makes it difficult to enter it. However, the effort expended is worth it. The ceiling of the cave is covered with a large number of small stalactites. This place is chosen by naturalists, photographers and adventurers. An ordinary tourist, with the help of a conductor, can go down into its bowels and to the accompaniment of a squeak of flying foxes swim in an underground lake.

Mount Luho and the dead forest

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Mount Luho is the highest point of Boracay (more than 100 meters above sea level). It has an observation deck with a stunning view of the east coast of the island. Also on this mountain there are several hotels.

The mysterious dead forest is dead tree trunks sticking out of stagnant water, which is a rather intriguing picture, imbued with the spirit of the otherworld.At the sight of this forest, old creepy stories about ghosts, wood goblins and werewolves come to mind. Aborigines believe that in the full moon in this forest various supernatural things are happening.

Crocodile (Crocodile Island) and Crystal Islands (Crystal Cove)

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The crocodile island is separated from Boracay by a small sea strip. It is famous for the fabulous coral garden that is under water. It preserved in its original form rich marine flora and fauna. The best place for divers is hard to find.

Crystal Island is also very close to Boracay. On it, scuba divers will be able to do an exciting exploration of the depths of the underground lakes that are in his caves.

Guest reviews and prices

Many tourists associate with just two words a wonderful holiday - the Philippines, Boracay. Fly there (from Moscow and with several transfers) can be about 2000 dollars. Many travelers like the great beaches of this island. However, some tourists are not very pleased with the fact that Boracay was "occupied" by club party people and fans of extreme rest (divers and especially kite surfers). True, many people like to watch the lovers of kiting. Hotel prices are very different.On not the best parts of the island, you can find a place in a hotel for $ 60 per night. In parts better (for example, 1 sector (station) White Beach) rest will cost 150-200 dollars.

Travelers love the islands of the state of the Philippines. Boracay Island, for example. This place is suitable first of all beach haunts. Tourists note that there are many affordable hotels. However, local cuisine raises questions. She is an amateur. True, the price of it is not very high. For example, a good dinner for two with seafood, juice and beer will cost $ 15. A weekly cultural program and souvenirs will cost no more than 50-100 dollars.

Travelers like the Philippines. They like to visit the islands of Boracay, Panay and others, and then come back here again. They like clean beaches, clear water of the sea and peaceful atmosphere. True, many sea water on the coast seems cool. Travelers love to enjoy beautiful sunsets on the island, when the sky gets a charming orange-purple hue, and local boys build sandcastles along the embankment. Hotel staff is quite diligent.This is celebrated by many vacationers. The locals are friendly and always ready to help.

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