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How nice to wake up in the morning from the smell of freshly toasted bread. According to many people, toast is the perfect complement to a full breakfast. Some prefer to use them with sausage and cheese, others - with butter and jam. But these crunchy slices of bread do not leave anyone indifferent. And in order to make breakfast really perfect, it is important to choose a good toaster in advance.

It's no secret that the best household appliances are made in Germany. Therefore, for all who choose the device for the century, the ideal trademark "Bosch". Toasters from the global brand are represented by a wide range of models. Review and characterization of the best models present in our article.

Brand history

The founding year of the Bosch company is considered to be 1886, when the German Robert Bosch opened a mechanics and electronics workshop in Stuttgart. The success of the event was not long in coming, and already in 1897 Robert Bosch and his colleague equipped the De Dion-Bouton tricycle with an ignition device.The following year, the first sales office was opened outside Germany - in the UK. Later, in the 30s of the 20th century, the production of heating systems for gas heating and the production of power tools were launched.

Since 1933, the company began to produce refrigerators. And it was a new major revolution in the development of the brand. The company did not stop building up its potential and after a few years it turned into one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in the world. It is important that, regardless of the type of product, the quality of products always remains at the highest level.

How to choose a good toaster?

Toaster is one of the most popular appliances in the kitchen. It is bought both for itself and as a gift. Usually it is chosen on the basis of price and appearance. However, there are more important selection criteria. These include:

bosh toaster

  • The maximum thickness of a slice of bread - in Bosch toasters, you can fry bread sliced ​​3 cm thick.
  • Automatic centering of toasts - thanks to this feature, even a thin slice will be held upright and roasted evenly. In the absence of this function, bread thinner than the maximum thickness will surely burn.
  • Extra-rise toast - the presence of this function indicates that the device is equipped with a special lever for lifting toasts. Thanks to this mechanism, toasts rise well and are easily removed by hands from the device.
  • The number of frying modes - allows the buyer to choose the color of the crust, which he would like to see on the toast.

Toaster "Bosch TAT 6104": review and characteristics of the model

Stylish and modern toaster of bright red glossy plastic is of high build quality and high functionality. In less than a minute he will need to roast the bread until golden brown. In addition, the degree of toasting can be selected independently using a convenient mechanical timer. The case of the model is made of thermally insulated plastic. The manufacturer provides the function of automatic centering, which ensures uniform bread roasting.

toaster bosch 6104

Toaster "Bosch 6104" is equipped with functions of express-raising toasts and automatic shutdown in case bread is stuck in a toaster, which is a great advantage from the point of view of fire safety.The power of the device is 900 W and it is designed to cook two toasts at the same time. The package includes a tray for crumbs and a grill for heating buns.

How to use the toaster "Bosch 6104"?

There is nothing new in using the Bosch toaster compared to other appliances of the same type. However, to deal with the functionality of a particular model in the configuration, a separate instruction is offered.

Toaster "Bosch" to prepare toasts involves the following sequence of actions:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to turn on the device into the power grid and, using a timer, set the required degree of toasting of bread from 1 to 6. To obtain a brown-golden crust, the average degree of toasting is set to 3-4.
  2. Prepare pieces of bread for toast. In the presented model of the toaster, quite large pieces up to 12 cm long and 3 cm wide are placed.
  3. With the help of a lever located on the side of the device, it is necessary to lower the bread between the heating elements.
  4. At the same time, make sure that the red light comes on in front.
  5. It takes less than a minute for the bread to roast.After a specified time, the toaster will signal readiness with a characteristic click.

toaster bosh tat

When operating the toaster, several points should be considered. First, setting the degree of toasting toast, you need to take into account that for one piece of bread it is enough to choose a value of 1-2, whereas for two slices you need to set the timer to the number 3 or 4. Secondly, to warm up buns on the grill, the degree of toasting It is also installed at 1-2, and you can refresh no more than two products at a time.

Reviews of the toaster model 6104

Almost 95% of buyers were satisfied with the work of the toaster of the presented model. They note the high build quality and good functionality with which the Bosch toaster is equipped. Customer feedback on the operation of the device are as follows:

  • the device has an attractive appearance and stylish design, such a toaster can easily fit into any interior;
  • does not require special care, due to the presence of a tray for crumbs;
  • the toaster perfectly copes with the functions of toasting, drying and heating the bread;
  • good taste of cooked toasts.

toaster bosch reviews

Buyers consider the disadvantage of the toaster to be too high and explain this overpayment for the brand.

Review of the toaster "Bosch TAT 6101"

Stylish white glossy plastic adds some sophistication to the appearance of the device. Any interior will benefit from such an acquisition. But the beautiful design is not the main advantage of the device "Bosch". The toaster is not inferior in its functionality to the popular model TAT 6104.

instruction toaster bosch

The manufacturer of the device provides automatic centering, heating and defrosting bread. To set the degree of roasting, a timer with graduations from 1 to 6 is used. The toaster is 900 watts of power. Completion of devices is similar: grill for heating, tray for crumbs.

Toaster "Bosch 6901": review and characteristics

The body of the toaster model TAT 6901 is made of thermally insulated metals and has a steel color. With this device you can achieve even roasting of bread from all sides, thanks to the automatic centering function. To warm frozen bread or buns, to dry or toast a toast in just a minute - all this allows you to make a device from the German company "Bosch".

bosch toaster repair

The toaster is equipped with additional functions, such as canceling the program, in the event that the slice is fried much earlier in time than provided by the mode, and automatic shutdown if the bread is stuck.Power device is 900 watts.

Characteristic model TAT 8611

The presented model is one of the last in the line of Bosch toasters. It is radically different from other models not only in appearance, but also in the type of heating elements. The case of white color is made of metal. The shape of the toaster is a rectangle, and the control panel of the device is located on the top, and not in the front, as in other Bosch models.

how to use a toaster bosh

The toaster provides especially high-quality toasting of bread at the expense of the quartz heater. The "stop" button on the control panel has an additional backlight. The rest of the device have similar functions in comparison with other models.

Repair toaster at home

Toaster refers to the simplest kitchen appliances. In order for him to start working, it is enough to set a timer program and drop the bread into it. But even in such a simple device something can break. As a rule, such breakages are minor and can be fixed at home.

Repair of the Bosch toaster is often required due to the fact that the crumbs fall into the compartment with electric heating elements.To eliminate the problem, it will be enough just to disassemble the device and clean it well inside. To do this, unscrew the screws under the rubber feet.

Magnets are another cause of breakage. In this case, you will have to look for the cause of the fault in the timer, which is also a printed circuit board. To repair the toaster in this case, you will need to contact a specialist who understands the chips and resistors.

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