Botanical Garden (VDNH) in Moscow

The Botanical Garden (VDNH) is one of the mostlarge sites of this type in Europe, has a rich collection of vegetation in a closed and open ground. It grows 17 thousand varieties and species. Many interesting things you can learn about this place further from the article.


The Botanical Garden (VDNH) was founded in 1945. This is a wonderful area of ​​330 hectares. One of three Moscow places of this type. The oldest of them was founded in 1706 by decree of Peter I, who planned that there will be a raw material base for the production of medicines.

Also a beautiful place is the area near Moscow State University, located near Vorobyovy Gory. The largest such institution was opened in 1945 in Ostankino Park.

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The first task entrusted to the botanical garden(VDNKh), - to preserve the diversity of biological species. Here you can find 2 thousand arboreal and artisan types that were collected all over the world. There is a wonderful exhibition called "Rosary", a stunning "Garden of Coastal Plants", as well as an interesting "Shadow Garden". There are decorative and floral views.

The territory of the greenhouse is full of interestingrepresentatives of the tropics, which number more than 6 thousand. The Botanical Garden (VDNH) has a huge territory. By the time of the start of the operation, he had an area of ​​360 hectares. If we compare with Monaco, then this is twice as much.

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Freedom and freedom

It looks like a large park botanical garden (VDNH). Photos can give an opportunity to comprehend the incredible beauty of these places. There are no strict rules of behavior and tablets, only a couple of warnings, which, incidentally, people come around and still sit on the grass.

Also, many people like to sunbathe here,roller skating, cycling. In the garden is very good rest. Thanks to the collection of unusual plants, there is a much more beautiful environment than in an ordinary park complex. People who are more focused on acquiring knowledge than on a pleasant vacation can be invited to go to the Aptekarsky garden, which adorns the Prospect Mira.

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This is the largest place of such importance, whereyou can completely relax, enjoy walking or cycling, and also acquire knowledge about new interesting plants. In Europe, this garden has virtually no analogues.

You can join the excursion group, where youprovide useful information, or independently travel through the territory. You will find the mysterious density of the forest, where they feed the protein and rest at small ponds.

In our time, there is an increasing scarcity offresh air, but here you can saturate your brain with oxygen properly. The only thing that is required of you is not to litter or damage the plants. After all, you, for sure, want to come here tomorrow and many more times. So you need to cherish this undoubted value.

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Curious details

There is one feature that visitors are worthkeep in mind and do not forget. Not everyone can immediately find an entrance here. And there are actually two of them: from VDNKh and from the metro station "Vladykino". It's better to arm yourself with a card, since it's pretty easy to get lost. Many presumptuously believe that they orient themselves on the spot, leaving the station "Botanical Garden", but it does not work.

Due to the lack of pointers, it's hard not onlyget here, but also get out of the garden. There is a feeling that the most favorable conditions have been created for less people to come and interfere with nature to live in the way that is customary for it. It's quite easy to get lost here, so a detailed guide to moving will be very handy. So it is quite conscious to go to the botanical garden (VDNH). How to get to you can tell and someone from the local residents, each of which, for sure, at least once here.

If you overcome these difficulties, before youan amazing spectacle of wildlife will open. Walking here, you will feel that you have become a visitor to a nice forest park, a mysterious wild forest, a cozy and wonderful garden in which fruit trees grow abundantly. You can play with cute little squirrels. Forest birds living here are also not very shy, so maybe you'll even be able to feed them.

Important details

A wonderful place for recreation is botanicalgarden (VDNH). Address: Moscow, st. Botanical, 4. You can pre-order an excursion or ask a question interesting you. Buses can be brought here under numbers 803, 24 and 85, as well as trolleybuses 73, 9 and 36.

botanical gardenWhen was the botanical garden (VDNKh) opened?The opening hours of this wonderful place are different for the warm and cold seasons. So from 15.02 to 15.09 you can come at 11 am, and leave before 7 pm. In other times, stay here should be limited to 11:00 to 17:00. You can visit the garden on all days, except for Monday, which made a weekend.

In addition, there are tremendous expositions,such as the "Japanese Garden", which can be accessed from April 25 to August 31 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 to 18 hours, on weekends from 12 to 20. From early to mid-autumn, it runs from 12 to 18 hours, rest - Monday and Thursday. The standard ticket price is 250 rubles, students can pass for 200 rubles., And students and pensioners - for 150 rubles.

Sometimes you need to get out on the nature to breatheair and let yourself rest, abstract from the bustle and running around in the city, calm down and enjoy the silence. Thanks to such places it becomes possible.

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