Brands are what? Famous world brands

The notion of "brand" can often be found, itsuse in relation to the goods, to enterprises or companies. In general, this word is multi-valued. There is no exact definition. Briefly, choosing synonyms, we can say that brands are certain trademarks with a bright name.Brands are

Different definitions of the concept

The legal and patented definition of thisThe concept belongs to one of the American marketing associations. According to this definition, brands are names, symbols or a set of these categories that are necessary to identify one of the goods among other goods of the same kind. Many of the marketers believe that the brand does not exist in an objective reality. And that it is created not by the producer of one or another good, but by the consciousness of the consumer, that is, this representation of the target audience about the product of the manufacturer. It is difficult to disagree with this. After all, with one mention of a brand in the head immediately there is a certain associative series.

Thus, all definitions of the term "brand" can be combined into two categories:

1. A brand is a brand with its logo-symbol, a loud name, a certain reputation.

2. These are impressions and associations that arise in the head of the consumer at the sight of the logo or the name of a particular company.

There is also the notion of a "global brand", which means products of a certain brand, known throughout the world.

What does the brand consist of?

1. Attributes are a set of properties. Most often, manufacturers focus on quality.

2. Culture and values. Any firm has its own charter, its goals, its mottoes.

3. Target audience. To properly "untwist" your product, you need to know exactly who it is intended for.

4. Individuality is what distinguishes a commodity from others.

Why branding?

Branding is the promotion of your brand. And its main goal is advertising. Naturally, when a firm creates a good name for itself, it will prove itself, the sales volume will increase. But for promotion you need powerful channels. First, you should take care of the safety of your product, its logo, avoid similarity with others, make sure that copies do not appear. Secondly, the brand should be memorable, so that advertising is not in vain.

The most famous brands

Brands exist in each of the spheres of trade, ineach category of goods. For example, the most famous companies in the field of computer technology - Apple, Google, etc. Of course, everyone knows them. But still we are used to the fact that first of all the word "brand" is applied to clothes, cosmetics, footwear. Also very popular are brand bags, such as, for example, Gucci, Ferragamo, Valentino.
Brands of bags


It is a world-famous company. Undoubtedly, bags and perfumes bearing this name are most popular. The history of the brand goes back to 1906, when the company started producing genuine leather goods. In 1947, at one of the shows, the first handbag with bamboo handles was presented, which was a real breakthrough.
World brand


The firm received the names in honor of itsfounder, an outstanding Italian designer. The main goal of the company is to create a functional bag that can accommodate all the necessary things. But at the same time it should have one important feature - stylish design and beautiful design. Now the company produces not only bags, but also other accessories made of leather.


It is a world brand, famous for its luxurious clothes and bags. Valentino Garavani focuses primarily on elegance, style and elegance.

Bottega Veneta

Under this name is hidden a fashion house, workingwith bags for about a century. The brand became especially popular thanks to the director Thomas Mayer. As soon as he took office, he made a change. His new bag, woven from individual leather bands, made a real sensation. Wear such an accessory can only be a real fashionista.

The name is also very important when choosing cosmetics. Cosmetically, women are interested. They are worried about their beauty, so it is important that the acquired product is a well-known brand, then there is confidence in its quality and effectiveness.

The most famous cosmetics brands are Bourjois,L'Oreal Paris, Yves Rocher, Mary Kay, Dior, Chanel. To list all the famous cosmetic brands is simply impossible. In each country there are representatives. Some of the brands represent natural cosmetics, some are professional. Most often people choose what they already know, tried it. Of course, French brands are very popular, while in the field of clothing and bags first place is held by Italian brands.

Yves Rocher

The company has announced itself recently and from the firstthe same days became popular. Cosmetics Yves Rocher is organic, as it contains a large number of natural ingredients. It is convenient that you can buy products of the firm not only in the store, but also in the catalog. This company operates in the middle price segment.

L'Oreal Paris

It is considered to be the number one brand in the world. Products "Loreal" is distributed in more than 150 countries. It is known and in demand due to its quality, stylish design. At the same time, the price for products is not so high. "Loreal" produces products for facial skin care, hair, decorative cosmetics.


This is a brand that is in the same price group ascosmetics "Loreal". Bourjois specializes mainly in decorative cosmetics for the lips, eyes and nails. But the choice of colors, effects is simply mesmerizing.Brands of cosmetics

Among the Russian cosmetics brands isnote the concern "Kalina", which specializes in the production of skin care products. "Kalina" are such brands as "One hundred recipes of beauty", "Clean line", "Velvet hands", "Black pearls". Unfortunately, the Russian cosmetic industry has not reached great heights, and there are no world-famous brands in our country yet.

Symbolism of brands

Each brand should have its own slogan -short, capacious phrase, expressing the essence of the company. For example, the firm Loreal has a familiar slogan "You deserve it". Also very memorable are the logos of brands. Some have a specially written company name, others have their own symbol.

Of course, everyone knows the logo of the sportsclothing Nike. It is related to the name of the company, because it is a schematic depiction of the wing of the goddess of victory, Nicky. Initially, this wing slightly overlapped the inscription, then the name of the company began to be signed from above, and now this is not required at all. Each of the logos has its own story, which is interesting to know.

Brand History


The well-known nadkusannoe apple appeared notimmediately. Initially, Ronald Wayne developed a logo on which was depicted Isaac Newton under the apple tree. Steve Jobs felt that this symbol does not contribute to the sale of products, and turned to an advertising agency, where he was offered a new sign. At first the apple was colorful, then it was transformed.


This is the leader in the number of logos. The logo of the company has undergone changes more than 10 times. Only the presence of red color remained unchanged, as well as the inscriptions "Pepsi". The firm clearly follows the trends and tries to keep up with the trends of the times. The logo is becoming laconic, brighter and more dynamic.


Very interesting logo of this brand. It shows the head of the Medusa of the Gorgon. The designer considered that this mythical creature possessed special hypnotic charms. Perhaps, the ideal option for a company that produces clothes, bags and perfumes.


Any woman can easily imaginethe logo of this famous brand. Two letters C in mirror image. It was invented long ago and remains unchanged. He denotes the first letters of the name and surname of the founder - Coco Chanel.Top brands

Brand Gucci

Like the logo of the above brand, itis the first two letters of the name and surname of the founder - Guccio Gucci. True, the logo has a dual meaning. In the early 20th century, the company produced leather products for jockeys and two letters G on the logo resemble stirrups.


The symbol of the brand is embroidered or paintedcrocodile. Alligator from Lacoste can be seen on the most diverse things: T-shirts, bags, sneakers, trousers, perfumes and even cars. In addition, the crocodile decorates more than two thousand branded stores around the world. The brand was launched in the 1920s. Tennis player René Lacoste returned the former tennis force to French tennis, and at the same time opened a terrific sportswear company, which to this day pleases the fans. Why the crocodile? The thing is that Rene Lacoste had a very peculiar manner of play. To people from the outside, his position resembled a crocodile stand preparing for an attack. In addition, he once betted with one American athlete on a suitcase made of crocodile skin. René Lacoste was nicknamed "Crocodile". His friend painted the crocodile emblem, which was applied to Rene's clothes. And after leaving the big sport, Lacoste began to build his company, expanding it from a textile factory to an unthinkable scale.Brand logos


The very first logo of the company - three strips - wasIt was invented by the founder of the brand Adi Dasler. After the company began to expand, and in the range there were not only sneakers, but also sportswear, it became necessary to change the logo. Then on the clothes of the company ADidas began to showcase a shamrock with three stripes at the bottom, which symbolizes the diversity of the products. Already at the end of the 20th century the company came up with a logo from three strips forming a mountain. The mountain is the tasks and goals of the company to which it is moving.

Brand rating

Brands are not just famous companies. It's an industry. Every year, lists are drawn up, ratings for which the struggle is fought by firms. In 2014, the leader is the Apple brand, followed by Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google and others (according to Forbes magazine). The best brands in the world are determined by the level of sales and annual income. The release of the most diverse products - what many brands are engaged in is an attempt to reach a new level of development, to gain great popularity and to win a higher level in the rating.

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