Breath for weight loss

The ideal figure is what dreams ofmost women from all over the world. Of course, if you need to throw off a couple of kilograms before the holidays, then here the diet will be right. However, if you want to lose weight for a long time, then you need a whole package of measures that will allow you to acquire a stunning figure without harming your health. Combine reasonable nutrition, exercise and special care aids. In addition, to make the process of weight loss even faster and more effective will help you breathe for weight loss.

Such an unusual helper method will help younot only to become slim, but also to improve overall health, improve the mental state, will have a beneficial effect on the mood. You can restore the correct metabolism, stabilize the work of all internal organs. Various breathing systems have been practiced since ancient times. Our ancestors knew that breathing helps to improve the functioning of the body, and developed a variety of complexes that are vividly reflected in yoga, meditation techniques. Let us dwell on the most easy and simple methods of this effective way to lose weight.

If you decide to use breathing forlosing weight, you need to know some simple rules. Immediately stop the activity if you feel unwell. Make the breath for weight loss easy, try to hold it as much as possible, when it is required.

1st and easiest exercise

So-called breathing exercises for weight lossby the principle of a triangle are often used in yoga. You need to inhale into four accounts, detain him, again, into four accounts, to exhale into account four. Exhalation should occur with a slight increase, involving the work of the muscles of the press. You can also try to breathe for weight loss by the principle of a square. It is necessary to perform similar actions, but breathing is delayed not only by inhalation, but also by exhalation. All the steps of the exercise also pass into four accounts. You only need to spend 4-5 cycles of this technique, do not extend the time. Exercise is carried out 3-4 times a day. You can use this technique to raise your mood, to relax and soothe.

2nd exercise Jiangfei

Such a breathing system for weight loss is performed in three stages.

1st stage

Exercise should be performed before meals, sohow it effectively reduces hunger. It is necessary to sit on a chair and connect your legs. Straighten and try to relax as much as possible. Slowly inhale with the chest while drawing in the stomach. Hold your breath. Then exhale with the chest while lifting the stomach. Perform 60 such cycles.

2 nd stage

Sit on a chair and put your feet to the width of your shoulders,then bend them in the knee at a right angle. Put your elbows on your knees, hands must be raised. Squeeze your fist with your left hand, take it with your right hand. Put your fist on the fist. You need to relax as much as possible in this position. Inhale, while straining the muscles of the press. Then exhale, relaxing them. Exercise is done for 15 minutes, after which you need to rub one palm about the other and hold them several times in the face, as if relieving tension. Then open your eyes and stretch with your fists clenched.

3rd stage

The situation is the same as in the second stageexercises. Hands stretch out in front of you. The left hand is put on the right, palms look up. The tip of the tongue should be behind the front teeth. Five minutes you just need to observe your natural breathing. For the next 5 minutes, breathe the same way, relax while you exhale. The next 10 minutes you need to maintain natural breathing and achieve a state of complete relaxation. This is largely a meditation technique. You just need to concentrate on breathing, discarding unnecessary thoughts.

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