Brela, Croatia: description, attractions and reviews

According to representatives of the tourist business, the flow of people who want to relax in Croatia is growing every year. This is understandable: the Croats are very fond of Russians, they are developing and offering their infrastructure. There are excellent conditions for recovery among coniferous forests and mountains, beaches and the Adriatic Sea. Brela in Croatia is known for its unique pines growing directly from the rocks, the picturesque coast of the Makarska Riviera with a walking road stretched for many kilometers.

Resort Description

Brela (Croatia) is a resort settlement in Central Dalmatia, small and calm, not crowded. This is the northernmost corner of the Makarska Riviera of the Adriatic coast.

Seasoned tourists, traveled along and across the whole of Croatia, they say that most of all relict pines grow in Brela. The first thing travelers see when approaching a resort is- these slightly tilted conifers on the rocks. The air smells of the sea and the pines that grow here in the mountains, on the beach and even in the sea.

Brela Croatia

The spurs of the Dinar Alps, whose outlines are clearly visible from the resort, have very dark shades. Hiking ascents are very popular in these places, there are panoramic platforms with a wonderful view. Biokovo mountain with the highest point of Sveti Yura is located here.

Territorially Brela in Croatia is divided into two parts. The first is the Biokovo National Park, and the second is the small settlements of Dona Selo and Soline.

When is it better to go to Brela (Croatia): climate features

The weather here is very mild. The resort is located in the subtropical zone, so seven months a year here is sunny, the air temperature is about +270C. Considering the fact that the beaches of Brela in Croatia are recognized as one of the best in Europe, lovers of sunbathing and swimming come here from May to September. Officially, the season opens already in April and lasts until October, but in the last few months the water temperature is still not comfortable enough.

The hottest time - July and August - is tolerated quite easily due to the cool humid sea air of the Adriatic.

Hotel base

Resort hotels Brela are presented mainly in categories of 3 *, 4 * and apartments. Most of the accommodation facilities are located on the first coastline, and from the rooms through the pines there are gorgeous views of the blue sea. Tourists who want to not only enjoy a beach holiday, but also have fun at night at discos, can choose a hotel closer to the nearby youth resort of Baska Voda.

Hotels Brela Croatia

Hotels in Brela in Croatia are not inferior in terms of comfort to other European hotels. Almost everywhere, quality repairs have been made, the rooms are cozy and bright, equipped with everything necessary for a good rest. There are air conditioners, hair dryers, satellite TV, Wi-Fi.

For example, Bluesun hotel Berulia 4 *, in addition to a comfortable stay, offers its guests an excellent service. On the territory there is a gym, heated water pool, sauna. The team of animators entertains children in the afternoon, evening shows and discos are held.

Apartments Brela Croatia

Apartments Brela (Croatia) are distinguished by spacious rooms, divided into zones: living room, kitchen. Some of the rooms in the aparthotels have work corners to make it possible to combine leisure and urgent business.

The beaches are located across the beautiful promenade from hotels, the distance to them most often does not exceed 100 m.

Than treat our tourist

Culinary specificity of the region - seafood. Croats are predominantly grilled. Together with it they serve vegetables, which are also cooked on an open fire. Sometimes for dear guests in restaurants they arrange the whole show. Before serving, for example, flounders, light candles, solemnly bring in a large plate with a dish, sprinkle it with olive oil, gracefully place bright vegetables around it.

According to a common opinion of travelers from Croatia, the cuisine in all resorts is excellent. In Brela, tourists are served amazing breakfasts with scrambled eggs and crispy buns or pancakes.

Drinks and sweet foods are also presented in a wide variety. Here you should definitely try the local wine and matchless ice cream. There is a lot of fruit in Brela, which can be bought in tents in front of hotels or in the market.

Entertainment industry

The resort is more focused on family holidays. For kids, there is entertainment everywhere, ranging from hotels with playgrounds, swings and slides to the beach, where entire entertainment zones are made for little tourists.

Brela City Croatia

Sea walks by boat or boat are very popular at the resort.Swim mainly to the islands, with a few trips to them. Often such trips are accompanied with a fish tour. The event involves a mandatory dinner with seafood.

There are several nightclubs and bars in the resort where you can sit up and dance until the very morning. In the territory of many hotels there are similar entertainment with live music.

Beaches of Makarska Riviera

This is the main attraction of the region. The beach of Brela in Croatia is distinguished by small white pebbles. It is very clean with clear water. These are not just words, you can often see the Blue Flag on the territory of the beaches near the hotels. The international award was awarded to beaches for impeccable order, weekly cleaning of sand, cleansing the area from the smallest trash. Water purity is also regularly tested. Log in shallow sea - a great place for swimming with children.

Beach Brela Croatia

Punta Rata Beach - the most famous and most visited - stretches for many kilometers along the coast. Pebbles here are shallow enough to walk barefoot without any rubber slippers. The girls claim that after relaxing on the beach, Brela’s heels become tender, like a baby’s.

Umbrellas are almost not found here, they are replaced by pines, which give excellent shade. Transparent shores attract divers to the resort, they also water-ski, windsurfing.

How to brighten up leisure in Brela: attractions

The most favorite tourist destination is the Biokovo Nature Reserve. On a hill near the coast there is a delightful botanical garden with rare flora, caves and canyons. Here grow pines, lavender and more than 1,500 other plants, and further up the hill you can see mountain goats, of which there are many in the park.

Difficult trails on stony-sandy terrain can be overcome not only on foot, but also by bike or horse. Fans of extreme sensations can fly on a paraglider and enjoy the beauty of the Makarska Riviera from a bird's-eye view.

Tourists must be taken to the local landmark - the Christian church of St. Jura of the XVII century, built at an altitude of more than 1200 m above sea level. This small and cozy white-stone chapel can only be walked along the path to the left of which the turnstiles stand for security.

In the resort village or town of Brela in Croatia, you can see the church of St. Virgin Carmen from the beginning of the XVIII century and the temple building of St. Stephen.

Resort Reviews

Holidaymakers who have returned from their holidays in these picturesque places are most admired by nature, fresh air, smelling of tar and the sea, the cleanest beaches of the Adriatic coast.

Brela Croatia reviews

The majority of tourists in the Brela reviews in Croatia note local hospitality. Families vacationing with children were satisfied with the infrastructure of the hotels and the quality of food. On the cuisine of Croatia on blogs and websites write only flattering comments.

The most favorite vacation spot of Russian tourists in Brela is a wide promenade line along the sea coast, paved with white stone. It is said that in the evening it is pleasant to walk with a close person, watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by mountains. A gentle cool breeze is blowing from the sea, all bad things are forgotten and a feeling of harmony with the world around you arises.

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