Britannica - a man's haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo

Style retro finds an increasing number ofadherents, therefore, the British - a male haircut, which was once so popular - again in vogue. Modern design shows its prevalence throughout the world. Most often, such a hairstyle is chosen by confident, young, promising and energetic guys.

History of haircuts

For the first time the British, a man's haircut, sopopular in our time, appeared in the 50-ies of the last century. The main thing that attracts in this hairstyle is an appropriate combination of rebellious spirit and elegance. Appearance while creating a careless, but not losing its aristocracy.

Brit, a haircut for men, which in the beginningconquered the UK, quickly became popular in America and Western Europe. She was considered a breakthrough in the fashion of men's hairstyles. It was an integral part of the image of the dandy.

Britian, haircut for men. How to cut

The rules for haircuts are quite simple. Do it when the hair has reached a medium length. On the back of the head, the hair is cut very short, the length of the bangs is not removed. To create Britons use scissors for filing.

On the nape and temples there is a smooth transition of length from 3 to 9 mm.

Depending on the type of appearance and wishes, you can either do, or do not part.

british men's haircut

Men's haircut is British. To whom does

Not so long ago, this hairstyle was referred more often toyouth style, but after the appearance in the media of photos of celebrities who preferred a haircut, the British became a trend. After all, millions of fans Justin Timberlake and Cristiano Ronaldo hurried to follow the example of their idols.

This hairstyle looks beautiful on tall men who have thick hair of medium length. The image that is created with it will look romantic.

Many specialists in the field of hairdressingskill and image creation say that a British, male haircut, can easily refer to hairstyles, which can be called universal. It is suitable for people with different types of appearance and hair structure. The only condition: choose the type of installation in accordance with the characteristics of appearance.

haircut british men's photo

How to properly arrange hair

Haircut British man, whose photopresented in the article, requires daily styling. This is the only difficulty. The laying itself is quite simple in execution, it will not take more than 7-10 minutes, if there is experience.

In order to give the hair the correct look, you need the means for styling:

  • hair gel;
  • wax;
  • varnish with the effect of fixation.

Daily in the morning after washing the head on still damp hair is applied gel. After that, with the help of a thin comb, the bangs are given the necessary shape.

Those who do not have a lush mane, there is no need to despair: an interesting image, from which will be bewildering, can be obtained using a styler or diffuser.

Laying can be done in three ways, each of which will make it look different:

  • directing long hair and bangs up;
  • combing his head on one side;
  • fixing the hair towards the back of the head.

British haircut masculine how to shear

Varieties of haircut british

Depending on the type of hair, their volume and density, choose the option of haircuts and styling. Distinguish:

  • smooth;
  • with a volume bang.

In the first case, the bangs are combed sideways. The emphasis is on shortening the length of the hair. Another new feature of the season is the use of special means for shine.

For owners of curls more suitable secondoption: when making styling, it is necessary to give a bang a large volume. If earlier this required a constant visit to the hairdressing salons, now the unequal length of the strands allows the hairdressers to do the styling on their own, while achieving the desired result.

What is the difference from a Canadian woman's haircut?

Haircut British man, whose photoare presented below, very similar to the Canadian. These hairstyles differ in that they shorten the hair in the back of the neck: when a Canadian is made, hair is cut with a machine, and the British with a scissors.

british haircuts for men

Haircut British: how to properly dye hair

For those who want to not just have a stylish hairstyle,but also thirsts to evoke the envy of others with his unordinary style, you can try experimenting with color. Due to the fact that the hair is longer at the top of the head, it makes it possible to make them of different shades. Competently chosen colors not only diversify the appearance, but also make the image more effective and harmonious.

It should be remembered that bright, flashy colors do notgive an image of masculinity. While the choice of shades from a single color range, which is close to the natural color of the head of hear, will revitalize the appearance.

men's haircut

Disadvantages of choosing a hairstyle british

Like any other hairstyle, this one has its drawbacks:

  1. Owners of short hair, who decided to make such a haircut, will have to wait until they grow to medium length.
  2. This is a hairstyle that implies short-cropped whiskey, which is not suitable for people who have a very thin face, since it will visually stretch it even more.
  3. Due to the fact that the head of different lengths, muchmore noticeably the contamination of the hair, so you need to wash your head at least once every two days. Although experts recommend doing this daily, so that the strands do not suffer from the influence of the means for styling.
  4. This type of image is not suitable for active people who are constantly on the move and spend a lot of time doing sports.
  5. It is not recommended to choose a Britian for those who are constantly late and suffer from a lack of time in the mornings, as the hairstyle requires daily styling.

Brit, a man's haircut, is so loved bythat is suitable for business style, and for a fun, careless image, which is especially important for harmoniously developed personalities. This allows you to look different depending on the situation.

According to experts, the british (mens haircut) will be at the height of popularity for several more years and even after this time will not lose its adherents.

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Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo Britannica - a mans haircut. How to cut, who fits, photo