Bug on Android “Download failed download?” What to do?

When running some programs on Android, the user may encounter the message “Download failed. This usually happens after installing certain programs (or updating them), rebooting the device does nothing, and how to fix the problem is not presented by the user. In this article I will describe the most common causes of this dysfunction, describe its features, and also tell you how to fix it on your mobile device.

Causes of the problem

In the translation, the error text sounds like "The download failed, because the required resources were not found." Usually, it occurs immediately after the launch of the application (usually a game), but it happens that this error appears after installing the next official update to the program.

Among the causes of the download failed problem are the following:

  • Incorrect version of the program, downloaded from an unreliable source;
  • No internet connection when you first start the program;
  • There is either no incorrect cache for the program, or the cache is placed by the user in the wrong directory;
  • In the phone settings, the ability to install programs from foreign resources is blocked;
  • The Google Apps Services application and the Google Services Framework are disabled (not working properly) in your smartphone.
  • Also, you may experience an error when retrieving data from the DF-DLA-15 server, its correction by reference.

How to fix the error

Accordingly, to correct the error it is worth taking the following steps:

  • Download the “problem” program from a trusted source.first of all from Google Play Market;
  • Make sure that when you first start your programthe device was connected to a stable internet channel, there is a possibility that the program will need to download files necessary for operation from an external source. At the same time, if you do not have the official version, but a mod for the game, then on the contrary, it may require a disabled Internet to launch. Experiment with this;
  • Check the cache placement for the game.in the device’s memory (usually files with the .obb extension) along the path indicated in the instructions for launching the game.If there is no such instruction, look for it in the network yourself. It also happens that the necessary cache for the game is completely absent, then you should find it on the network, download and install it in the correct directory (often with the name Obb);
  • unknown sourcesTurn on the phoneability to install programs from foreign resources(Settings - Security - check the box next to the option “Unknown sources”);
  • Check outwhether the Services application is not disabled on your deviceGooglePlay"AndGoogleServicesFramework, and whether all the latest updates to the first of these applications are installed;
  • Also worth checking outcorrect placement of the game in the phone’s memory. Make sure that you did not change the location of the program files from the internal memory card to the external one (or vice versa).

There may be several reasons for this problem on Android, but statistically the most common errors are with the cache of the required application. The launched program searches its files for the address known to it, does not find them for a number of reasons, and returns the error described above to the user. To get rid of this dysfunction, use the tips given by me, one of them is sure to be effective.

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