"Bull" ZIL 2013 - what's new?

"Bull" ZIL 5301 is a representativelow-tonnage cars of Russian production. The first copy of the "Bull" went off the assembly line in 1996. Since then, the Likhachev plant has been gradually improving this model and every year produces more and more new modifications. Well, let's look at what updates the "Bull" has touched in 2013.


Externally, the ZIL 5301 now looks like this:bull-calf

From the first glance, changes can and do not notice,However, if you take a closer look, ZIL from the new year is produced in a different guise. First of all, updates touched the front part, where, in fact, all the innovations have ended. The grille was redesigned. And, what is most interesting, it was changed not because of the fact that ZIL's design is outdated, but because there is a larger engine under the hood (we'll talk about it at the end of the article). The grille was pushed forward by 35 millimeters, and now it is located slightly above the bumper. It provides three holes with two wide ribs for unimpeded passage of air into the radiator. The bumper is now painted in body color and equipped with a pair of brand new fog lights. The distance between the lattice and the bumper has increased significantly. Little has changed and the hood - have changed their location of the stiffener. Under the headlights of the main light, small turn signals were placed. In general, the design of the car does not cause criticism, however, in comparison with imported models of low-tonnage trucks, the new "Bychok" ZIL lags its time by seven years.

Salonbullhead zil price

Inside, the engineers decided not to change anything. The driver meets all the same double-spoke "steering wheel" and painted in black matte color inserts on the front panel. Interior decoration is very Spartan. If his French analogues are equipped even with electronic helpers, not to mention cupholders, then the "Bull" ZIL of such luxury did not even dream of.

Characteristics (ZIL "Bull" 2013) and design features

For the most part, changes have affected thoseparts that are outwardly invisible. First of all I want to note the updates in the running gear. Recently, the front suspension has been completely revised. Now it has small parabolic springs. The shock absorbers were reinforced, and the stabilizer was removed from the rear. These updates not only reduced the curb weight of the car in question, but also made it more manageable. Together with the removal of the stabilizer, the repair of the suspension was simplified, accordingly, the cost of work also decreased.

characteristic zil gobiesA special attention should be paid to the "Bychok" modelZIL 5301EV. Now, as a power plant, a new diesel engine of Minsk production D-245.9E3-720 with a capacity of 136 horsepower is used here. This unit fully complies with the environmental standard EURO 3. In addition, the car is equipped with a new clutch and ABS system.

Car "Bychok" ZIL: price

Sharp surges in the value of the manufacturer did not. Now the price for the car ZIL 5301 is about 1 million rubles, just like a few years ago.

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