Burglar alarm for the garage: features and reviews of manufacturers

And now, and in the past and in the future, a serious problem is urgent - how to protect oneself from guests who were not invited. Especially those whose hands are trained to endure someone else's good. To hire a caretaker is not affordable for most. Constantly located on the object that requires protection, physically impracticable. Like turn your possessions into a medieval fortress. Especially in the presence of a garage - it is definitely not needed for permanent residence.

One thing remains - to use the brainchild of modernity, and this is a security alarm for the garage. Of course, it will have to shake the wallet, but here the choice is the loss of property or the payment of security.

garage alarm

What does the market offer?

Today, security developments are under way. From ready-made ideas that are usable, except for the insane and unexpected Japanese development,You can choose one of 4: autonomous alarm for the garage (suitable for giving), wired communications, alarm means without wires, in a simple way, GSM, and even alarm control.

The choice of owners of garages is increasingly falling on wireless GSM, leading them further away from wired devices, which, although cheaper, require attention - first of all, a spare power supply if there is no electricity.

burglar alarm for garage

Why does it work

Without certain details that perform a number of functions, the device is useless. Anyway, it includes several devices: visual tracking, a motion sensor, a sound or color signal about penetration, sending an SMS message directly to the number of the garage owner, a remote control for controlling the system, and sometimes the ability to lock the thief at the crime scene and power backup, battery.

Not the entire list is included in every type of device, such as an alarm for a garage; in the simplest configuration, only motion sensors are mandatory. But for them, plenty of options.

Variety of motion detection devices

Here the developers have tried and brought a number of different variations. Here are some:

  • Thermal catchers - infrared sensors, called passive.
  • Beam (as in movies, but without special effects).
  • Radio wave (echolocation).
  • Magnetic (valid when the door is opened).
  • Vibration (placed on the floors, walls; a kind of sensitive "web").
  • Sensors on the windows (raise the alarm when the glass is damaged).
  • Special sensors that read the electromagnetic field of space.
  • Combined - a hodgepodge of all of the above, and even with the recognition of leakage of water or gas.

alarm for garden and garage

Such sensors can be autonomous and report a raid only to the owner, but you can register them with private security agencies, and in the case of an emergency, strict people in uniform and with weapons will arrive at the place. But it's expensive.

For the garage, many of these sensors are not suitable; rather, they are useful as an alarm for the garden and garage. Moreover, they are often energy-intensive. This means that you need to find the alarm sensor for the garage.

Result without energy consumption

Batteries, rechargeable batteries - this is salvation for the car owner. In garage cooperatives and in individual private boxes, electric current is not supplied uninterruptedly. And it is a temptation for robbers.Here are just an alarm for a garage on batteries does not have ample opportunities.

A couple of the most reliable and low-cost systems should be presented that have already received user approval. These are the “Express” and “Dacha 01” alarms.

garage alarm system

The first is good for the older generation also because it is very easy to configure and use; It loudly “screams” when hacked and has a remote control - a key chain that can be attached to the keys and not lost.

The second one works with sharp drops on a thermometer and is not afraid of severe frost, which is very useful for our country. Included is a microphone: you can listen to how frustrated the thief swears.

What is bad and what is good GSM

When considering the original, rather than counterfeit devices, it turns out that a GSM alarm system for the garage is relatively expensive. But its functions are just the most appropriate.

garage security alarm

Its reliability rating is very high among users, the equipment doesn’t require additional care, and a mobile alert comes in seconds. For the cost of about 150 at. E. This system can also be used from your smartphone.

Like any medal, there is a downside here. Where it does not catch the mobile, GSM-alarm does not work either. And if you received a message about a burglary, you still have to go to the garage, and as soon as possible.And enticed plunderers can deceive this system if they find a flashing red light in time.

Installation and assembly is easy

For very complex and multi-part alarms, it is better to invite an installer. The garage guard - alarm - is reliable, but in itself is fragile in the hands of an inexperienced installer. And to damage the device, just purchased, it is very insulting, and under warranty it will not be returned in this case.

But most of the devices for garages are simple, you only need to read the enclosed instructions. For special craftsmen, it will not be difficult even to assemble and install an alarm system independently. And for the most simple devices there is a standard set of actions.

You should insert a SIM card into the main control unit, always with a positive balance. Configure in the parameters panel: numbers for dialing and sending messages, device control codes. Put the attached sensors in the designated areas for this, preferably as high as possible, so that they are difficult to damage to intruders. Hang the siren, preferably outside the garage.

For GSM devices it is important not to have a number of objects jamming the signal, otherwise the security system will become useless.And the main unit should not be installed with electrical appliances.

autonomous alarm for the garage

Now the garage is protected, and it can be controlled from the phone by dialing the desired code, and directly from the alarm control unit, and through the tablet.

Choice for all occasions

Alarm-type devices for the garage are represented by many foreign and Russian brands. It is interesting that our compatriots more often choose a domestic manufacturer as a reliable and budgetary one. While foreign models can boast advanced features.

The average for the price of Sapsan produces three main types of alarm systems: a simplified GSM Pro with two types of sensors - wired and wireless; GSM Pro 2 with many features, but only with a radio wave location; GSM Pro 5T - the most expensive in the line and including control over heating.

"Bastion" is a Russian brand, assembled in China. Models:

  • Touch with a sensor that monitors the opening of the door.
  • "Smart +" with a variety of elements for the protection of large objects.
  • "Guarantor +" with the widest signal coverage area.

Moscow “Ksital” is modest in expenses, cable models GSM 12, as well as GSM 4T and new GSM 8 by design - copies of each other, cover a small distance, but, according to reviews, are practical for not very important in terms of security.

The Guardian, Granit and several other brands that are collected on the basis of Russian thought are also popular.

garage alarm sensor

Foreign manufacturers

Among the foreign options there is where to turn. A simple alarm for a Honeywell garage consists of just one element - the main unit, which, however, is immediately located and video surveillance, and the alarm system itself, and tracking gas, water and heat transfer.

Even Samsung, better known as a cell phone maker, and Kodak photo corporation have confidently entered the market for signaling. In order not to disgrace their high-profile names, they created especially multi-component systems with the highest level of protection. Although the guide for them, apparently, as a consequence of the main activity was video surveillance. According to reviews, alarms are equipped with cameras with almost filming quality and with the ability to rotate, covering an almost complete circle.

American Amdeko has long been in the forefront. But it also affects the cost; for the garage is useful if there is Koenigsegg.

Good Czech JABLOTRON, sold on all continents. According to the reviews, the level of protection is very high.There are plenty of opportunities too, but the models have been released in such a quantity that it is impossible to figure out without a consultant, and it is better to install it by an expert.

In a common bunch of popular alarms, you can add Visonic (found in small shops), Netatmo, Canari, and a few others with a buyability rating a little lower.

Budget or expensive?

Our people are full of active people. For the most economical and agile there is an option to assemble an alarm system with your own hands, and some of them independently assemble its devices.

To do this, they buy separate sensors or sirens, calculate the most convenient location for them. They are tuned through the control panel - a separately priced Russian control unit like the “Astra 712” or “VERS” - and please! The enemy will not pass unnoticed.

It is an extreme case - just put a "dummy". Model Yes, a box just painted under the alarm system or a camera layout and a technically useless box with a light bulb on a tablet battery. Dummies can also be bought at the price of a children's Chinese toy.

Only the effect of “blende” applies only to shy beginners or alcoholics who are desperate to find money.A thief wielding hacking skills will not only clean the garage, but also leave a mocking message.

The owner of the garage himself must decide how to ensure the safety of the property, based on his awareness and budget.

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