"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox: reviews

A chickenpox, or smallpox chickenpox, is calleddisease (acute) of a viral origin. As a rule, it is transmitted by airborne droplets. For such a disease feverish condition is characteristic, as well as papuloveziculosis rash with benign course.calamine lotion with chicken pox

This disease is caused by a virusvaricella-zoster. The rash with chickenpox never affects the germ layer of the epidermis, and therefore it disappears completely. But if it is combed, there is an atrophic scar on the skin.

To eliminate discomfort and speedywound healing doctors recommend the use of the drug "Calamine" (lotion). With chickenpox, this remedy helps very well. We will explain how to use it.

Composition of the medicament

Does Calamine (lotion) really help?chickenpox? Reviews, the instruction report that this remedy is very effective for rashes. Its main substance is calamine. It is a mineral consisting mainly of zinc oxide. It also contains iron oxide impurities.

Zinc oxide is an excellent antiseptic. That is why this substance is very often included in the composition of various lotions and medicinal ointments.

The powdery component of this preparation has a natural origin. In this regard, it almost never causes serious adverse reactions.

As additional substances, the medicament in question contains purified water, medical clay, glycerol and phenol.calamine lotion with chickenpox reviews

Is "Calamine" (lotion) safe with chickenpox? Experts say that the main advantage of this drug is that it contains no hormonal components, no alcohol, no ingredients that cause allergies.

Features of the drug

How does "Calamine" (lotion) work with chickenpox? The instruction indicates that this is a multifunctional drug, which is actively used for the treatment of skin diseases of various types.

This drug has antipruritic, drying, cooling and soothing effect. Also, this lotion is able to relieve inflammation, reduce swelling and irritation.

What other properties does the preparation "Kalamin" show?(lotion) with chickenpox? The reviews say that such a drug prevents the occurrence of pathological processes and helps activate the regenerative functions of the skin. Moreover, it acts as a protective skin barrier, which is quite relevant with chicken pox.

Why is the drug so popular?"Calamine" (lotion)? With chickenpox, it has a mild antiseptic effect. Its use helps to relieve itching and inflammation symptoms even in young children.calamine lotion with chickenpox instruction

Thus, it can be safely noted that lotion "Calamine" is a good medicine that relieves the strong and painful itching that is characteristic of chicken pox.

Indication of a local medicinal product

When can I use "Kalamin"(lotion)? When chickenpox (reviews, analogues of the drug are listed below) this medicine helps very well. It can also be used for insect bites, psoriasis, measles and eczema in toddlers.

One can not help saying that this drug is often prescribed for hives, shingles, rubella and dermatitis, as well as sunburn and other skin diseases.

Contraindications of local remedies

In what cases it is impossible to use the drug"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox? The instruction informs that this remedy has no special contraindications. It is allowed to apply even to children up to three years of age.

Like many medications, it is not recommended to use the medication in one single case - with individual intolerance of the substances that make up its composition.

With the correct and regular application of lotion inFor a week, it should give a visible result. In the absence of such, you should consult your doctor. The same applies to the occurrence of any adverse reactions.calamine lotion with chickenpox pictures

With the help of this drug, you can significantly ease the course of the disease, as well as reduce the unpleasant symptoms characteristic of it, to a minimum.

Mode of application

How to use thea drug? Before using the medicine, the vial with the medicinal contents should be shaken well. After this, it must be applied to a soft cotton pad or a wadded stick (that is, what is more convenient for a particular case). Further the preparation should be accurately distributed on the amazed sites of integuments.

Having waited until all the means are completely dry, you can safely engage in their usual affairs.

How many times should I apply to the skin? Calamine?(lotion) with chickenpox? Such procedures are desirable to be repeated several times during the day. In other words, the treatment must be continued until it is necessary.

Application features

During the use of this medication, one should avoid contact with the mucous membranes. One can not help saying that after applying the medicine on the skin, you need to thoroughly wash your hands.

This product is for external use only.calamine lotion with chicken pox

Treatment of chickenpox in children

How should I use "Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox (photo of the drug is presented in this article)? The doctor should inform you about this.

It is not a secret for anyone that forChickenpox is characterized by a rash all over the body. Most often, this disease occurs in childhood. Therefore, the presented drug is intended primarily for toddlers. Although the use of "Kalamina" for local effects on inflammatory foci is also advisable for adults.

The most painful for a child with chickenpoxis not lethargy and fever, but a strong itch. It is very difficult for children to restrain themselves in combing the emerging vesicles. Therefore, the issue of minimizing such discomfort comes to the fore. This drug effectively copes with this task. It is applied to a cotton pad, and then to bubbles. As a result of this treatment, the itching sensations are reduced to a minimum. For their complete elimination, treatment procedures should be repeated until the disease has passed.

Analogues and reviews

In view of the high cost of the lotion in question,very many people try to buy cheaper analogs. Unfortunately, there are not many of them. The most popular of these is the "Tsindol" remedy. It has almost the same properties as the Calamine lotion. Also, this local drug is often replaced with a solution of "Fukortsin".calamine lotion with chickenpox reviews

If the patient needs to quickly and effectively eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of sunburn and soothe the itching, then you can use the spray "Panthenol".

Reviews about the drug "Calamine" are onlypositive character. In the opinion of most consumers, this facility is completely coping with its task. After applying lotion on the affected areas of the skin immediately eliminates itching, and also leaves puffiness. Moreover, this tool contributes to the speedy recovery and recovery of the patient.

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