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Choosing a camera for traveling is not easy. Here you will need to find a compromise between security, compactness, versatility, as well as the quality of images. Good photos are obtained on a smartphone, which is always at hand. However, this technique is not suitable for underwater photography, because its security is practically at zero. The mirror in the baggage will take up too much space. Moreover, it is very uncomfortable to wear it constantly on the chest or in the bag. And if in the plans for vacation - snorkeling or diving, then you need to take with you a protected compact or action camera enclosed in a sealed box. This will be the only correct solution.

Diving cameras

Waterproof cameras for underwater photography appeared on the consumer market relatively recently.These cameras are compact and take up little space in luggage. With their help, you can make enough high-quality images.

underwater camera

Action camera stands out from the entire list of cameras for underwater shooting. It has a wide selection of mounts for any surface, as well as advanced video shooting modes. But for those who have a SLR, and who do not want to buy a second camera, manufacturers offer underwater boxes.

Technical features

The camera for underwater photography will certainly take into account the conditions in which the frames are obtained. First of all, it is the difficulty of a person adopting a stable position. That is why this technique is equipped with a system that stabilizes the image.

The second problem with underwater photography is low light at depth. In this regard, any camera for underwater photography certainly has a front light. But that's not all. Water has such a feature as the absorption of warm colors, which, in particular, include yellow and red. And it happens in direct proportion to the distance at which the subject is located. To eliminate this problem, many camera models are equipped with a flash.

disposable underwater camera

The camera for underwater shooting should have a fairly wide lens. This will allow you to capture everything that attracts your attention (not only water landscapes, but also the inhabitants of the depths).

Manufacturers offer

So, you decided to purchase a camera for underwater shooting. Manufacturers offer a huge number of such cameras. It should be borne in mind that all cameras are similar in design, but they have different designs. Such is the policy of manufacturing companies in the market.

As for the boxes, they are released only to a limited number of models. The speed of progress in electronics is great. This leads to the fact that box manufacturers do not have time to react in time to the production of new models.

Varieties of underwater photography

To take pictures when diving into the depths of the sea, you can use:

- a conventional camera, enclosed in a sealed and durable case, which contains controls, eyes and portholes;

- two-medium (amphibious) cameras, in which the device of the hull itself allows using them not only on land, but also in water (these systems are very compact,operational and very easy to use).

Main settings

When choosing, first of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the working depth of the model. It should be borne in mind that the safety margin of the camera must be certainly large. Deepwater surveys are carried out only by professionals. That is why such a camera for underwater shooting should have an exceptionally high quality. Its price, accordingly, will be much higher.

Another criterion when choosing such a technique is the presence of a flash. It will be required on cloudy days at depths of more than three meters. If there is no flash, the photos will turn out to be colorless and dark. But even with it, high-quality and clean images can be obtained only in clear water at a shallow depth. In order for the water particles not to be visible on the frame, you will need to purchase an external flash. And for panoramic shots, this accessory should be more powerful, and, therefore, more expensive.

An important factor to pay attention to when buying is the type of flash power. It can be either a rechargeable battery or a regular battery.It all depends on where the shooting will be done, and whether there is a possibility of additional recharging of the equipment.

underwater camera Price

It is important for high-quality shooting and the type of lens. This part of your camera can have a different focal length depending on what angle of capture is needed. Some models are designed in such a way that they have the possibility of using interchangeable lenses, as well as screw-on lenses or attachments under the lens. At the same time, accessories are changed right under the water. When using this technique, multi-scale frames are obtained.

The best camera for underwater shooting must be shock-proof. This characteristic has many models. One should only make sure that the chamber is made of durable materials, and its internal parts are made of metal and have rubber gaskets. The main thing that such a camera was not too heavy for you.

Another parameter that should be considered when choosing is the temperature limit. Ideally, the camera should withstand up to eight degrees Celsius and below.

Disposable camera

Perhaps the goal is to shoot on the surface of the water.In this case, you do not want to spend big money on the purchase of expensive equipment. Then you need a disposable camera for underwater shooting. He is able to withstand pressure at a depth of one to three meters. Of course, based on the cost, which is only two or three times higher than the price of ordinary film photo equipment, you will not get good quality pictures with such a camera. More or less high-quality frames will be released only in the case when the underwater object was at a close distance from the device.

underwater camera

Disposable amphibious cameras were conceived for those who prefer a beach holiday, as well as for photographers and divers who do not want to put expensive equipment at risk. It is because of their low prices, they have become very popular.

Cheap appliances

This simple technique can provide tightness at a depth of 10 to 15 meters. Many models of these cameras are equipped with built-in flashes. However, there are some systems that allow the use of remote. The price of such a camera is in the range from two hundred to seven hundred dollars.

underwater camera canon

What kind of frames you can getIf you use such a camera for underwater shooting? User feedback suggests a high enough image quality. Get the desired result does not allow optics. This technique is best used at depths of up to five meters. And it is desirable to do this on a sunny day and in clear water.

For example, the Sony camera for underwater photography is popular in the market. One of its models - the Sony Cybershot TX10 - is equipped with a three-inch LCD display, a system for changing settings and convenient controls. This camera is used at depths of up to five meters. The quality of images with this technique is quite high. Excellent shots allows you to make a lens with a fourfold zoom. Such a device is suitable for both normal and night shooting. The price of the camera is in the range of 340 to 450 dollars.

Option for greater depths

The camera for underwater shooting when immersed in 10 m is needed is not bulky and inexpensive. In such cases, the diver is quite satisfied with a compact amphibious technique. Numerous user reviews recommend purchasing a Canon or Olympus underwater camera for shallow depths.

waterproof underwater cameras

Shallow water lovers are offered models such as the Olympus m 1030 SW with a resolution of 10 megapixels, as well as the Olympus m TOUGH - 8000 with a resolution of 12 megapixels. These cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses and their designs are designed to dive to a depth of ten meters. These devices have built-in altimeters and depth gauges.

Amphibian cameras have been produced by the company for several years now, which has made it possible to accumulate important experience in their production and development. In addition, a 1030 Olympus RT-043 underwater camera can be enclosed in a proprietary box. This will allow you to dive with this technique even at a forty-meter depth. Boxing is easy to use, compact and allows the use of optical attachments and external flash. The use of such an additional case to the camera greatly expands its capabilities.

The digital amphibian is also available from Canon. Model Canon Power Shot D 10 has a resolution of 12 MP. You can dive with it to a depth of ten meters. The focus of the wide-angle lens model has a distance of 35 mm. It can be increased by using an external optical attachment.

Technics for professionals

If you want to get the best quality shots you need to use SLR cameras for underwater photography. However, they will require quite expensive boxes or covers. This option can scare lovers away. Boxes and covers for deep-sea shooting cost about the same as the cameras for which they are intended. However, the price of these products corresponds to their quality.

The best amphibian cameras are Nikonos 5 and Motor Marine 2-EX. Both of these models are about equal in quality.

Camera type

According to numerous users, the most simple and easy to use automatic waterproof cameras for underwater photography. However, there is no additional flash. Acquire these models is recommended for those who plan to carry out underwater shooting at a depth of five meters. This option is good for beginners, as it does not require special skills.

best camera for underwater shooting

It is more difficult to operate amphibious cameras. They allow you to shoot at a depth of 50 meters. If you use additional equipment, you can get pretty decent and high-quality frames.

If you have a Nikon, Konica or Canon SLR camera, then you can purchase a kit consisting of a photobox and an underwater flash.

Tips for a newbie

To make the final choice of camera for underwater photography, it is recommended to attend special courses, practice the pool and consult with someone who has sufficient experience in this field. This will give confidence in determining the desired model. In addition, you will need to decide how much money you are willing to pay for a new hobby. Only after that, feel free to choose the appropriate camera for you.

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