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With the beginning of summer, moms and dads think about where to send their child on a wellness holiday. At the same time, for workers of the plant named after A.A. Kulakov such a problem no longer exists. In 1946, the company was allocated a territory for organizing the work of the Karavella children's camp, which is still functioning successfully. It is located on the Karelian Isthmus, on the shore of Lake Pionerskoe, away from noise, dust, industries and cars. In the opinion of children and parents it is difficult to find the best place for summer holidays.

About the children's camp "Karavella"

On the Karelian Isthmus there are dozens of sanatoriums, holiday homes and camps, which are annually visited by thousands of tourists not only from the Leningrad Region, but also from all over Russia. One of the oldest children's recreational institutions of the region is "Caravel". Its territory covers almost 30 hectares of mixed forest and 500 m of a sandy beach.

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Camp "Caravel" accepts children aged from 7 to 15 years. The management pays great attention to the children's leisure time and their recovery after the end of the school year.Hiking and cycling trips, sports competitions, competitions, swimming in the lake and other events are systematically organized in the camp. To do this, on the premises of the institution has all the necessary infrastructure:

  • two-story dormitories and cozy houses;
  • canteen;
  • first-aid post;
  • concert hall;
  • modern field for football matches;
  • volleyball court and basketball area;
  • tables for table tennis;
  • cinema hall

The camp is equipped with bicycles, there are boats, an inflatable trampoline. In addition, children are engaged in amateur activities every day; workshops of applied arts, sports clubs and a fitness studio are organized for them. The camp has a group of soft toys, beadwork, painting on wood, souvenir, young sailor, art studio and others. Along with this, various thematic programs are held annually.

Camp accommodation

Children arriving at the recreation center are housed in two-story buildings or one-story houses, and a reliable heating system is provided in the living rooms. Regardless of the place of residence of their guests, the administration of the camp "Karavella" made sure that the child’s stay at the facility was as comfortable as possible.

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The youngest children are placed in single-storey wooden buildings of 2 people in one room. Right in the cabinet is a toilet and sinks with hot water. Younger and older children are accommodated in rooms of 3, 4, 5 and 6 people. Bathrooms are located either in the building or on the street, within 15-25 meters.


The dining room of the children's recreation center was modernized in 2013 and today meets all the requirements and standards. It has modern equipment, there are spacious rooms with good natural lighting.

Nutrition in the camp is five-time, full and balanced. Children are served daily fresh vegetables and fruits, juices and dairy products, pastries and much more. Drinking water comes from its own well and is constantly being tested for compliance with sanitary standards.

Themed squads

To make the stay in the summer camp "Caravella" exciting and useful, teachers and methodologists develop special programs every year. For example, 2012 in the health care institution was held under the motto "From Russia to Russia", which allowed the children to be more closely acquainted with folk crafts, traditions and folklore of our country.

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In 2017, a whole thematic squad “Scandinavian Pathfinder” was organized. Here the child can learn the basics of the Swedish spoken language, take part in psychological trainings, game activities aimed at developing the creative abilities of each child. Children are accepted in the squad from 10 to 11 years old. The program has a Swedish language teacher and a child psychologist.

Thanks to similar programs and the organization of thematic groups, the camp "Karavella" is very different from other recreational facilities. Rest in it can certainly be called not only useful, but also informative.

How to get to the camp?

First you need to specify the exact address of the camp "Karavella": Leningrad region, Vyborg district, the village of Pionerskoe. The office of the institution in St. Petersburg is located on Yablochkov Street, Building No. 3. The nearest metro station is Sportivnaya.

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You can get to the camp in different ways. If you go by diesel train "St. Petersburg - Vyborg" from the Finland Station, then you should get off at Ryabovo station, and then follow 5 km on foot or take a taxi.Also from the metro station "Parnas" in St. Petersburg, follow buses number 830 and 679. The first goes to the village of Ryabovo, and the second - to the village of Krasnaya Dolina, from which you will have to walk another 2 km to the health resort. On parent days, a special bus is sent to the camp.

Reviews camp "Karavella"

Both parents and children were almost 100% satisfied with the rest in this health facility. In the camp "Caravel" they liked:

  • well-groomed area;
  • full and varied nutrition;
  • creative approach to organizing shifts;
  • well-chosen staff;
  • a large selection of circles of amateur and sports sections.

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Children in the camp rest actively, participate in all activities. And the boys and girls in the "Caravelle" liked and comfortable stay in the rooms, and food, and fun trips, as well as various competitions. They gladly come here again and again.

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