Candy Dishwasher: review, features, instructions, reviews.

Any housewife sooner or later get tired of washing dishes with his hands. That is why many people think about buying a dishwasher. Candy in Russia, unfortunately, is an unpopular and uncommon brand, but in reality this company is notable for creating a huge amount of equipment. Large-scale production, as well as the import of goods. Dishwashers from this manufacturer will delight anyone. This can be seen after reading this article. It will provide reviews of some models, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Particular attention is paid in the text to some desktop models that could please their owners with maximum compactness. If we take in comparison many analog devices that other companies create and sell at approximately the same prices, then the Candy dishwashers (reviews will confirm this) deserve praise.It should be noted that in them there are much more positives than disadvantages. If you are interested, you can proceed to a direct review of the models.Candy dishwasher

Model selection

The device are full-size, narrow and compact. The first work with 12-15 cycles of dishes. As a rule, such devices are bought to serve a family of 4-5 people. One inclusion per day will be enough to cope with pollution.

Narrow cars are designed for 6-9 sets of dishes. They are ideal for small-sized kitchen. Cheaper from the first option almost 15%.

Compact work with 4-6 sets. This option is the most inexpensive. Dimensions are so small that the device fits in a closet or on a wall.

As for the consumption of water and electricity, in one cycle the machine will use from 8 to 17 liters of water. The need for electricity - 0.4-0.8 kWh. The efficiency of devices is indicated on a scale: A - the best, G - the lowest rate of electricity consumption. If you want the highest quality washing, and attention is not paid to the cost and electricity, then you need to buy a class A device.Dishwashers "Kandy" are available for every taste.

All machines are functional, even those that are budget. The quality of washing they all differ markedly. Some models receive only positive reviews, others - on the contrary. And which ones will be discussed below in the article. If interested, then you should read the review.dishwasher instruction candy

Dishwasher Candy CDP 4609 07

The machine is quite small. It occupies only 45 cm of space. You can put it next to the headset, it will look great. It will fit a small number of cups and plates that can be collected during the day from a small family (for two people). It launders perfectly, even if you use a device with cheap pills. In order to save, you can connect it to the water supply. Many housewives call this device a great helper.dishwasher candy

The advantages of the model

This small Candy dishwasher (controversial reviews about it) provides a good quality washing. But you need to understand: that which is strongly stuck or roasted will have to be washed independently beforehand. But in general, this is logical, since such pollution is sometimes difficult to remove, even in manual mode.

You can use pills.Salt and other chemicals can greatly harm a person and dishes as well, so working with such devices is dangerous. Tablets - the most optimal result, given that the fuss with them a bit.

Basket, which is necessary for dishes, height adjustable. It is very convenient, especially when laying the plates and other devices.

Model flaws

Although its dimensions are small and, which is logical, should be marked as advantages, it is still noted by many as disadvantages. Often, buyers say that a 60 cm device is more convenient than a similar one.

There is no display, so it’s very inconvenient to keep track of how much is left until the end of the washing process.

The body is protected from water leakage, but the hose can quickly burst. Therefore, you should be as careful as possible. It can happen at any time.

Candy CDCF 6 07

The compact dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 07 will suit those housewives who want to devote more time to themselves, rather than spoiling the manicure with constant washing of accumulated dishes. Table option is suitable for small-sized rooms. You can install on any surface.Especially the device is suitable if the girl lives alone and cooks quite a bit. Spaciousness is not encouraging, but enough for six sets. Instructions for Candy dishwasher included.

With regard to the removal of pollution, then everything happens at the best level. The machine does not make noise during operation and does not rumble. You can find some comments about this device, which consist in the fact that the machine does not do well with washing. In order to get rid of this problem, you should only buy a good detergent. For bachelors this machine is perfect.small dishwasher

Advantages of cars

You can even place it under the sink. If there is such a desire, but there is still not enough space, then it is allowed to call the plumber, so that he will competently remake everything.

It works without breakdowns for at least six months, so this option can be considered quite positive. Most often, the equipment breaks down almost immediately after the expiration of the warranty period, but more owners are lucky with this. With good care equipment will not have any problems.

Plates are washed almost to shine. If you hold your finger on them, you can hear the creak.

Model flaws

Consumers advise: at purchase it is worth checking the hose. Often the master fails to connect it the first time. This can cause discomfort.

The lid is too tight. Many wonder whether this should be so or is it a marriage in a party. If the hostess receives guests, then the volume of the dishwasher is not enough. Unfortunately, everything will have to be done by hand.

Candy CDCF 6S 07

The dishwasher is really quite good. It has drawbacks, but it has more advantages. For 15-16 thousand rubles is difficult to demand something super-quality. Unfortunately, the device cannot boast of its noiselessness, since it is audible. 53 dB, which are listed in the technical passport of the device is very noticeable at night, so you have to close the door to the kitchen. Dishwasher is designed for 6 sets. On the "cheers" breaks about 12 plates with spoons and forks. The device has many modes of operation: from normal to intensive. In addition, a delicate option is also built in, but only those who own fragile dishes will be able to check it. The warranty covers the year of use. But consumers claim that often the device breaks down after 6 months.Change to another device for free, but reluctantly. Often the masters are trying to prove that the fault lies with the owner.dishwasher candy cdcf

Advantages of the model

Many say that this device, among other machines from the manufacturer, is considered the most successful. Some acquire several models at once: for giving, at home and for work. Washes fine all contamination, if the dishes are not strongly burned or not dried up, like carpenter's glue.

Instead of the usual powder, you can use special tablets. They are easier to manage and comfortable. Consumers are talking about this.

If the apartment has a supply of hot water, then it is better to connect the dishwasher to it, then it will be possible to save a lot on electricity. Judging by the instructions, you can pour water into the device with a temperature of up to +60 degrees.

Model flaws

A small dishwasher is not reliable. Many say that it does not hurt to add stiffness. Not jumping, like a washing machine, is already excellent.

The timer is too complicated. Many people do not need it, but those who have a two-tariff counter will have to deal with his work.

Noise is another drawback of the car.In principle, many close their eyes to this nuance, since the device washes dishes for its owner, so you can suffer.

Candy CDI P96

This small dishwasher will appeal to many who have a small kitchen. However, it works only on 6 sets, since its volumes do not allow another indicator. Copes with them perfectly. Many say that they would hardly have taken this model if they allowed headsets. What causes such impressions? If you need to wash the pan, then it is worth noting that nothing more will fit into the camera. Putting dishes in several layers is prohibited. More details about this and the reasons can be found in the instructions. Washes fine. Sometimes it is difficult to launder plaque on porcelain, glass and metal devices. A set of programs pleases many, resources consume almost the minimum. If the manufacturer had devoted more time to the reliability of the device, then it would have enjoyed great success.dishwashers candy reviews

Advantages of the model

The device has the technology "Aquastop", which will stop the leakage in the kitchen because of the flood. This site is useful, and many note that it perfectly copes with its task.

There are so many modes that they are enough for all occasions. It should be noted that there is also a quick wash.

The device also notifies if the salt or rinse is over. It is very convenient.

The disadvantages of the device

Due to the fact that the camera is not very wide, large objects do not fit into it. And if they enter, then nothing else can be established.

Drying condensation does not work, as it does everything for a very long time. Many buyers note that the dishes would be faster to dry on the table.

The pump is too noisy. Moreover, it often breaks down, which brings severe discomfort.

Candy CDP 4709

About this dishwasher, unfortunately, most often there are only negative reviews. Why? It is acquired in order to rid itself of the problems of washing dishes, but then it turns out that the real problems have just begun. Many buyers notice that the device does not cope with the duties. The device costs almost 20 thousand rubles. She washes for several hours, but she has to go home afterwards. The raid remains.

Breakage is another topic for negative reviews. The device often breaks, lights are on. Problems may still occur with the pump.The service center is not in a hurry to help with breakdowns, you have to wait for a replacement for too long. This car is not advised to anyone. It obviously needs to be improved.dishwasher candy cdp

Advantages of the model

Even with what has been described above, this device has its advantages. Which ones

The device is compact. This advantage is called the most successful. Perfectly fits in the knot between the window and the table, if there is a small space between them.

The noise is really on a small level, as the seller said. However, many say that it would be better to make any noise than it did not work well.

There are a lot of programs. There are a huge number of functions, but as it turned out in practice - they are empty. The machine is difficult to cope with its task.


After the warranty, the device often fails. Many buyers say that it would be better if they took some kind of German device, with which there are much fewer problems. Bugs Candy dishwashers do not bring any joy. Often they are related to the fact that instructions are not fully followed. It provides detailed safety information, a description of the control panel, specifies the requirements for installing the language before the first use, and gives recommendations on the use of salt, rinse and detergents.Describes in detail the requirements for loading dishes, setting up a device for softening water. Very often, the car suffers from its excessive rigidity.

The quality of washing, as already noted, is at a low level. Coffee does not wash off, fat and light bloom, too.

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