Car air conditioning. Installation, maintenance, prices

In vehicles, air conditioners are used to maintain optimal climatic conditions. As a rule, they are used to lower the temperature, however, systems with heat pump functions are also popular. Of the disadvantages noted the pollution of the air released by such devices.

Installation of car air conditioner

Unfortunately, not all cars are equipped with climate systems. And those who have the air conditioner, for a number of reasons may be left without it. The question arises: where, what, how best to purchase and install this desired device. The easiest and cheapest way is to contact a service company or an authorized dealership. However, will the proposed car air conditioner suit the owner of the car, and most importantly, how much will it cost? How can you minimize costs and at the same time get the desired option of decent quality?

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How to determine the amount and cost of work

First of all, it is necessary to answer the question: on which car is the automobile air conditioner supposed to be installed? If the design of transport is designed for installation, then there will be no problems. It is enough to choose the model you like from the available offers, specifying at the same time whether it is suitable for this car. If the basic configuration does not provide such an option, the price of installation work can be quite high. An alternative may be the mobile version - the device is not mounted structurally, but connected autonomously.

Is it possible to independently supply quality air conditioning

Many car owners independently modify their cars. Often the quality of work is at the level of professional service. However, the other side of the coin is also known when specialists have to repair or replace parts and systems that are hopelessly spoiled by the owner of the vehicle. Far from all motorists have a set of professional equipment and relevant skills to perform certain tasks. In particular, the installation of automotive air conditioners requires certain knowledge and skills.Therefore, the choice must be made by the owners themselves, who will have to use the installed systems.

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Installing the first air conditioner on the car

When choosing a device model for a car on which it was not originally intended to be mounted, you should consider some factors. The desire of the owner to install a car air conditioner says that the car is old or it is a budget option. Therefore, you should consider some of the nuances.

  1. As a rule, these cars are low-power engines, and the installation of such systems entails additional energy consumption, which ultimately can adversely affect the performance properties of the vehicle.

  2. Thermal insulation. Installing the climate system on the "purge" car is useless. Not for such cars, as a rule, designed automobile air conditioners. The price of the volume of work on the insulation and installation of the system may be higher than the cost of the transport itself.

Repair or replacement. What is preferable?

Sooner or later the conditioner may break. In such cases, you can give the car to the service or try to cope with the problem yourself.Also, there are individual masters who undertake the repair of automotive air conditioners. Different models are structurally different from each other, so some allow for the replacement of individual parts, and some easier to completely update. It makes sense and expediency - it is better to replace the old almost completely depreciated model than to restore it. Otherwise, the device may soon fail again.

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How to choose air conditioning for a particular car

The best option when replacing a faulty device will be a complete replacement, which however is not always possible for several reasons: the car is discontinued, as a result, there are no spare parts on the market; time constraints - the order of the original version requires a long delivery. In this case, contacting the company where the repair of automotive air conditioners is done does not always guarantee the repair of the device. In such cases, you will have to look for a replacement. There are unified models that are interchangeable. This option is preferred. It is important to select a product with identical parameters, such as power and matching mounting seats. Sometimes the work becomes more complicated and you have to modify or change the ways of fixing and connecting.It is important to purchase air conditioning with the same performance.

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Cigarette lighter air conditioning system

The easiest and fastest way to equip a car climate system. It is also possible to independently manufacture such a device from improvised means. However, it is still easier to buy a ready-made car air conditioner from the cigarette lighter. The effect will be noticeably different from the stationary type.

Of the advantages, we can distinguish small size, portability, low price (good air conditioners cost 2,000 rubles), of the minuses - poor performance compared to stationary systems. However, with all the shortcomings of such devices are noticeably popular, and install their owners from different segments of the car. So, often devices are bought on machines where a regular automotive air conditioner is already present, perhaps this is done for spot cooling.

cigarette lighter car air conditioner

It is necessary to understand the principle of operation of cooling devices. When producing cold air, a certain amount of hot air is produced. If the mobile terminal is offered without a diverting heat device, then you should pay attention to it.However, there are quality samples. However, these car air conditioners price is high and can reach 60,000 rubles.

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