Car "Hyundai X35": technical characteristics, owners reviews, photo

One of the most interesting machines producedAsian countries, is Hyundai. The X35 is the successor to a model like the Hyundai Tucson. Why is this machine of particular interest, and not any other? Because for the creation of such a Korean car as "Hyundai X35", manufacturers spent three whole years and about 225 million dollars.

хендай х35

About the beginning of production and development

As already it was possible to understand, this machine is not fromcheap. Concern really spent a lot of money on its production. "Hyundai X35" was designed by a whole team of developers. In the process of its creation, European experts from the Hyundai Technology and Design Center, based in Rousselsheim, participated. Americans, Koreans, Germans and others - almost all worked on the development of this car. The only thing that has made it possible to reduce costs is the platform. It was adopted by the predecessor of this model. True, even without modernization, it was not abandoned. The car has become much larger in terms of dimensions, and as a result, the interior has become more spacious. Now there can safely accommodate five adults, and the rear row may well be squeezed and the sixth. In general, the key words that can be characterized by "Hyundai X35" - it's constant comfort and coziness.


So, what can you tell about this car? The Hyundai X35 is a follower of the model called Tuscon, only a much larger one. True, the trunk was lower by 8 centimeters. What about the rest? The design is based on the principle of using "flowing lines". The image was sporting and elegant. This instantly attracts the eye. By the way, the sportiness of the image is successfully emphasized by different graphic elements. These include a new hexagonal radiator grille, moderately aggressive outline of the air intake, front lights that go into the wings, the relief bends of the hood, as well as the shape of the body and roof lines. In general, the image of the car "Hyundai X35" was excellent. The photo of the car shows us a sporty, dynamic and powerful model, which at the same time looks very refined.

хендай х35 reviews

Interior and interior decoration

Machine "Hyundai X35", the characteristic of which will beexamined later, is not only attractive appearance, but also well-decorated interior. His specialists made it really elegant and functional. As they say, combined business with pleasure. Everything is very convenient. The speedometer with a speedometer is allegedly drowned in the wells, and on the center console you can see a large touch screen from the multimedia system. What is even more practical, on the steering wheel manufacturers decided to bring the control of the audio system. Well and finish a harmonious picture high-quality finishing materials.

Ergonomics is amazing. Absolutely all, without exception, controls are extremely easy to use and convenient. By the way, the steering wheel can be adjusted both in the angle of inclination and horizontally. And finally a few words should be said about comfortable soft seats. Now they have heating, both in the front and the rear, both in the seats and in the backs with pillows.

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Completion of the 2010 version

So, now it is worth discussing another important topic,concerning the Hyundai X35. Technical specifications - that's what it's about. Even the basic equipment looks very solid. In the car there are as many as six airbags, side curtains and active front headrests. Plus, there is a light sensor with a built-in automatic headlamp function. It can not but please high-quality MP3 radio, and powerful speakers. It definitely will appeal to lovers of loud music. In addition, there are AUX and USB connectors. Also you can not fail to note the attention of light alloy wheels 17-inch.

Other, more expensive versions, have a system forcalled the Electronic Stability Program. There is also a function of dynamic stabilization of machines, which helps to maintain the exchange rate stability even if the driver rides up or down the mountain. There is an engine start button, a rear view camera, parking sensors, climate control (for two zones), and in the maximum configuration even there is a panoramic roof. Salon, by the way, in expensive versions of leather.

хендай х35 characteristic

Engine options

On the territory of the Russian Federation this modelIt is offered to potential buyers with three variants of motors. This is a two-liter petrol unit for 4 cylinders. Its capacity is 150 liters. from. You can also buy a model with a diesel engine of the same volume, only the power will be different - either 184 or 136 liters. from. Everything depends in this case on the degree of forcing. All these units can be combined either with automatic transmission at 6 speeds, or with a five-step "mechanics". There are also two types of drive - it's full and front. Such are the machines X35 of 2010 from the world famous Korean concern.

хендай х35 technical characteristics

2013 version

I received many pleasant comments in myside produced in 2010 "Hyundai X35". The feedback from the owners really pleased the developers. Manageability, obedient behavior on the road, excellent speed - these are the most important factors that were noted by people who have this car. Therefore, it was decided to update it and do even better. This happened in 2013. In appearance, cardinal changes were not seen. The image and so was successful. It was only refreshed, and the same specialists did it.

Became better head optics (since then carsbegan to be equipped with bi-xenon diode headlamps), the anti-fog units were improved, and the radiator grille was transformed. In addition, the newer were the tail lights along with the bumpers. You can see that the crossover got a fin-antenna on the roof, due to which it turns out to catch the signal for GPS-devices or even for radio.

хэдай х35 отзывы владельцев

Technical changes

"Hyundai X35" reviews received mainlypositive. Because the manufacturers decided to transform not only the appearance, but also the technique. New versions can boast of modern electronics. For example, a wide 4.2-inch screen of the route computer and a touch screen multimedia system (7 inches!). There were also such novelties as cruise control, power windows, a function of steering music on the steering wheel, electric mirrors. I must say that X35 received equipment that was previously absent. To this is the system of changing the degree of force on the steering wheel. It can work in several modes: in sports, comfortable and normal.

Engines, suspension and gearbox - all thishas also become much more perfect and better. Under the hood of this car can be installed two-liter petrol engine for 150 liters. from. (in Europe, he can produce 166 "horses"). Also there is a diesel option, more precisely, there are even two. Also two-liter, with a capacity of 136 and 184 liters. from. Diesel engines have become better - they are endowed with a system that can recycle exhaust fumes during reduced pressure. Due to this, the car "on heavy fuel" has become better twice: it is more environmentally friendly and economical. 5-speed "mechanics" replaced the manual gearbox at 6 speeds. And the alternative was the 6-speed automatic transmission. In general, not bad, as you can see, changes.

 car хэндй х35

Prices and reviews

This Hyundai is a really good car. Numerous reviews of the owners confirm this. All in one voice assure: the car is beautiful, powerful, obedient. Everyone likes that there is nothing superfluous in it - everything is as practical and functional as possible. This can not but rejoice. And the prices, I must say, are quite high. Although the above said that the car is not cheap. For example, the 184-liter version. from. (known as 2.0 CRDi 4WD AT), accelerating to "hundreds" in 9.8 seconds will cost about 1,570,000 rubles. There are, of course, cheaper versions. For example, 2.0 2WD MT. For it it is necessary to pay less, 1 170 000 r. Up to 100 km / h, it accelerates in almost 11 seconds, gasoline "eats" more by 1.5 liters, and the power - not 184, but 150 liters. from. In general, there is a choice, and what exactly to buy is already an individual question.

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