Carrier liability insurance

Soon our company expires with the insurance company and we decided to find another company, otherwise this one raised the cost of services. Maybe someone will advise inexpensive insurance company in Kiev, which is engaged in carrier liability insurance?
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Answered on February 15 21:31
Insurance companies are now a huge amount, but finding really reliable is very difficult. The main thing is not to contact companies that offer very favorable conditions, but these usually get paid and then abruptly close. It is better to pay more and be sure that everything will be paid to you later.
Answered on February 15 22:34
I can advise you to an insurance company whose services have been used by our company for one year. During this time, there was only one insured event, but Globus insurance company, with which we concluded an agreement, paid everything on time and according to the rules.
Answered on February 16 00:08
The insurance market in Ukraine is now not in the best condition, but finding a good insurance company with favorable conditions is still possible. Carrier's liability insurance is quite expensive and it is necessary to conclude a contract with extreme caution, because from my own experience I can say that there are a lot of pitfalls in contracts.

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