Ceiling lighting with LED strip. LED strip in stretch ceiling

The premises can be zoned withdifferent-level ceilings. They are made of plasterboard, stretch and combined. More recently, the allocation of the zone was carried out by painting the sections of the ceilings in different colors. This method has not been abandoned, but LED lighting has also been added. She makes a room unlike the others, creates coziness and warmth in it.LED ceiling lighting

Lighting the ceiling with LED strip can bemade by themselves, but this requires certain knowledge. It is preferred because of the absence of harmful substances, the uniformity of the light flux, fire safety, energy saving and long service life.

Methods of illumination

There are the following options for lighting the ceiling with LED strip:

  • contour, LED ribbon;

  • the use of embedded LEDs.

These methods can be combined.Options for lighting the ceiling with LED strip

The first option is used more often, since itUniversal and does not require large expenses. Contour lighting is suitable for all kinds of ceilings. It can even be built into ceiling skirting boards, cornices, boxes. At the same time, one must always remember that the ceiling light with an LED ribbon does not replace the main lighting, but is a decorating element. Although at high power it can sometimes serve as the main source.

Contour Ceiling Light

Feature of the method is the ceiling lightingLED strip, laid in the construction of gypsum board. When the source is not visible, the appearance of a luminous surface appears. This is especially beautiful when the stretch ceiling is placed on top. From the backlight, it seems to float in the air. For a harmonious design, a certain brightness, color scale, places of installation of light sources and matching to the interior of the room are selected.

The tape does not heat up when lighting up. It can be laid from above in a special ceiling skirting board made of foam or other similar material, which is glued to the wall only by the bottom part.installation of ceiling lighting with LED strip

At the same time, there is a gap on top, through whichlight hits the ceiling. Fading because of the "stucco" light looks impressive. It can be sent down if it is included in the interior plan. Placement of the LED strip from below does not allow the accumulation of dust on it. Work is done after the repair.

Equipment for creating LED lighting

The tape is conductive withmounted LEDs. It can be performed with protection from moisture. For this, it is protected with a silicone coating. Moisture-proof tape is designated by the IP index. This source can be white and multicolored (RGB).

A low voltage is applied to the diode bandby installing between it and the transformer switch. The main lighting circuits of the room and the lighting should be divided. Each of them is controlled from a separate switch.

RGB tapes are equipped with additional controllers, which smoothly switch colors according to specified programs. They are remotely controlled via the remote control.

LEDs themselves are point-like. If they are sequentially arranged in an amount of 30, 60 or 120 pieces / m, a glowing tape effect is created. The brightness of the luminescence depends on the density of the LEDs. In addition, they come in different capacities.

How to calculate LED backlight

Before installation, the length of each section is measuredcontour. The power of the LED strip depends on its length and is indicated on the packaging with the products. For a certain area, a suitable transformer and a 5, 12 or 24 V controller are selected. When their power is insufficient to power the tape, amplifiers are connected to the circuit.

How to Buy LED Tape

A 5 m long tape is sold wound on a reel. The price of the roll is 1600-1800 rubles.ceiling lighting with LED tape price

Despite the relatively high cost, demandit is constantly growing. Especially a lot of it goes to design advertising. More and more users like the LED ceiling lighting. The price for it depends on the moisture protection, the density of the placement of LEDs, the quality of the crystals. So that the lighting is bright, high-quality and reliable, you need to purchase an expensive tape.

Installation of ceiling lighting with LED strip

The LED strip is flexiblea printed circuit board on a polymer base with LEDs and resistors connected by conductive paths. With a 12 V supply voltage, the electrical circuit consists of two "+" and "-" buses along the ribbon, to which are connected in parallel the chains of three light-emitting diodes and resistance connected in series. Cutting the tape in a certain place, we remove a part of the parallel connected chains, after which the power of it decreases. When connecting an additional tape, the total power is increased. The lowered DC voltage is obtained by connecting the power supply unit to an alternating 220 V network.

1. Equipment and connection

The LED strip is connected through a home electrical network. This requires the following:

  • Power Supply;
  • controller, if necessary;

  • amplifiers;

  • connecting connectors;

  • ceiling skirting, cornice or box;

  • fastening elements.

The tape is cut in strictly defined places andsolder depending on the required dimensions. In single-color join the same poles "+" and "-", and for type RGB - contacts "V", "R", "G", "B". This work requires experience, since tape overheating is unacceptable. The power of the soldering iron should not exceed 25 W. Separate sections of the tape can be connected to the wires, to each other and to the power source by means of connectors. At the ends of the wires, special tips are crimped and crimped to ensure reliable electrical contacts in the plug-in connections.

2. Ways of installation

Plinths or cornices choose thick-walled so that they do not shine through from the inside.LED strip on the ceiling

Before installation, you must first draw a diagramceiling and electric, determine the size, location of the tape and additional equipment. You also need to calculate the power of the backlight and select the appropriate power supply.

The tape is adhered to the wall or corniceso that it remains invisible, and the stream of light is directed at the ceiling. LED strip in the suspended ceiling is installed with a clearance from the surface of the blade not less than 20 mm. The internal arrangement complicates its repair and replacement. The power supply with the rest of the lighting controls should be located with the possibility of access to them. The cornice is glued to the wall and additionally fixed to the dowels along the perimeter of the room. In the upper part leave a gap for the passage of light, which should be at least 10 cm from the ceiling. Additional equipment is laid behind the cornice. If a glossy cloth is used, the LED ceiling light is mounted in hidden niches so that the wires and connections are not reflected, as in the mirror.

There is another way of contour lighting, which is often used. LED strip on the ceiling is fixed in the cornice, made of a profile frame and lined with plasterboard.LED strip in stretch ceiling

It is made as a suspended structure, in the formclosed box. It can occupy the entire room around the perimeter or its individual sections. In the cornice are made niches for equipment and a rim for fixing the tape. Particularly beautiful is the glossy canvas in the middle of the hall, when the ceiling is illuminated with an LED ribbon inside the cornice (photo below).LED ceiling light

In addition, pointLEDs, imitating a picture of the starry sky. For stretch ceilings, the use of LEDs is preferable, since all other light sources produce more heat, which can cause deformation of the stretch ceiling.

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